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									beyond the classroom                                                                    B u s i n e s s   i n d i a   u   October 4–17, 2010

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New fizz
foreign B-schools are making
their way to india through
one route or the other

    f you talk about Harvard in india –
    allowing for the difference in pro-
    nunciation – you’d probably be re-
ferring to the extra strong beer from
the sabMiller stable. Haywards, the
beer, has more brand salience than
Harvard, the university. at some fo-
rums for mba aspirants, ‘extra strong’
is slang to describe an attempt to gain
admission to an ivy League college.     A Harvard executive education programme in progress
    Harvard is not about to set up shop
here any time soon. The Foreign edu- sity. The initiative also expands the will set up an indian campus in delhi,
cation Bill, which is making its way university’s visibility in india through Mumbai, Chandigarh or Pune.
through Parliament, will open the student recruitment, faculty and stu-               Carnegie Mellon university has
floodgates for foreign institutes. But dent exchanges, research partner- collaborated with the Punjab govern-
the top-order B-schools, contrary to ships and leadership education.               ment to start a Punjab national uni-
the expectations of the indian govern-     Harvard Business school echoes versity on a 35-acre complex. The To-
ment and the public, have no inten- this sentiment. “hbs is committed to ronto-based York schulich school of
tions of starting campuses here. un- expanding our intellectual footprint Business has launched a two-year mba
like several indian B-schools that are in india, offering additional executive programme along with s.P. Jain insti-
proliferating both in india                      programming and creating tute. it has also tied up with the gmr
and abroad, the top us                           research opportunities to in- Group to set up a campus in Hydera-
schools feel they have a                         teract with indian companies bad. The London school of economics
brand to protect. They don’t                     and businesses,” says anjali has affiliations with the indian school
want to go on record. But                        Raina, executive director, hbs of Business and Finance, new delhi.
they are clear that setting                      india Research Centre. The in-       “We are just starting,” says K.s.
up, say, six more iims lowers                    dia centre was set up in 2006. Ramesh, senior advisor, executive
standards. The newer iims –                      it is the latest addition to the education programme (india), Joseph
even those that have been                        global network of six such M. Katz Graduate school of Business,
around for 25 years – are                        centres, which are involved university of Pittsburgh. “us universi-
nowhere near the league of George Joseph         in executive education and ties are interested in their own students
the top three – ahmedabad,                       developing case studies.          coming here to study. i am facilitating
Bangalore and Calcutta.                              Wharton has been col- the first such programme between the
    Yet india is a huge market for laborating with executive search and university of Pittsburgh and iim indore.
education. and foreign B-schools talent management firm egon We also plan to bring visiting faculty
are making their way to this country Zehnder international for the past to iim indore.”
through one route or the other. For five years offering executive edu-                There will be some hurdles, how-
the ivy League schools – Brown uni- cation programmes. it also has a ever. The Foreign education Bill may
versity, Columbia university, Cornell collaboration with isb, Hyderabad.           have ceilings on salaries, which will
university, dartmouth College, Har-        away from the ivy League, us B- keep talented faculty out. There is also
vard university, Princeton university, schools are more active. duke Corpo- a requirement that foreign universities
the university of Pennsylvania and rate education has signed an agreement seeking entry should deposit `50 crore
Yale university – partnerships and a with iima for customised programmes with the university Grants Commis-
phased entry is the prescription.       in india and West asia. executive de- sion. There is evidence that a plethora
    “Yale has 50 programmes in velopment programmes are lucrative of permissions will be needed. The path
place in india, which are research- and both duke and iima want to get of higher learning is never smooth. But
based. some have been conducted on the bus early. The fees range be- in terms of higher earning – for the
for the past 5-10 years or more,” says tween $100 and $6,000 per day and institutes as well as the students – it is
George Joseph, assistant secretary, the duration a couple of days to several certainly not small beer.
international affairs, of the univer- months. Recently, duke announced it                 u aRZOO dina with inputs from PadMa RaMnaTH

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beyond the classroom                                                                   B u s i n e s s    i n d i a   u   October 4–17, 2010

    u   wooi NG a lU m N iu

A season of giving                                                                       schools that have the necessary vintage
                                                                                         – are held annually. “We are acquiring
                                                                                         property in key cities to help our alum-
                                                                                         ni conduct their business when they
B-schools are pulling out all stops to get donations from alumni                         visit the city from within the country
                                                                                         or abroad,” says a. Balasubramanian,

    f you look at big-buck donors                                                        founder of the Balaji society, which
    to indian colleges, you will find                                                    has four B-schools and nearly 2,000
    something       thought-provoking.                                                   students under its umbrella.
iitians are the ones doing most of the                                                       alumni are also extending a help-
giving. The iims, on the other hand,                                                     ing hand in other ways. “The jbims
are barely in the picture. But the                                                       (Jamnalal Bajaj) alumni association
iitians are not setting up engineering                                                   of singapore is planning a series of
colleges; they are funding manage-                                                       activities to support existing batches
ment schools.                                                                            with summer internships as well as
    The two high-profile donations so                                                    final placement opportunities,” says
far have been from shailesh J. Mehta,                                                    association president sharad somani.
who provided the initial corpus for the                                                      While individual donors may be re-
shailesh J. Mehta school of Manage-                                                      sponsible for many of the major gifts,
ment at iit Bombay, and Vinod Gupta,                                                     corporate donors have their part to play
who did the honours for the Vinod                                                        too. Big corporate houses seek strong
Gupta school of Management at iit          Jamnalal Bajaj Institute                      ties with B-schools, as this is where
                                           of Management Studies
Kharagpur. “The management school                                                        they recruit heavily from. donations
needed that extra thrust to make a                                                       to scholarship funds and prizes raise
complete institution,” Mehta had told                                                    their profile on campus. at London
Business India some time ago. “i was
                                            Ranking by Alumni                            Business school, corporations that do-
happy to contribute.” The iits – partic-    Strength                                     nate significant amounts of money are
ularly Kharagpur, which has adequate        1. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of               assigned stewardship managers within
land and scope to acquire more – are        Management Studies, Mumbai:                  the development office who help them
expanding disciplines also. Kharagpur       30,000+                                      interact with faculty members or ar-
is now setting up a medical college.                                                     range student events. Corporations also
    Mehta and Gupta are not the only        2. Faculty of Management Studies,            tend to donate to B-schools because it’s
people in giving mode. They shelled         New Delhi: 29,000+                           a two-way street. Corporate donations
out $2 million each. Victor Menezes,        3. Indian Institute of Management            that help fund an executive education
who retired as senior vice-chairman of      Ahmedabad: 28,000+                           centre give local executives a place to
Citigroup, gave $1.5 million, the first                                                  improve their managerial skills.
instalment of his $3 million pledge.        4. Indian Institute of Management                Yet, B-schools will always suffer
Kanwal Rekhi donated $3.31 million          Calcutta: 15,000+                            from a disadvantage when it comes to
for the Kanwal Rekhi school of infor-       5. XLRI Jamshedpur: 13,000+                  donations. By and large, iits create en-
mation Technology at iit Bombay and                                                      trepreneurs. When they strike it lucky,
pledged another $1.25 million. nan-                                                      as so many have in the us, they could
dan nilekani donated $2.7 million.         million. Rekhi says there are other           be talking really big money. The four
    But the government has been do-        hassles. “The government wants to             indian americans who have made it
ing its bit to drive away this money. a    know the source of the funds. What            to the Forbes 400 Richest american
few years ago, it set up Bharat shiksha    business is it of theirs?”                    list are all techies. mbas from the iims
Kosh as a society registered under the        slowly, however, the institutes are        are generally executives. They may go
society Registration act. all donations,   getting their act together. There is even     on to head some of the world’s largest
including those from nris, would have      a rate list at some places. at iit Bom-       companies, they may get on the high-
to be channelled through this body to      bay, $200,000 can get you a named             est-paid executive lists, but it is rare
be entitled for tax benefits.              faculty chair. at iit Kanpur, you have        to find any on the richest lists. You
    The nris refused to play ball; they    to pay up Rs40 lakh (around $90,000)          don’t make serious money working
didn’t know where the money would          for that. some of these colleges are also     for someone else. Compared to iitians
end up. Gururaj ‘desh’ despande of         appointing senior deans whose specific        (though it is only small numbers from
sycamore withdrew his offer of $10         job is to organise alumni donations.          the iits that make it big), mbas will
million and funded the deshpande              B-schools, which have a bigger prob-       be poor cousins. so, why does every
Centre of Technological innovation         lem gathering donations, are pulling          engineer want to become an mba?
at the Massachusetts institute of          out all stops. alumni meets – 25-year                         u a. THOTHaTHRi RaMan with inputs from

Technology instead. The grant: $20         anniversaries are being celebrated at                                      MisBaH naYeeM QuadRi

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