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CAT Multimedia Kit Worksheet


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Client: John Weeks Enterprises

Please note that you are to complete one sheet for each product you are adding to your site. This is the only
way to make certain that everything stays clear, minimizes mistakes, duplications and maximizes profits.
This is a MS Word document for your convenience. Complete all the lines that apply to your product(s).

Product Category and Related location in site navigation (Tools > Installation Tools > Staplers):

Tools------------------Drop----------------Tool Kits

Product Manufacturer: Cablematic  

Product Name: CAT Multimedia Kit Connector Compression Tool Kit

Model # or SKU #: CAT Multimedia Kit

Product Description:
Includes everything needed to prepare and compress most major brands of 59/6 “F”, RCA, BNC and MINI
connectors. It comes complete with interchangeable plunger tips (IPT) required for most major brands of F,
RCA and BNC connectors. A handy Plunger Tip Guide is included for proper use.

Attribute Types (Variables e.g. Color (red, green, blue) Size (S, M, L), Fabrics):



PDF File related to the product: CablematicCAT-Multimedia_Kit Compression Tool.pdf

Product Image (refer to image label): CAT Multi Kit.jpg

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