Introduction to freelancing by saraviqar


• Road to financial freedom.
• Just by working a few hours per week you can earn
    handsome pocket money
• Broadens your views and way of looking at the things
• Weapon to counter global economic crisis
• And yes the most Important is…
It adds experience and VALUE to your resume.
 What Sort Of Jobs Are Available
• Some examples are content writing, programming:-
   – Web Content Writing
   – Blog Writing
   – Database management.
   – Web designing
   – KSS Maktab Project
   – PCB Desigining
   – Email Marketing
   – SMS marketing
   – Working on different online projects etc etc
    What is “My Type” of Work?
•   What are you good at?
•   What do you dream to do?
•   Compromise
•   Targeted clientele
•   Amount of work
-   Suitable Qualification
-   English Language Skills
-   Time Zone Match
-   Hours Available
-   Willingness to make it a long term revenue source
-   Willingness to go extra miles to satisfy your client
-   Attitude of converting a problem into an opportunity
                  Some Facts
• The fact of the matter is that online jobs are not a get-
  rich-quick scheme.
• Virtual workers have real jobs. The only difference is
  that most of these jobs are done virtually.
• Beware of SCAMS…. There are a lot of websites
  offering FAKE opportunities.
• It's hard to catch all the bad listings
• Do not send money! Legitimate employers don't
  charge to hire you or to get you started.
• There is no royal road to success except toil
Saad Qazi

      What Do I Exactly Do?
•   Content For Blogs
•   Content For Websites
•   Proof Reading/Editing
•   Manage Web Sites
•   Promotional Content
•   Manage My own Website too
      What are the Required
•   English Language?
•   Writing Skills
•   Communication Skills
•   Hard Work and Dedication
 When and Why Did I Start?
• Mid 2009 as a Free Lancer
• Technology is my hobby!
  How Did I form an Online Firm?
• Discover – NUST
• Early 2011
• Started My own website 4 months ago –
          Money Matters
• 2 Hours a day = Rs. 6000+/month
• A small online firm makes nearly Rs.
 Earning through Websites?
• 3rd Party Ads
• Google AdSense
•   Interaction with Professionals
•   PR
•   Financial Independence
•   A Good Experience!
•   Helping Out Friends!
•   Huge Opportunity to Expand!
Hurry Up!! Its Recession!
 Tahir Farooq

  Khwarzami Science Society
• The Khwarzimi Science Society (KSS) is a
  non-profit Association aimed at
  furthering a science culture in Pakistan’s
  educational institutions and in the
  general public.
    Main Objectives of the KSS
The major objectives of the KSS include:
• Scientific Meetings and dialogue
• Encouraging students to take up careers in science
• Student-scientist interaction
• Popularization and public dissemination of science
• Fostering collaborations between individuals and organizations
• Resource sharing
• Practical scientific and technological exposure
• Publication of high quality scientific literature
               Range Of Activities
•   Public and popular lectures
•   Technical seminars
•   Video presentations and movies
•   Field visits
•   Workshops
•   Symposiums
•   Sponsoring of scientific projects and competitions
•   Career counseling
•   Media outreach and science journalism
•   Publications and translation
•   Book reviews
•   Public exhibits of science
        KSS Maktab Project
• KSS Maktab program will assist the students in
  their comprehension of the course content, as
  well as provide them a self-paced learning
• A large number of students studying in schools and colleges in
• Depend on additional mentoring
• Rely on private academies and individual tutors
• Do not have the financial resources to afford private tutors
• Can not get a self-paced learning
 Furthermore, in many regions of the country, especially in rural
  area, qualified teaching staff is in scarcity.
 Using advances in communication technology, Khwarizmi Science
  Society (KSS) Maktab program plans to address some of the
  above mentioned problems
• Provide quality lectures on CDs and YouTube with an open
  access and at no cost
• Main focus on conceptual learning, but at the same time
  teaching geared towards exam preparation also
• Act as a supplementary resource for students attending
  colleges or academies
• Teach the course content in Urdu language for better
       • Most of the text and technical terms will remain in English;
         however, the explanation of the text will be in Urdu.
• Long term scope of this program is to cover
  most of the academic classes and courses
  offered in Pakistan from Class 1 to bachelor
  degree level.
• Focus and preference will be for the scientific
  subjects, as these are aligned with the KSS
  goals of popularization of science in the
   Phases of Maktab Project
• Phase 1
  – In phase 1,we will only cover the F.Sc. syllabus for
    the following science subjects: Mathematics,
    Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
• Phase 2
  – In Phase 2 of the project, we will cover the Matric
    syllabus for the science subjects.
  – Our current preference to cover F.Sc. syllabus
• We have started off with the phase 1.
• Currently only a few people are working on this
  project and we need many more to cover whole lot of
  FSC content
• We will prefer the fresh graduates of F.Sc., and
  students in Engineering Universities, Medical Colleges,
  and Computer Science institutions.
• Please note that the instructors are paid on
  per hour basis.
                 Skills Required
The skills required for this project are:
• Good communication skills
• Excellent command over English and Urdu languages
• Thorough understanding of the subject you choose
• Regular communication with Dr. Raza (Dr Raza is the Focal person
   for this project.)
• Skill to effectively use digital board. (Available in the market.
   May be provided by the project)
• Usefulness of lectures etc.
• Lectures are recorded in a style similar to that of
    In general, the instructor is not visible in the
    Lectures are video recorded
    We are using a digital board to draw on the
     computer screen
    A screen capturing software is used to capture the
     lecture from a computer screen.
              Digital Board
 This is Digital Board which we are using.
 After some practice it is easy to use it.
 What we write on it , it appears on your
  computer screen.
 Preparation for lecture is very easy.
 Just see the topic which you are going to
 Search for one or two examples from real life.
 Then you can put the book in front of you.
 Explain topic in detail.
• So basically there are two sub projects
  under the umbrella of KSS Maktab
  – Translating the existing videos of Khan Academy
    (speaking the subtitles)
  – Making new videos of chemistry and biology (in
    which face is NOT focused thus anyone can
    participate )
 Video Translation/Voice over
• Go to
• Choose any play list of your choice (Focus only
  on the subject areas which are similar to the
  F.Sc. level content).
• Download first video, translate it and sent it to
  khanacademy authorities for review.
• Once it is approved by Khan Academy you are
  onboard. And can start off with translation
      Criteria for Voice over
• Voice: demeanor, tone
• Content: intuitive understanding,
  correct emphasis
• Relatibility: personality, localization,
 Payment/remuneration Method
• Rs 300 per hour
• 10-minute video takes 0.5 hour of work for voice-over
• And its upto you how many videos you translate daily/
  weekly/ monthly.
• The more you work, more you EARN   
 Contact Info (KSS Maktab Project)
• Contact Person: Dr. Raza
• email: raza.ul.mustafa@gmail,com
• Cell: 0014256988715

• MCS focal person : Sara Viqar (EE dept)
• email:
              Contact info
• Email:
• Facebook Page:
• YOUTUBE channel:
“Because The People Who Are Crazy
 Enough To Think They Can Change
 The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”
Salman Mahmood

My Domain

How Do I Get a Project?
Project awarded… Now what?
       Consistent Attitude
• Meet the deadlines
• Work on a regular basis
• Avoid lame excuses
           How Did I Start?
• First job from an electronics forum
  – Pay rate was $1 per hour
  – Had to learn a new software in order to complete
    the job
  – The time spent on learning the software was not
    included in the paid hours
  – I earned $2 = Rs. 160
My First Project
       Transition to Odesk
• Started work on Odesk in early 2011
• Have completed more than 50 projects
  to date
Targeted Clientele
        Targeted Clientele
• Explore the local market
• University students looking for an easy grade
• Start using the online platforms
How Do I Get Paid?
      What Have “I” Gained?
• Financial independence
• Tons of experience
• A part time job at Artologics Software
Some Good Work Arenas
Need Further Guidance?
•A Few Online Firms
   •Get Hired and Get Paid
         The Unknown Pen
• TUP needs writers. If you are interested,
  Freshers can apply. No experience is
  necessary. For more details about the TEST
  procedure, read here:
• email:
        Women Digital League
• A virtual firm, providing digital services to clients and
  powered by Pakistani women working from home.
• You can find out more about WDL
• Jobs and Internship opportunities available
• Anyone interested in gaining experience of online
  work can apply
• Only female applicants.
           Matlab Projects
• Cash your expertise in MATLAB
• Interested in doing some really interesting
  communication and signal processing related
• Send your resumes to
A Few Web-links For Different Online Projects
So Wake UP and Chase your
        DREAMS 

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