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					             Campus Activities Board Application

Hello CAB Applicant!

         My name is Rachel McMullan and I serve as the president of the Campus Activities
Board (CAB) at UR. I have been involved in this organization since my freshman year and have
thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with CAB. First, I would like to say I am glad you’re
interested in applying for CAB. Our organization’s mission is to brainstorm and host creative
events including concerts, comedic acts, special events, movies, and other unique events that
fulfill a range of interests for the University of Richmond students. In the past we have put on
events such as: Chiddy Bang, Super Mash Bros, White Panda, Matt Nathanson, Kristen Schaal,
the Harvard Sailing Team, just to name a few. We are also responsible for the movies in the Pier,
events such as Open Mic Night, events during Homecoming Week, and other activities that
happen around the lake.
         Listed below are the positions available in CAB and their descriptions. The official CAB
application follows. Please return the application to me in person or via email at by Wednesday January 18th at 11:59 pm.

Good luck and thanks for applying!

Rachel McMullan
CAB President
                                     CAB Positions

President: Coordinate all CAB members. Serves as liaison with CAB advisors and other campus
administrative officials.

VP Campus Relations: Coordinates music, comedy and special events chairs in planning events
that require cooperation with other campus organizations and/or administrative assistance or
support. Communicates with other organizations on campus to keep CAB up to date on other
events occurring.

VP Administration: Responsible for the administrative tasks within CAB including setting up
the weekly meeting time, reserving event locations and equipment, coordinating with the
President on writing the weekly meetings agenda, taking minutes during the meetings, and
organizing the weekly Exec board member meetings.

VP Finance: Runs the CAB budget of $85,000. Pays the credit card statements, writes checks
for event contract fees, and coordinates the SOBAC application.

VP Publicity: In charge of overseeing the Publicity Chairs and Multimedia Chair.


Special Events Chair (2): Responsible for planning events like Orientation Week, Homecoming
Week, and other special activities throughout the year. Works with other CAB members and
organizations, such as Rowdies and Student Governments to plan joint events.

Music Chair (2): Plans music events. Large and medium sized concerts in the Pier, Greek
Theatre, Camp Concert Hall, and the Robins Center, as wells as small events, such as Open Mic

Comedy Chair (1/2): Plans large and small comedy events, generally in the Alice Haynes
Room, the Pier, or Camp Concert Hall.

Publicity Chair (2): Design all publicity used by CAB. Includes flyers, electronic ads for the
commons and campus TVs—anything to get the word out.

Multi Media Chair (1): In charge of keeping the CAB Facebook page and twitter account up to
date and responsible for creating and maintaining the CAB website.

Street Team Coordinator (1): Responsible for serving as the liaison between CAB’s board and
the Street Team (student volunteers who participate in coordinating and executing CAB events
without a Chair or Exec position).
                           Campus Activities Board Application
Name:                                              Date:
Email address:                                     Class year:
Please rank the Top Three CAB Positions you wish to hold:
Please list any commitments or organizations you are involved with and how many hours per
week they take:

If you are applying for a Chair position, please answer the following five questions.
If you are applying for Publicity or Multimedia chair, please answer questions 1-6.
If you are applying for an Executive position, please answer questions 1-5 and 7.
    1. What has been your favorite CAB event? Why? And how might you have changed it?

   2. Why do you want to join CAB? (If you are a returning member, discuss why you wanted
      to join CAB in the past and why you want to continue to maintain a position within it.)
3. What skills and talents can you bring to this organization?

4. Think of a potential event you would like to see CAB do in the future? Included with
   your event description, please attach to this application a creative visual advertisement
   for this event.

5. CAB strives to bring diverse events to our school so that all students can experience
   “proven entertainment” and “quality programming.” However, we constantly ask
   ourselves the same question—is it better to have diverse events with low attendance or is
   it better to continually cater to the majority of the campus in order to have higher
   attendance at events? What are your thoughts regarding this debate?

6. (Publicity/multimedia chair applicants only) What software programs do you have
   experience with that would prove beneficial for either the Publicity or Multimedia Chair?
   7. (For executive applicants only) Why are you the best candidate for the executive
      position you are applying for? What leadership qualities do you have to bring to this

Please return your completed application with an attached advertisement to me in person or
via email at by January 18th, 2012.

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