Protection Against Environmental by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Medical Protection
 Vaccines
 are killed forms of the microbe
  (bacteria or virus)
 don’t cause the disease, but your
  body builds immunity through
  the production of antibodies
 Many diseases have decreased in
  the last 80 years due to
  vaccination (Polio, Whooping
  Cough, Diptheria, Measles)
 Herd Immunity
 – the more
 people that are
 vaccinated, the
 less likely anyone
 is to get the
 disease – even
 those that have
 not been
 There is an Anti-Vaccine Movement which makes a
 number of health-related claims (allergies, autism….)
 Other Medical Prevention measures
 Drugs – e.g. antimalarial medications (take prior to
  travel – will kill the parasite (not 100% effective)
 DEET – insect repellent (a registered pesticide)
 Hazardous? (Health Canada requires the limit be
  30% or less)
 Asthma Medication – controls inflammation of the
 airways (keeps them open)
Non-Medical Prevention
 Sunscreen – SPF (Sun Protection Factor) – protects
  against UV light rays (chemicals absorb rays and
  release it as heat)
 Mosquito Nets – especially important in countries
  where malaria is prevalent
 1. Air Purifying Respirators – absorb chemicals and
 microbes in a cartridge (filter)
 2. Supplied Air Respirators – supply clean air from a
 compressed air tank – used in extremely hazardous
 environments (life threatening toxins in the air)
Hearing Protection
 Ear Plugs / Ear Muffs
Water Filters
 Removal of microbes (pathogens), some chemicals
 Usually ceramic or charcoal
Healthy Homes
 Proper ventilation systems – exchange of air inside
 with outside air; especially important as homes are
 being built to minimize heat loss
 Air Filters – furnace filters or stand alone electric air
  purifiers (different technologies available)
 Benefit is usually to those suffering from allergies
  (pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke particles, VOCs)
 Sick Building Syndrome
 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  - CO is a product of incomplete combustion….so if
 something goes wrong with the furnace (or venting to
 the outside), CO can be released and build up
 - odorless, toxic
 Mold Prevention – black mould spores can produce

 - grows/spreads in a damp environment
 - bathrooms/kitchens/basements
 - drywall that is mold resistant can be used
 - mold resistant paint
 - dehumidifiers can be used
 Natural: radioactive colourless, odorless noble gas
  - responsible for most background radiation
 - product of the natural decay of uranium

 - depending where you live and the age of your house,
 it can seep into your basement (through walls and
 floor) from the soil/rock below the house

 - 2nd leading cause of lung cancer

 - ventilation under the floor in the basement

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