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									Joann Kern, RN, BSN, currently serves as Vice President of Clinical Product Strategy for
Healthvision, where she focuses on aligning products and services to the unique needs of
connected health communities. Ms. Kern brings more than 20 years of ambulatory and acute-
care clinical practice, clinical process engineering and design, and information technology
experience to her role.

Enabling clinical processes and practitioners with state of the art technology is her purpose. Ms.
Kern’s career has been dedicated exclusively to healthcare, with experience shared between
work as a practitioner, consultant, and healthcare information technology vendor. She possesses
an exceptional working knowledge of the healthcare delivery system and its challenges.

Throughout her 6 years of experience with Healthvision, she has held senior positions in several
key business areas within the company, such as implementation services, project management,
account management, sales support and marketing, and product strategy. Prior to coming on
board with Healthvision, Ms. Kern was with First Consulting Group, where she led clinical
software selections, implementations, and process design initiatives.

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