Eastern Lancaster County School District by DavidLohr

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									To:   Parents of Garden Spot
Date: March 27, 2012

In response to a recent news story regarding the misuse of a laptop computer by a student, the
administration wants to provide the following facts to clarify the issue.

The student, enrolled in the ElancOnline Virtual Academy, was issued a laptop computer for
school work. Like all students who are issued a computer, the student and parents were
required to sign a binding agreement regarding compliance for the appropriate use of the
computer off campus.

Parents of students who are issued computers agree to take full responsibility to ensure their
children are using the computers as legally agreed upon for educational purposes.

The student in question completed the majority of school work off campus. At no time did the
student download illegal images during school time, on school property, or through the school

The administration is extremely disturbed by the action of one student that negates the key
role of technology in today's global learning environment.

We will continue to provide our students with the educational resources needed to succeed in
today's competitive world.


Dr. Robert Hollister
Eastern Lancaster County School District

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