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Body Area

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									Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)
          EE (400) Presentation
               Prepare by
            Wael Ba-deghaish
            Mohamed Ba-oum
          Dr Samir Al-Ghadban
Presentation Outline:
1 Introduction
2 Stander
3 Archatcher
4 OSI Layer
5 WBAN Drawback
6 Conclution
• What is WBAN?.
• What is the benefit of using WBAN( Ali story).
• Learn How this Tech work

•   Figure 1:data follow into integrate in WBAN system[3]
WBAN Stander
Not yet specified.
WBAN application of WPAN (WSN , Zigbee) 802-15

Figure 2: wireless group stander[2]
• Three Tire

Figure 3:WBAN architecture[1]
Tire: WBAN Sensor
• Consist of intelligent node ( sensing, sampling, processing,
  and communicating)
• Sensor Arcticture

Figure 4: Sensor node[3]
Example of WBANs
1 ECG(monitoring heart activity)

2 EMG (electromyography)

3 For sensing motion ( activity)

                                   figure5: Example of sensor node[3]
Tire2: Personal server
• interface the WBAN sensor nodes through Zigbee or
• Connected with the medical server through mobile
  telephone networks (2G, GPRS, 3G) or WLANs—Internet
• Implemented regularly at cell phone.
• Functions:
1-Register type and number sensor node .
2-manages the network channel sharing, time synchronization,
  and processing data.
3-Send data to MS
Tire3-Medical server

• Function:
1-to authenticate users
2-Save patient data into medical records
3-analyze the data .
4- recognize serious health cases in order to contact
   emergency care givers ,
5-forward new instruction to user.
WBAN Layers

Why layering?
Physical Layer

 Radio Band
                  figure6: Radio Band of WBAN [1]

 Modulation

 Data Rate
                 table 1:modulation type of WBAN[1]

                 table 2: data rate of WBAN sensor[1]
Data Link Layer
 Data Link Layer
 Objective
 DLL Responsible for Reliable Transfer of Frames from one node to
  the other (no loss, no corruption, no duplication)

• Control access to the shared medium (radio channel)
• Avoid interference between transmissions
Data Link Layer
 MAC protocol

   (CSMA-CA)
    use with wireless LAN
   simplicity implementation
   lower system cost
   reliable data transmission

 TDMA( Schedule Protocol)
 WWAN like (GSM)                Figure 7: CSMA/CA protocol procedure [1]
MAC protocol comparison:

   table 3: comparison between TDMA and CSMA/CA
Network Layer
Protocol is IP

network topologies within WBAN

•Peer-to-peer communication (WLAN)
Ad-Hoc Routing
•Infrastructure (WWAN)
Access point (AP) or base station (BS)
•                                         Figure7: Two different network topologies are depicted: (a) ad hoc mode
                                                                                   and (b) infrastructure mode [3].
Transport Layer
 Objective

 TCP protocol
 Reliable (because relate with human health)
 Acknowledgment

Application Layer
 Data from sensor send as email
 Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Summary WBAN Layers
 Drawback WBAN
 Battery Life
 factors affecting the battery life is The radio transmission update period
 battery live for months

 Security
 To make WBAN more security:
   Authenticate                      figure 8: Battery live for WSN [2]

   Verify
   Encrypt
   Key Management
   FHSS
                                     Figure9: FHSS protocol [2]
Conclusion :
 WBAN serve patient and Doctor
 Improve WBAN to avoided security and interference problem
 In future may Build new stander WBAN
 In future improve WBAN to use with 4G (WI-MAX)
                                          (Performance Evaluation of a
    Jamil Y. Khan, Mehmet R. Yuce, and Farbood Karami
    Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring)

 Dr Ab-dulghani (P&CSD/PID/CNU) Handout Aramco coures, (wireless network and
  wireless plant application)

 Katrin Bilstrup, A Preliminary Study of Wireless Body Area Networks, Halmstad
  University, School of Information Science.

 4-Tomas H. Gorhm, Play Simplicity for Wireless Body
  Area Networks, IEEE Gornal,2008-11
Thank you

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