The best of both worlds

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					     The best of both worlds
     Graham Bastow #26872 has the best of both worlds. His KEA
     motorhome is a family favourite for holidays but also doubles as
     Graham’s pits and accommodation when he’s at the track for
     his motorbike racing adrenalin rush.

               uckland-based Graham has           while I’d had others, I’d always lusted     the interest of the team at KEA and a
               loved motorbikes since he was a    after a KEA and the layout of the six-      complementary partnership developed.
               child growing up in England. His   berth was what we wanted,” he says.
     parents bought him a motocross bike          Initially the motorhome was used only       Teaming up with KEA
     when he was 13 and he was hooked.            for family trips until Graham had a light
                                                                                              The motorhome has become well-known
     “I quickly learnt to enjoy the speed and     bulb moment. “I was away competing          at race meetings. When Graham turns
     thrill of two wheels and as soon as I was    when I thought, I’ve got a home away        up, he puts up the KEA flags, has an
     old enough, I bought a road bike,” he        from home sitting at home and it            open home to let people check out
     says. “Then I realised I wanted to ride      should be here with me.” Usually when       what a motorhome is all about and
     faster and faster and the road was not       competing in Auckland Motor Cycle           has a promotional DVD playing inside
     the place to do it.”                         Club (AMCC) races and the North Island      and brochures they can go away with.
                                                  National Series, Graham would transport     On rider training days at Pukekohe,
     Motorhome complements                        his motorbike on the back of a truck        he does a similar thing but also uses
     motorbike                                    then find somewhere to stay.                the motorhome’s DVD system to show
     The excitement of racing has never left      He decided to approach KEA to               participants their filmed exploits through
     him and he admits it’s still a buzz to be    investigate if a tow bar could be           the kitchen window!
     on the start line butterflies and all. And   fitted to his motorhome and whether         Graham has nominated KEA as a main
     at race finish you won’t get the grin off    the company would be interested in          sponsor and knows that having the
     his face! After racing, Graham heads         supporting him. Along with racing, he       motorhome at the race track has resulted
     back to his six-berth KEA Endeavour          is a chief instructor with the Auckland     in people hiring KEAs and attracted
     which has been specially fitted with a       Motor Cycle Club and involved in A.R.T.     potential motorhome buyers. During
     tow bar to allow him to transport his        (Advanced Rider Training) training days     the off season, his bike spends some of
     2007 Yamaha YZF R1 Superstock F1             at Pukekohe five to six times a year.       its time in KEA’s reception area and was
     wherever he’s going.                         Graham’s passion for his sport and          on site at the opening of KEA’s Lifestyle
     “I bought the motorhome in 2008 and          dedication to rider education did capture   Centre in October. Graham is grateful

20                                                                                                                The Motor Caravanner
that KEA look after the vehicle’s servicing   broken fingers on each hand, a broken
and make small modifications to keep          elbow and various lacerations which
it current. “I’d really like to thank Steve   kept him off his bike for several months.
(Lane) and the team,” says Graham. “I         “There are very few motorcyclists who
write a report for them and try to give       can tell you they haven’t had an incident,
them a picture of what I’m doing and          whether on the track or the road!”
they’re always interested.”
                                              Family-friendly motorhome
Making choices                                It’s not all about the bike though and
This racing season saw Graham compete         Graham makes sure there are plenty of
in five Auckland Motor Cycle Club             family holidays, which also gives him
rounds plus two North Island National         a well-earned break from managing
Series rounds along with additional races     38 staff and 15 patients in his role as a
throughout the North Island. His racing       Forensic Nurse Manager at the Mason
career started out on the motorcross          Clinic’s Forensic Acute Unit.
circuits and (once he was old enough)
                                              The Bastows have travelled all over
on the race circuits competing at club
                                              New Zealand in their KEA and previous
level and then national level. However,
                                              motorhomes. The children have their
the closed road racing circuits of Paeroa
                                              own area right behind the driver’s seat
and Whanganui are places you won’t see                                                     Opposite page: Graham’s motorhome doubles as
                                              where they have their TV and DVD,
him on his bike. Last year New Zealand                                                     his ‘pits’ during race meets;
                                              toys and bedding while their parents
friend Paul Dobbs was killed racing in the                                                 Above Left: The motorhome gives Graham and
                                              enjoy their space at the other end of the
Isle of Man TT and Graham has vowed to                                                     his family the best of both worlds;
                                              vehicle where they have their own TV!
his wife, Kerry, and children, Jackson (5)
                                              “We like the idea of different areas and     Above Right: A tow bar installed by KEA
and Madison (4), he will never race on                                                     allows Graham to transport his bike plus use his
                                              the big awning is useful for both the sun
the road.                                                                                  motorhome as a base when racing;
                                              and when I’m using the motorhome as
“I’ve chosen to compete in the Superstock     pits,” says Graham.                          Above: The Yamaha Graham races on display;
1000 class,” he says. “The bike I own                                                      Below: Graham in action.
                                              The family has travelled around the
is worth $28,000 including all its
                                              South Island several times and toured
modifications to suspension, exhaust
                                              right throughout the North Island.
and electronics allowed within the class
                                              “We really enjoyed our times in the
while full blown Superbikes are more like
                                              South Island and loved the fact there’s
                                              pretty much zero traffic compared
Even so, this season he moved up a class      to Auckland!” Coromandel, where
due to his success and now competes in        they enjoy the Scallop Festival, and
his category’s top class on the track. “I’m   Paihia in Northland are other favourite
pleased with my performance. I’m running      destinations. “The motorhome doesn’t
comfortably at upper mid-field. It’s a good   sit stationary very long!”
feeling to be competing again.”
                                              Graham has just completed his season’s
And so far, no incidents. Of course, like     racing, finishing as the New Zealand
all motorbike riders, over the years there    Superstock 1000 National Champion,
has been the odd accident. In the middle      NZ TT Superstock 1000 Champion and
of last season Graham was knocked             14th overall in the National Superbike
off his bike at Pukekohe but luckily          series. A fantastic achievement on what
wasn’t injured although the bike needed       is essentially a standard bike that can be
significant rebuilding. But he does admit     bought from your local motorcycle dealer
to a few broken bones ‘here and there.’       with minimal modifications.
The worst he has encountered was two

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