Monitoring of Capital Works Pack by dandanhuanghuang


									                                        Monitoring of Capital Works Pack                                                                  Oct-2009

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                                                            HELP                                          Legal Duties
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                                                                       LEGAL DUTIES

                                                                        Check for SLA with        Where checks are not completed as part of agreed SLA
Item No                     Item                   Frequency
                                                                          Direct Services      Date of Last Check              Company Used
   1       Management of Asbestos             Annual                  No SLA
                                                                      No SLA
   2       Gas Soundness Testing              Annual
                                                                      No SLA
           Controls                           Annual
                                                                      No SLA
   4       Oil & Gas Boilers                  3 Times a year
   5                                                                  No SLA
           Ventilation                        Six Monthly
                                                                      No SLA
   6       Gas Appliances                     Annual
   7                                                                  No SLA
           Gas Heating Appliances             3 Times a year
                                                                      No SLA
   8       Chimney/Flues                      Annual
   9                                                                  NO SLA
           Portable Appliance Testing         Various
                                                                      No SLA
   10      Water Quality Sampling             Annual
           Water Hygience Sampling &          Monthly, Six monthly No SLA
           Risk Assessments                   & Annually
                                                                      No SLA
   12      Gas Catering Equipment             Annual
   13                                                                 NO SLA
           Portable Fire Fighting Equipment Annual
                                                                      No SLA
   14      Fixed Electrical Wiring Testing    5 year test
                                              Quarterly, Annually     No SLA
           Fire Alarms                        and 5 year test
                                                                      No SLA
   16      Emergency Lighting                 Quarterly
                                                                      No SLA
           Lightning Conductors               Every 11 months
                                              Six monthly checks      No SLA
   18      Powered Pedestrian Doors           and Annually
                                                                      No SLA
           Passenger Lifts                    3 monthly Checks
                                                                      No SLA
   20      Powered Stair Lifts                Annual
           Passenger Lift Insurance           Six monthly checks      NO SLA
           Inspections                        and certification
                                                                      No SLA
   22      Local Exhaust Ventilation          Annual
           Compressors/Pressure Vessels                               NO SLA
           & Compressed Air                   Annual Insurance
                                                                      No SLA
   24      Display Energy Certificate         Annual
                                                                      No SLA
           DEC Advisory Report                Every 7 years
                                                                      NO SLA
   26      Tree Surveys                       Annually
                                                                      NO SLA
   27      Biomass Boiler (if applicable) Annually
                      If you do any other checks in your school that you would like to record, please complete the section below

                                         PROPERTY SERVICES - SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT

SLA Ref               SLA                    SLA Taken Up                           Company Details 1                        Company Details 2


           B.M.S. CONTROLS

              TOTAL COSTS

           WATER HYGIENE


               AUTO DOOR

                                                                                             MONITORING OF CAPITAL WORKS - PLANNED AND COMPLETED PROJECTS

   Planned or                                                                                                       Room/Block Ref -                     Flr Area                                    If Funded is Other, please
                                                              Description of Work                                                        Type of Work               Month   Year   Survey   Funded                                Cost
   Completed                                                                                                        Centerline Survey                    Change                                             state below:

                                        MONITORING OF CAPITAL WORKS - AREAS OF CONCERN

        Type of Concern                  Block                  Room No,                                 Description of Concern
                                                            Help File

Completing the School Information - This section holds data on the school to which the pack relates including contact details for the
member of staff completing the information.
School Name                      Use the drop down menu to choose your school. Once chosen this will complete the DCSF Number
                                 automatically for you.
Completed By                     Please enter the full name of the member of staff completing or co-coordinating the completion of this
Contact No.                      Please enter the contact number of the above staff member.

Contact Email                    Please enter a contact email address. Once added this should turn into a link automatically.

Completing the Legal Duties - This section contains a list of mandatory checks that need to be carried out at your school. If you are
signed up to any of the property services Slaps, then it will be pre-populated with the relevant information.
Date Last Completed               Please enter the date, including the year the relevant check was last carried out.

Company Used                     Please enter the name, address and contact number of company used to carry out the individual checks.
                                 If any are covered by Service Level Agreements with Torbay Direct Services - Please enter TADS - SLAV.

Completing the SLAV Information - This section lists the current Service Level Agreements offered by Torbay Direct Services. The
sheet should automatically indicate if you are signed up to a particular SLAV and any your school are not signed up to. Please
complete the Name and Address of the Company or Companies you use in place of Torbay Direct Services.

Company Details 1 & Company      Please enter the name and address of all companies used to carry out the individual checks.
Details 2

Completing the Planned and Completed Projects - This section is used to record any Capital Projects the school is planning to
complete and any that you have completed since the last Monitoring of Capital Works sheet. This helps us to ensure that the
information we hold on school floor areas is up to date and helps us to plan programmed works where required. Use the drop down
box to indicate planned or completed works.
Description of works             Please give as much detail as possible of the planned / completed project.

Room/Block Ref                   Please enter the room and block reference as per the centre line survey completed on your school. If this
                                 is still to be done, please enter details in the description of works
Type of work                     Please choose from the drop down menu the type of work the project covered

Change in floor area             Please choose from the drop down menu.

Survey Recommended               Please indicate if the work was completed /is planned due to a survey recommendation.

Funded by                        Please indicate, using the drop down menu, how the project was funded/will be funded. If it is a mixture of
                                 funds please pick one and enter the other source of funding in the 'If Other' box.
Works Completed                  Please choose from the drop down menu's a month and year the works are either planned for
                                 commencement or completed.
Cost                             Please enter the estimated cost of the project if a planned project or the actual cost of a completed

Completing the Areas of Concern - This section can be completed to inform Policy and Planning of any Asset Management
Concerns you have. For example a particular area of the school has deteriorated since the condition survey or you have particular
access issues. Please note that any concerns raised will be looked at in light of the whole school estate and does not guarantee
funding. We may also need to send out an engineer to survey the particular problem.
Type of Concern                  Please select from the drop down menu. If it is not indicated here, please explain in the Description of
                                 Concern box.
Block & Room Number              Please use the block and room number referencing as per centre line surveys.

Description of Concern           Please give as much detail as possible about your area of concern.

Print - The print options allow you to print individual sheets. Please note, if you need to print
off the pack for approval, we still need the completed electronic copy sent back to us.

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