LESSON FIVE: Visualizing by wg2tB4G4


									LESSON FIVE: Visualizing

Students visualize during reading the story and complete a graphic organizer, and a short radio announcement.

R1G  Develop and utilize the comprehension strategy of visualizing during reading
IL2  Identify intended messages conveyed through oral and visual media
W3B Complete a graphic organizer to identify important information from text

 Source of Literature
   o   Strega Nona by Tomie de Paolo

   Supplies
    o Paper for radio announcement

   Handouts provided
    o Visualizing Context

   Words to know
    o graphic organizer
    o media
    o visualize

Students create a one-to-two minute radio announcement to encourage travelers to visit a location.


    1.   Review Stega Nona with students.

          Questions    What do you recall about Strega Nona?
             for       What do you recall about Big Anthony?
          Students     What other characters do you recall from the story?
                       What is Strega Nona’s town like?
                       What connections did you make while you were reading yesterday?

           Strategy    An explanation of text connections can be found in Strategies That Work by
                       Stephanie Harvey. In general, readers are reminded of something as they read
                       (text to self, text to text, text to world).

    2.   Discuss how the five senses help to visualize a story. Introduce the “Visualizing Context” graphic
         organizer. Model how to complete it during reading.

          Questions    What could you “see, hear, taste, touch, smell” while you were reading yesterday?
             for       What are some messages you would want to portray in a radio announcement?
          Students     What are some good things about Strega Nona’s community?
                       What are the main points you would want people to know about Strega Nona’s

    3.   Distribute the “Visualizing Context” graphic organizer. Students complete it as they reread Strega Nona.
         Work together to determine where and when the students think the story takes place.
Strategy   If visualizing is new to your students, provide them with one specific sense to pay
           attention to while reading. For example: number off and students who are number
           one specifically listen/read to see what could be heard. Number two students read
           to see what could have been seen, etc., then come back together as a group to
                                      Formative Assessment-Teacher

Students create a one to two minute radio announcement to encourage travelers to go to a location.

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