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How To Be Happy In A Relationship

Learning how to be happy in a relationship is what many individuals and couples long for.

Perhaps you are currently single but want to embark on a relationship, or perhaps you are in a
relationship but are having doubts, or simply wish to make your relationship stronger.

So what can you do to help make your relationship as stable and happy as possible?

There are a few basic but vital foundations of having a secure and happy relationship - if you do
not have compatibility in these areas or have a weakness in one of the foundations, then there is
the potential for the relationship to go wrong or ultimately break down entirely.

The key to being happy in a relationship is as follows:


Communication is vital for a strong and happy relationship. Communication is a two way street -
it's not simply about talking, it's about listening as well. However, both you and your partner need
to talk and listen to one another to ensure you are both getting what you need out of the

If there are issues that are upsetting you in your relationship, it's best to discuss (not argue) what
you are unhappy about, to look to try and resolve as quickly as possible. Likewise, if your partner
is unhappy about something in your relationship - listen to what they are saying. Try and
understand what they are unhappy about and look to finding a solution to stop the relationship
turning sour.

Once you have discussed your issues with one another, you will either be able to resolve the
problem and make your relationship stronger - or you may both come to the conclusion that the
relationship is not really working, and part company. Although this sounds a bit negative, it is far
better to end an unhappy relationship if it is not working, than to stay in an unhappy relationship
which then deteriorates leaving you feeling resentment and bitter.


If you do not have trust in your relationship, you will never have a happy relationship. If there is
any mistrust, this will manifest into resentment and paranoia, as you will be continually wondering
what your partner is doing or where they are going.

Once trust is broken, it is very hard to repair or forgive - so it is entirely down to an individuals own
choice as to whether you can continue in your relationship. The normal areas where trust are
broken is with regards to infidelity.

If your partner has an affair - could you ever trust them again? If you partner has had an affair, it
is worth considering what is wrong with your current relationship which has prompted your partner
to embark on another relationship behind your back?

Perhaps you are the one that has had an affair - if so, why did you chose to do so?

It is important to try and establish why this has happened and learn from the experience.

Trust is incredibly fragile, so if your relationship has been affected due to mistrust, you must think
very long and hard about where your relationship will lead to if you decide to stay together.

If you honestly believe that you or your partner will never be unfaithful again - and you both think
that you can work together to strengthen your relationship and be able to trust one another
completely - then you have a chance to save your relationship.

If, however, you have any doubts as to whether you can trust your partner or yourself again, or if
you think you will always be tempted to check up on your partner or go through their phone or
emails - then it's probably advisable to end the relationship - otherwise you will only end up
torturing yourself and feeling miserable.


Respect between you and your partner are also important to be happy in a relationship.

If you do not have mutual respect for one another, the relationship will not be balanced and could
lead to resentment and arguments.

Respect for one another can cover a multitude of areas, but a few examples would be respecting
your partners dreams and ambitions or respecting your partners point of view or opinions on
particular beliefs.

Again, this works both ways, so your partner would also have to show respect for your feelings
and what your ambitions are within your relationship. If there is an imbalance in respect, then this
would have to be discussed to try and resolve the issue (ties back in with communication). If you
cannot respect one another, then the relationship will not work.

Being in a relationship will not always be plain sailing, but with a little bit of effort, good
communication skills, trust and respect, you will be on your way to achieving a happy, stable and
loving relationship.
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