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									        Many Different Vision Problems Corrected
         with the Help of Laser Vision Correction

If you are tired of spending money on contact lens and glasses,
spending time searching for your glasses, and relying on others
to read for you when your glasses aren’t close by, then it is time
to consider permanent options to correct your vision. When
opting for laser vision correction Beverly Hills surgeons are
able to correct several types of vision problems, such as
nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms.

Eyes naturally degenerate with age, and this is not always
correctable with laser vision correction. Lasik surgery is a quick
procedure, usually completed in 5 minutes or less. The patient
remains awake during surgery and numbing eye drops are used
so the patient doesn’t feel anything. Oral medication may be
administered for anxiety prior to the procedure.

Los Angeles eye surgeons generally uses one of three types of
laser machines to complete the procedure. The WaveLight
Allegretto System is the only laser designed for custom
treatments. The WaveLight Allegretto System has also been
proven to improve night vision, something that hasn’t been
accomplished using other laser machines. The VISX 4 is
produced by a company that has been around since the
beginning of laser eye correction and has the widest FDA
approval ratings. The LadarVision laser system is useful for
correcting high aberration vision problems such as halos and

Using a marker the Los Angeles Lasik surgeon will make a
small ink mark on the cornea where he will cut the flap on the
cornea. A suction ring attaches the blade or laser to your cornea
to prevent any eye movement. The patient will then be asked to
look at a light, during which time the laser sends pulses of light
to your cornea. This laser light is reshaping your cornea. One
eye is operated on at a time, but the entire surgery is over very

For patients in Los Angeles vision correction generally results
in no pain, though some patients express mild discomfort.
Patients usually report an immediate improvement to their
vision. Some patients return to work the following day, but it is
best to allow time for rest, as each person’s eyes react slightly
differently to the procedure. It is very important to avoid
rubbing or touching the eye. Though the risks are slim, it is
possible to disconnect the corneal flap. Most patients don’t
require glasses or contacts after the surgery, but it is possible for
some people to still require reading glasses for seeing objects up

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