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									  What to Expect With Laser Vision Correction by
            Lasik Surgeon Los Angeles

When opting for laser vision correction Los Angeles
surgeons have some tips on what to expect during and after
the procedure. Lasik surgery is a quick procedure, usually
completed in 5 minutes or less. The patient remains awake
during surgery and numbing eye drops are used so the
patient doesn’t feel anything.

Oral medication may be administered for anxiety prior to the
procedure. Though you’ll never be put under, it is necessary
to bring someone with you to drive you home after the

Because of the eye drops, you won’t feel anything during the
procedure, and your eyes will be propped open using a
retainer. Los Angeles eye surgeons assures their patients
they won’t feel any discomfort during this process. Using a
marker the surgeon will make a small ink mark on the
cornea where he will cut the flap on the cornea. The surgeon
will then use either a microkeratome, which is a precise
oscillitating blade, or the most up to date Los Angeles
vision correction centers use a femtosecond laser, which is
considered the most precise tool for the procedure.

A suction ring attaches the blade or laser to your cornea to
prevent any eye movement. The patient will then be asked to
look at a light, during which time the laser sends pulses of
light to your cornea. This laser light is reshaping your
cornea. One eye is operated on at a time, but the entire
surgery is over very quickly.

Following the laser vision correction Beverly Hills
patients usually report no pain other than mild discomfort.
Once the patient is home, it is advised to rest for a few hours.
Upon waking, most patients report an immediate
improvement to their vision. Some patients return to work
the following day, but it is best to allow time for rest, as each
person’s eyes react slightly differently to the procedure.

Usually, your eye surgeon will recommend that you avoid
exercise or strenuous activity for at least a week, in order to
give your eyes adequate time to heal. It is also very
important to avoid rubbing or touching the eye. Though the
risks are slim, it is possible to disconnect the corneal flap.
Most patients don’t require glasses or contacts after the
surgery, but it is possible for some people to still require
reading glasses for seeing objects up close. Eyes naturally
degenerate with age, and this is not always correctable with
laser vision correction.

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