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General production advice ware potatoes
                                          version 2011-01

 * Very good taste

 * Firm cooking

 * Very attractive skin finish

 * High tuber number

 * Good yield

                          Characteristics                                                                Plant populations
 Cooking type                         A - Firm                                     Market: 35-55 mm.
 Maturity                             Early                                        Plant depth:
 Yield mature                         Good                                            Early crop: normal
 Tuber size                           Medium                                          Late crop: 2-3 cm deeper than normal to obtain
 Tuber shape                          Long oval                                       a stronger plant and better use of nutrients.
 Number of tubers                     12-14
 Flesh colour after                   Dark yellow                                  Planting density for 75 cm row.
 Skin colour                          Yellow                                       28/35 approx. 60.000 plants/ ha ± 21 cm
 Berries                              No berries                                   32/40 approx. 48.000 plants/ ha ± 28 cm.
                                                                                   40/50 approx. 40.000 plants/ ha ± 33 cm
 Dormancy period                      Short
 Emergence                            Fast
 Metribuzin sensitivity               Sensitive                                    Always check the tuber count for an accurate
 Foliage development                  Moderate                                     calculation.
 Internal bruising                    Not sensitive
 Little Potato disorder               Not sensitive
 Dry matter content                   18,4
 UWW                                  333                                                                        Fertilizer
 PCN Resistance                       Resistant: Ro1,2/3,4,5                       Adapt fertilisation to soil analysis.
                                      Susceptible: Pa2
 Wart disease                         Resistant: fysio 1                           Annabelle needs a regular fertilizer management.
                                      Susceptible: fysio 2                         Nitrogen (N): approx. 120% in comparison to medium
                                                                                   early varieties.
 Spraing                              Resistant                                    Limit N - application in the last growing period to
 Foliage Blight                       Very susceptible                             obtain the best (cooking) quality and encourage a good
 Tuber Blight                         Susceptible                                  dormancy.
 Common scab                          Susceptible                                  An ample Phosphate fertilisation just before planting is
 Powdery scab                         Susceptible                                  increasing the rooting system, resulting in a more
 PVYn                                 Resistant                                    vigorous plant.
 Yntn tuber tolerance                 Sensitive                                    Adapt K (Potassium) to soil analysis.

                                                                                                                                   23 Mar 2012
HZPC takes no responsibility for any harmful consequences that might eventually occur when using this information.

General production advice ware potatoes

 Pre-treatment and planting
                            Pre-treatment and planting
                            - Annabelle has a short dormancy.
                            - Keep the seed in refrigerated storage to prevent physiological aging and
                              dehydration of the seed.
                            - Allow the seed to acclimatize to the local conditions before planting.
                            - Planting with small white sprouts produces the best results.
                            - Plant 3 cm deeper than for normal use. This effects the rooting system and the
                              absorbtion of nutrients favourably.
                            - When product is grown for long term storage, the fungicide Azoxystrobine is preferred. This
                              will prevent Silver Scurf.
                            - Always treat SEEDS AND SOIL against Rhizoctonia.
                            - Cutting of the big sizes can be done, in that case, be sure of dry cricumstances.
                            - Be sure of dry cricumstances. Let the seed cure direct. Optimum results from 3-4
                              weeks prior to planting.
 Growing attentionpoints
                            - Post-emergence, use Metrubuzin (Sencor) the low doses system.
                            - Annabelle seems susceptible to Centium, also in combination with other herbicides.
                            - Keep the foliage vigurous until tubers have reached 45 mm.
                            - Top dressing should only be given in limited quantities.
                            - Over fertilisation will restults in a higher sensitivity of Late Blight.
                            - Ensure early treatments against Late Blight (Phytophthora)
                            - Later on during the season, switch over to remedies with a better tuber protection.
                            - Irrigation provides a regular growth and uniform product with better cooking quality.
                            - Don't overirrigate, as it will result in poor quality and on some soiltypes a higher risk
                              of Powdery Scurf.
 Haulmkilling and harvest
                            - For an optimum dormancy, haulm killing should take place on a mature crop.
                            - Aim for a product with a dry matter content of 19,7 %
                            - Ensure at least 3 weeks between haulm killing and harvest to have a better skin set.
                            - The tubers should be fully skin set before harvest.
                            - Avoid harvest damage at all times.
                            - Micro - damage will end in more dehydration and early sprouting.

                            - Because of the short dormancy and susceptibility to Fusarium,extra attention
                              should be paid on storage.
                            - If harvested under normal conditions, refregiration can begin very shortly after curing.
                            - For storage longer than 2 months, refregiration is required.

                            REFRIGERATED STORAGE
                            - Refrigerate with a small difference between cooling temperature and product
                              temperature to limit loss of weight.
                            - Cooling regime of 0,5 - 0,7 degrees a day, to a stable temperature of 4-5 degrees.
                            - Storage lower than the advice results in increased sweetening.
                            - Ventilate regularly but shortly to avoid Co2 accumulation.
                            - Every fluctuation in temperature, in combination with formation of condensation, results in
                              earlier sprouting and an enlarged risk of silver scurf.

                                                                                                                          23 Mar 2012
HZPC takes no responsibility for any harmful consequences that might eventually occur when using this information.

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