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					                Business Communication and Presentation
                                                   Week 15 3rd Block
       Monday                       Tuesday                   Wednesday                     Thursday                     Friday
       11/14/11                     11/15/11                   11/16/11                     11/17/11                    11/18/11

Essential Question:          Essential Question: Why     Essential Question: How       Essential Question:        Essential Question:
Why is it important for us   is it important for us to   can multimedia software       How can multimedia         How can multimedia
to understand the laws       understand the laws and     be used to enhance a          software be used to        software be used to
and licensing involved in    licensing involved in       research presentation?        enhance a research         enhance a research
multimedia production?       multimedia production?                                    presentation?              presentation?

Georgia Performance          Georgia Performance         Georgia Performance           Georgia Performance        Georgia Performance
Standard                     Standard                    Standard                      Standard                   Standard
BCS-BCP-9. Students          BCS-BCP-9. Students         BCS-BCP-4. Students           BCS-BCP-4. Students        BCS-BCP-4. Students
will understand the laws     will understand the laws    will locate, assess, and      will locate, assess, and   will locate, assess,
and licenses involved in     and licenses involved in    use information from a        use information from a     and use information
multimedia production.       multimedia production.      variety of print and online   variety of print and       from a variety of print
BCS-BCP-10. Students         BCS-BCP-10. Students        sources.                      online sources.            and online sources.
will understand              will understand hardware,   BCS-BCP-10. Students          BCS-BCP-10. Students       BCS-BCP-10.
hardware, software, and      software, and the           will understand               will understand            Students will
the preparation needed       preparation needed to       hardware, software, and       hardware, software,        understand
to create a multimedia       create a multimedia         the preparation needed        and the preparation        hardware, software,
presentation for business    presentation for business   to create a multimedia        needed to create a         and the preparation
or personal use.             or personal use.            presentation for business     multimedia presentation    needed to create a
                                                         or personal use.              for business or            multimedia
                                                                                       personal use.              presentation for
                                                                                                                  business or personal
    No Do It Now Go                   No Do It Now Go               Do It Now                           Do It Now                  Do It Now
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     STRAIGHT to                       STRAIGHT to                      TIMES!!                             TIMES!!                    10 TIMES!!
    your assignment!                  your assignment!               Show support for your                  Show support for     Show support for your
                                                                        school and fellow                      your school and     school and fellow
                                                                        classmate! Tell your                   fellow classmate!   classmate! Tell your
                                                                        friends, family,                      Tell your friends,   friends, family,
                                                                        coworkers, put it on                  family, coworkers,   coworkers, put it on
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Assignments:                      Assignments:                      Assignments:                        Assignments:               Assignments:
 Seniors –                        Seniors –                        Any Missed Persuasive                Work on Research for    Work on Research for
   Work Keys Exam                     Work Keys Exam                  Speeches                            Presentations.          Presentations.
 Underclassman                       Upon Completion, you          Return Index Cards
                                         will need to locate         Type up suggestions and
     (You will work as a                                               email me your responses.
                                         pictures and a sound
     group) – Create a                   clip for your next             The grading for your
     PowerPoint Presentation             presentation.                   work will be even harder
     to present to the class.         This presentation will            for the next assignment
     You may work in a group             combine everything              because you have been
     but you must divide the             that you have learned           given great opportunities
     work up. You will work              thus far in regards to          for improvement.
     on discussing Standard 9            giving presentations.          We are providing you
     and explaining the rules         You will be able to use           with feedback, given
     involved in the Electronic          PowerPoint and add a            ample in class time for
     User’s Bill of Rights.              video to your                   research and
    Use the internet to                 PowerPoint for us to            development, and you
     research the following              view in class. Please           were given the
     information and present             look at your topic and          opportunity to work with
     the information in a                begin to locate items to        someone if you find
     PowerPoint Presentation             include in your                 yourself still failing it is
     so that your classmates             presentation.                   because of your lack of
     understands the laws of                                             effort.
                                      Underclassman –
     electronic usage.                                               Underclassman will
    Make your presentation               See Yesterdays               discuss in a presentation
     interesting and useful do            Group                        the importance for us to
   not include information      Assignment       understand the laws and
   we will not need to                           licensing involved in
   know!!!                                       multimedia production?
 With multiple people on                       Discuss next presentation
   your team it is best that                     topics. (See handout)
   you divide up the                            Divide class into groups of
   assignment and everyone                       3-4.
   must show what they                          Using the ideas and
   themselves have                               information you have
   researched and the slides                     looked up, divide your
   that they created                             presentation up amongst
   themselves.                                   the group.
 Create your own slides                        A PowerPoint, visuals, and
   from your research but do                     a video must be completed
   not use more than 7 words                     with your project.
   per line or 7 lines per                      There will be 6 groups.
   slide. Know what you are
   to say when you are
   presenting to the class!
 You have TWO full days
   today and tomorrow so
   use your time wisely.
   This must be completed
   tomorrow so you can
   present it on Wednesday
   to the class.
 Save your slides and we
   will combine everyone’s
   slides together into one
   presentation using a flash
 Jamal can be the overall
   put together since he has
   great presentation skills.
Discuss the following in your
a. Explain the key
principals in the
Electronic User’s Bill of
Rights, e.g. safety,
security, ownership,
b. Identify copyright
and patent laws
pertaining to scanned
images and documents
and information
downloaded from the
c. Identify licensing
agreements pertaining
to audio and video
d. Identify licensing
agreements associated
with multimedia
presentations and
e. Why is it important
for us to understand
the laws and licensing
involved in multimedia

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