2010 12 08 GCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes by wg2tB4G4


									                                            Six Hundred and Twentieth Meeting
                                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                             WEDNESDAY December 8, 2010
                                        GCA HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK CITY

The President, Joan George (Mrs. Harris, J.) called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.
Wendy Serrell, Director, Zone II, delivered the invocation. (attached at end of minutes)
Recording Secretary: Karen Meyer
       Present:      Mesdames:   George                           Hill         Brugger
                                 Morris                           Stoddard     Purple
                                 Petri                            Copenhaver   Barrow
                                 Meyer                            Stewart      Hall
       Present:      Mesdames:   Paddock                          Serrell      Metz        Trimble
                                 Larson                           Boyce        Bagley      Gregg
                                 Oliver                           Hall         Klunder

         Absent:             Davis

Former Presidents:           Madam:              Bissell
It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting on October 6,


Kit Barker, Rye GC read by Kathy Metz, Director Zone III
        The Garden Club of America lost a stalwart and cherished member with the death last Thursday of
Kathleen B. Barker. A member of the Rye Garden Club for forty years, and an artistic judge for nearly twenty-five
years, Kit was irrepressible in her love of flower shows, and her friendships all around the country with those who
valued GCA as she did.
        Kit was President of the Rye Garden Club from 1976 to 1978 and held her first Zone position as Area Vice
Chairman in 1979. She served as Zone Judging Rep, Chairman of GCA Finance Committee, on the Nominating
Committee, on the New York Committee, as a Director, and a Vice President serving on the Executive Committee
of the GCA.
        Kit received many awards including the Katherine Thomas Carey Medal, the Barbara Spaulding Cramer
Zone Flower Arrangement Education Award, the Zone Flower Arrangement Award, the Zone Creative Leadership
Award and the Zone Judging Award. Her flower arrangements received two Harriet D. Puckett Creativity Awards,
the Fenwick Medal, and many Best in Show awards. On the club level she received a Medal of Merit, Conservation
Achievement Award and Club Flower Arrangement Certificate.
        Kit was a prolific flower arranger. Nothing made her happier than “playing around” with plant material
and containers in the basement of her beloved 1 Forest Avenue, and coming up with a good idea for her next
creation. She was such a frequent visitor to the flower market on 28th Street; she was on a first name basis with the
owners of each shop she frequented.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                            3/30/2012       1
Kit was a teacher and mentor who generously shared her knowledge. She had a great influence on the interest and
abilities of many new arrangers and judges. Kit collected as many friends as she did containers! She gave
innumerable lectures and demonstrations to clubs to encourage new arrangers. She developed a slide show and
lecture on Abstract Art and Flower Arranging traveling all over the US sharing her knowledge with GCA clubs.
          Any one who judged with Kit knew that she was one of the best judges. She was prepared, discerning, fair,
and expressed her thoughts in comments that were educational to all. As her good friend, Nancy D’Oench noted in
a letter supporting Kit’s Zone Judging Award in 2008, “Kit’s work as a lecturer, demonstrator and judge had
significance in the evolution of flower arranging in the Garden Club of America. Kit reinforced the concept of
flower arranging as an art-form and opened judges’ eyes to artistic possibilities heretofore undreamed of”.
Kit’s creativity, friendship, demand for excellence, classiness, dedication and frankness were legendary.
Somehow we can’t help but imagine her reunited with her dear GCA friends, Betsy Jennings, Kay Donohue and
Phyl Mallory, in the place where all good garden club ladies go, and overhearing them plan a “heavenly” flower
show, or maybe just a little road trip…. Kit we will miss you.

Rosie Jones, Diggers GC read by Kay Klunder, Director Zone XII
        It is with a heavy heart that we pass along the news that Rosemary Tilt Jones died October 21, 2010 at her
home in Balboa, CA. Rosie was born May 21, 1930, attended Vassar College and earned an associates degree at
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, in Horticultural Design.
        In 1952, Rosie married Graham “Beezie” Jones, who preceded her in death, and they raised 3 children.
Through her husband she developed a passion for sailing and raced competitively.
        Rosie’s enthusiasm for gardening and the GCA was infectious. Indeed, if you had the chance to visit her at
home in Balboa or attend any of the Diggers GC meetings, you probably have one of Rosie’s “babies” thriving in
your own garden! We feel blessed to have those plants now as a remembrance of our sweet, funny, cheerful and
amazingly knowledgeable Rosie!
        Rosie was a second-generation member and past president of the Digger’s Garden Club in Pasadena. Rosie
enjoyed traveling the country for many years as an approved GCA Horticulture judge. She also served the GCA as
the Zone XII Director, Vice President, Judging Chairman and was a member of the Rare Plant Group of GCA.
        Rosie was awarded the Zone XII Horticulture Award in 1996 and in 2000 she was the recipient of the Zone
XII Creative Leadership Award. In addition, Rosie could grow anything from seed and her propagation skills were
second to none. So much so that the GCA named an award for her: The Rosie Jones Horticulture Award: “This
award celebrates the ineffable joy inherent in the beauty and pursuit of horticulture.” That is so Rosie! Lucky are
we who knew Rosie Tilt Jones; luckier still are we who gardened with her so that we can keep growing!

TREASURER’S REPORT – June Smith Brugger
        GCA's investment portfolio had increased to a November 22, 2010 market value of $24.4 million from a
June 30, 2010 market value of $21.8 million. GCA's investment approach remains conservative in a market
described by our investment adviser, Oxford Financial, as "still volatile."

         Since the October BOD Meeting there have been 2 outstanding Zone Meetings (Zone V and Zone II) and 2
Mini Meetings (Zone IV and Zone VI) and an exceptional Horticulture Conference in Birmingham. This was 2 1/2
days of total immersion in all things horticultural. It was beyond wonderful.
         The House Committee under the leadership of Nancy Ladd has outdone themselves in making HQ’s so
festive with fresh holiday arrangements in every quarter and a beautiful Christmas tree in the reception area. Trish
Albus even brought in her own dishes to complement the decorations in the large glass case. You have inspired us
all to rush home and start our own holiday preparations. We are grateful to the Hospitality Committee which rose
to the challenge of wining and dining us during these past 2 days and evenings. And finally, The Directones
making a return visit – this time as lovely pink poinsettias – under the fearless and nearly voiceless leader, Margaret
Hall. We now have a couple of new GCA Christmas songs.
         Wishing everyone a most Christmas holiday with friends and family.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                              3/30/2012       2
AREA COMMITTEE – New Jersey - Linda Seelbach
        Early in the year, our efforts focused on developing a New Jersey Committee display for the 2010 Annual
Meeting. In September, with fund-raising chairs from the Short Hills and Somerset Hills clubs, the Committee held
an extremely successful plant sale, lecture and lunch. The bulb-themed event featured speaker Brent Heath, of
Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, speaking on “Bulbs as Companion Plants.” Included was a sold-out, hands-on, workshop,
and opportunities to purchase bulbs and books.
        The annual Growing Fund appeal, distributed to each club member by her club’s New Jersey Committee
representative, was launched in October and featured a freshly designed brochure. Donations fund the Committee’s
annual grants program which, to date, has supported more than 70 projects, including a rain garden at Rutgers
University, an Outdoor Learning Center at Greater Newark Conservancy, landscaping at Habitat for Humanity
residences, and extensive work at parks, historic sites, arboretums and public gardens. Educational forums and
materials have received funding.
        Also in October, the two Rutgers students who received Summer Internship Scholarships from the NJ
Committee reported on their projects, which were in plant biology and pathology, and in natural resources
management. More than $38,000 in scholarships has been granted since the scholarship program was established in

AREA COMMITTEE – Philadelphia - Laurie Marshall read by Jane Moore
        The Philadelphia Committee of The Garden Club of America is a vital city organization that raises funds
from the ten area garden clubs in Zone V and from the Joint Meeting to support urban neighborhood projects. The
monies raised go into the Fertilizer Fund, established in 1964, and are used to support projects that could not be
carried out by any single club, and to provide seed money to small and new organizations.
        As the new chair, I had the pleasure of welcoming 150 guests to our November Joint Meeting. This event
had the largest attendance in the past four years; the draw came largely from the renowned landscape designer, Julie
Moir Messervy, who was our speaker.
        For the last fiscal year 2009-10, the Fertilizer Fund distributed $27,500 to eighteen grantees. The grants
supported a diverse group of projects.
        An Oversight Committee was established last year to better evaluate the projects rather than rely on
Committee liaisons from member clubs. In addition, the Philadelphia Committee is moving towards supporting
fewer projects to have better oversight over the funded projects.
        Fundraising remains a challenge. The Committee’s goal – and challenge - will be to increase our visibility
while also finding new ways to raise money. The Committee intends to create a facebook page, and reach out to
newspapers for publicity to meet this goal.

CENTENNIAL – Ray Thompson
         I am happy to report that the design for the 69th Street Entrance to Central Park is underway. We will have
the ground breaking in the fall of 2011 – and we will be using ‘The Garden Club of America’ daffodil in our area.
         Congratulations and a big thank you to the clubs in Zones I, II, III, IV, VII, VIII, IX, X and XII. The clubs
in these zones have participated 100% either with partial or complete pledges to the Centennial Park Founders Fund
Project. These clubs have all participated either with partial or full pledges to the 2013 Central Park Founders Fund
Project. After 10 more clubs participate we will have 100% - which would be great for the ground breaking.
         Katie Stewart says there is lots of interest in the Countdown to the Centennial table flags. She has the
information for ordering these small flags. She also would be glad to send you a flag and or the banner for any of
your meetings.
         I hope that you have noticed the wonderful Countdown to the Centennial around headquarters. A big thank-
you to Katie Stewart for the nifty "Count to Centennial" signs and coasters at Headquarters.

        As the GCA liaison to the Royal Horticultural Society, I have been working on a new program now
available for the British students applying for the GCA Interchange Fellowship. In addition to the traditional
offering to attend a graduate program in the US, they may now choose a horticultural program for a year as a
Longwood Gardens International Intern. We are delighted to offer this alternate program since many very well
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                             3/30/2012       3
qualified British horticulture students are seeking an opportunity to learn about American horticultural practices,
our native plants, and public garden management. Although this option has been in development since January
2009, this is the first year the internship could be offered due to the lengthy, two-year application process to obtain
a visa for the intern from our Department of State. So, a new partnership has developed between the GCA,
Longwood Gardens and the Royal Horticultural Society that will provide exciting opportunities for mutual
         A bright student, Alexander Summers, presently in the Kew Diploma program has been selected to be the
2011-2012 GCA Interchange Fellow and will be an international intern at Longwood Gardens. Stay tuned, you will
hear more about him next year.
         To foster the new relationship with Longwood Gardens, I organized a UK tour last month for their Head of
Education and the Coordinator of Domestic and International Studies. The purpose of this whirlwind week was to
learn about the major horticultural education and training programs, meet with staff and students, and visit gardens.
The trip included visits to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, RHS Garden, Wisley and Kew Gardens.
Introductions were also made to Sir Kenneth Carlisle and key RHS staff involved in the Interchange Fellowship.
Both gentlemen were wowed by the warm hospitality they received on this trip, their first to the UK, and the
establishment of many new partnerships. The outreach of the GCA continues to grow!

                                   NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN REPORTS

Admissions – Connie Oliver
         The Admissions Committee has been wrapping up our gifts for the GCA. The first was really too large to
cover with paper so I chose to envelop it with sunshine, fluffy clouds and a blue sky. Inside you will find GCA’s
200th club and also the 18th club in Zone XII. Marin GC of Marin County CA, proposed by Hillsborough GC and
seconded by Orinda GC. will be a wonderful addition to Zone XII and they are thrilled to join the Garden Club of
America 16 of us descended on Marin GC in October to spend 2 nights and much of the time in between visiting
their lovely hillside gardens, attending a club meeting and eating and sharing time together. Just ask Betsy Bliss,
Kay Klunder, Carol Stoddard or Sally Broughton about this club – most superlatives are inadequate to describe
what is in our package.
         A second package is impossible to wrap because the pieces are spread out across the country from Zone I to
Zone X – our 4 new Honorary Members. It is with great pride that the Admissions Committee presents them to you
         Patrick Chasse, an eminent Landscape Architect whose lectures and accomplishments are known up and
down the East coast, proposed by GC of Mt Desert, Zone I, seconded by Piscataqua GC, I
         Brent and Becky Heath are well known for their small but innovative bulb business in VA.
Becky Heath, proposed by GC of Rumson, IV seconded by North Shore GC, I
Brent Heath, proposed by GC of Englewood, IV, seconded by Virginia Beach GC, VII
         Ken Cochran, proposed by Akron GC, X seconded by Shaker Heights GC, X is the Curator/Program
Director of Secrest Arboretum and Gardens in Wooster OH.
         Easier to wrap up for you is a message from Talbot County GC in Zone VI.
Talbot County became a new member club of GCA in 1994 and this is the year in which the members should vote
whether to ask for permanent membership. Bobbie Brittingham, President of Talbot County GC, joyfully informed
me that the vote to remain with GCA exceeded 75% positive so we collectively rejoice that this most active club
will continue to be a part of Zone VI.

Archive – Edie Loening
         The past two months have been dedicated to the centennial book. We have been through drafts I and II of
over 250 pages line by line - fact checking and making suggestions. The final copy of the book reads smoothly and
William Seale has woven a good history of the G.C.A. with a narrative that is quite disarming.
         For two days in November, both William and Nancy Murray were in New York choosing photos for the
book. This entailed two days which started at 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and went through the afternoons - narrowing
down from approximately 500 photos to 160. These will have captions that will give additional details of historic
interest beyond the content of the book.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                              3/30/2012       4
        Reading the final text was almost anticlimactic - a great relief, and generated a feeling that this volume will
be of broad appeal to the readership. Many thanks to all the clubs that responded to our request for copies of their
photos - both historic and otherwise, which will obviously be an added dividend to the content of the text.

Bulletin – Jennie Reynolds
        The Bulletin Committee met in October in NYC at HDQ.
        Since then we have published the December/January issue of the Bulletin with all zones and Committees
-Corrections to synchronize handbooks has been addressed.
-Face page of committee including new Zone VIII representative completed
-Articles coming in smoothly from all zones
-Center pages determined for spring issue
-Advertising going well...adding new accounts
        So, all is well with the Bulletin crowd, looking forward to conference call in December as well as finalizing
March meeting in Santa Barbara in March.
        Happy Holidays to all!

Communications—Crissy Cherry
        The Communications Committee spent some time at their October meeting learning about social media and
how it can work with non-profit organizations. The power point presentation used in our meeting has been tailored
for zone meetings and has been enthusiastically received in those zones that had fall meetings. We are still in the
education phase, with each committee member assigned the task to learn at least one format, reporting back to the
full committee in March. And part of our assignment was to see “The Social Network Movie.”
        We now have three vice chairmen on the committee. Cindy Willis is overseeing web content. Amy Nowell
(of AAA website fame) is the committee vice chair as well as web structure. Leslie Purple is acting as an interim
Vice Chairman for the Board of Editors. As the new website rolls out our committee will be taking on added tasks,
from acting as gatekeeper to educating users.
        The November edition of the eNews went out the week before Thanksgiving. Our open rates etc. were
about the same as previous editions but out of 14,000 sent we still have 1000 non-existent addresses. We sincerely
hope that with the roll out of the members’ only section of the new website in January that this issue will right
        The Communications Committee is having a great time being part of our digital world and helping our club
members to embrace it also.

Conservation– Susie Wilmerding
         I hesitate to describe our Committee’s activities while I am in the midst of reading about the incredible
activities that are taking place across the country, led by the Conservation Committee’s of our clubs. I reported on a
few of them in October. However, our Committee did meet in September in Chicago and enjoyed 4 days of
fascinating and informative visits and lectures about the state of the Great Lakes region. After spending a
spectacular sunset, on Lake Michigan, eating and drinking and admiring the city skyline, the next day we toured the
Calumet Wetlands south of the city. Surrounded by a huge industrial zone with thousands of 18 wheelers passing
on all sides, these wetlands are being restored as migratory bird habitat and a respite from industry. We visited a
Superfund site north of Chicago where highly polluted waste water is being pumped out of the ground, cleaned with
the use of natural bacteria and enzymes, and then returned to the ground. Inside the treatment plant, our committee
was highly engaged by an attractive group of young scientists and engineers who oversee the cleaning. One day
was spent in the city at a symposium on issues of the region. Local GCA club members were invited and a couple
of dozen ladies attended.
         Finally we visited a sustainable community, Prairie Crossing. (http://www.prairiecrossing.com/pc/site/guiding-
principles.html) The community was designed to combine the preservation of open land (5800 acres) responsible
development practices and easy commuting by rail. It supports an organic farm and a school 350 single family
homes and condominiums. Started about 20 years ago, it is now considered a national example of how to plan a
community to enhance the environment and support a better way of life.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                              3/30/2012       5
         Clubs are working on amazing projects around the country. I urge you to look at the Conservation
Committee section of the website under Conservation/NAL Meeting December 2010 meeting to get ideas for your
clubs if you are in need of inspiration.

Flower Show – Alice Farley
        We are embarking on the Yellow Book-to-the-Web project in the next few weeks.
        It will involve people across several committees as well as individuals who represent other ‘constituencies’.
Before we get into that project as our major focus, we will wrap up the handbook revision, which is in process now.
        FASG and Photography have been furiously busy- and as a result have accomplished major goals of
encouraging new arrangers, expanding ByDesign, and maintaining the high standards of Focus. We hope to help
them increase their ‘face time’ with the rest of GCA membership.
        Our reps are extraordinary individuals- visionary, hard working, and creative.
        We are blessed.

Garden History & Design–Barbara Kehoe
         As discussed at our fall meeting in Washington, DC, the Garden History and Design Committee has
continued to educate GCA members throughout the country about the process of documenting gardens for the
Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens project. A well-attended Zone XII gathering held in January 2010 at
the Huntington Library in San Marino, California served as a model for workshops scheduled in various parts of the
country this past October. The Smithsonian has also provided us with outstanding outreach materials, including a
DVD customized for each zone. In Zone IX seventeen members from three clubs in Tennessee met in Lookout
Mountain on October 7 for a full day of training, and on October 13 area clubs met in Beaumont, Texas for a
similar session. Thirteen Zone V clubs sent representatives to a very successful workshop in the Philadelphia area
on October 28, which was also attended by club members from Zones III, VI, and VII.
         The goal of these workshops is to encourage more clubs to participate in the Smithsonian project by
developing the skills needed for quality documentations. Topics include the importance of creating historically
accurate research material for the future (such as not removing telephones lines from photographs), the history of
the GCA’s Collection at the Smithsonian, and how to use the Archives’ website. Workshop participants also
receive training in the use of proper terminology when describing garden features and protocols for digital
photography. We would like to have at least one garden documented in the past five years from every GCA club by
our Centennial Year.

Historian– Anne Myers
         The holidays have always been a time for GCA clubs to give to their communities. Over the decades
members have celebrated the season with traditional greenery sales, wreath-making and other workshops to educate
and inspire, and with festive decoration of community buildings, historic homes, senior centers, and local hospitals.
They have sponsored the creation of holiday arrangements for the home-bound and others, and have held “holly
days” auctions to generate proceeds to benefit community projects.
         In her Christmas Message in the December 1999 Bulletin, GCA President Bobbie Hansen wrote, “We, the
present members of GCA clubs, share a priceless gift: the rich legacy left to us by earlier members. When reading
of their accomplishments, we admire their intelligence, foresight, knowledge and humor…”She went on to say
about the current day, “Club members continually share their gifts of knowledge by educating and enriching the
lives of others. Our Founders would be very proud of your accomplishments and pleased to see their mission being
fulfilled.” I am delighted to report that clubs are working very hard on documenting their activities and
achievements in celebration of the GCA Centennial so that future members will know of this rich legacy.
         There is a GCA Certificate that can be requested by any club to celebrate its many accomplishments at any
milestone. The process is for the club to make the request and prepare its own citation. With several clubs
approaching their Centennial, as well as others now “eighty years or older”, I hope that they are aware of this GCA
         Happy Holidays!

Horticulture – Ellen Petersen
The GCA Annual Horticulture Conference, Shirley Meneice Workshop was a tremendous success, two and a half
days packed with stimulating lectures and activities. I am very grateful to Mary Evelyn McKee, of my committee,

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                            3/30/2012       6
Louise Wrinkle and Fred Spicer, Director of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for arranging such superb speakers
and tours and to the Little Garden Club of Birmingham and the Red Mountain Garden Club for their kind and
patient hospitality.
         As I write, Kathie VanDevere is working with Munro to prepare the Real Dirt for publication. The Real
Dirt will continue to be a members only publication. We will put articles of exceptional intellectual content onto
the public page of the website. Our plan is to have an article in each Bulletin and to have a constant presence in the
eNews. Be sure to look for the Feb. bulletin article about the Birmingham conference.
         We continue to work on the revision of the propagation handbook and to collect photographs and data
about the 2013 Centennial Tree Project. We are looking ahead to possible projects to replace the tree project in two
         Lastly, I want you all to remember the Seed Share when you start planning next year’s gardens. When
ready to go in Jan., it will be announced in the GCA eNews.

Hospitality Committee –Ruth Diefenbach and Mary Lou Young
        Good Morning, did you enjoy dinner last night? We are so proud of GCA Headquarters! The Hospitality
Committee has tried a new system this Fall using some home cooked meals as well as catered ones. We have a
treasurer, Liz Elwood, who is keeping our spending on track and a large strong committee.
        We ask for and welcome your input. We will look forward to the next few months.
        Thank you.

House Committee – Nancy Ladd
        In the eight weeks since we last reported it has been lively here at “the House”. Seven meetings were held
at Headquarters in the six available meeting Weeks. Many of these meetings were luncheons that were greatly
enhanced by beautiful flower arrangements provided by our hardworking committee. This does not include the
lovely decorations done for these meetings.
        The pace of our pending renovation projects (bathrooms and painting) can best be described as “one step
forward, two steps backward”. That said, we remain optimistic that these projects will get done and hopefully in a
timely and cost efficient fashion.
        The Christmas ornament project for garden clubs should kick off in January giving clubs across the country
time to design and produce a needle point ornament for a 2011 holiday tree here at GCA Headquarters next
        The house Committee also takes on a new project next month. In order to assess GCA’s risk and insurance
needs the Finance Committee has requested an inventory of furniture and decorative arts in the possession of GCA.
The last inventory was done in 1991.
        My new motto: “Never Dull!”

Judging Committee – Diana Neely
        The Judging Committee met in October. The Judge Selection Committee met and the following
advancements were made:
19 New Candidates, 7/Flower Arrangement, 7/Horticulture, 5/Photography
28 New Prospectives, 7/Flower Arrangement, 14/ Horticulture, 7/Photography
14 New Approved, 6/Flower Arrangement, 1/Horticulture, 7/Photography
16 became Emeritus, 9/Flower Arrangement, 6/Horticulture, 1/Photography
7 asked for Leave of Absence and 7 resigned.
        The Zone Reps continue to move toward electronically disseminating the advancement information to the
AVCs, rather than the extensive copying that has been done in the past. The copying and postage can be very
expensive for both the zone reps and the area vice chairs. The Advancement Form (AF) has been re-designed.
Two new forms have been designed for the AVC, a synopsis form for each submission and a zone recap. As more
judging participants learn to submit their forms electronically, the time spent copying and scanning by the Zone
reps should be eliminated.
        During the fall Judging Committee meetings, 11 forms were revised and approved by the committee. Four
forms were customized for 12 Zone Reps. Flower arrangement, horticulture and photography have new Annual
Record Forms. The judging committee forms page has been redesigned with drop down menus for each zone. I
urge you to take a look!

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\6fb1d711-365f-4f80-bd24-fe36921a3bdd.doc                             3/30/2012       7
Library – Arete Warren
        House-keeping, safe-keeping, gate-keeping and book-keeping were the topics of my last report and today I
have several updates.
        House-keeping: A quick look in the Executive Meeting Room will reveal the handy work of the Library
Committee: we have moved and re-arranged a few of our sets of our early botany volumes onto the shelves and
reorganized the GCA Authors section, highlighting some new authors.
Safe-keeping: Louise Carter has aided the Library in identifying new books for conservation.
        Book-keeping: The library, thanks to your gracious donations, has acquired many new books, which have
not only been added to the current web list of 2010 new books but also a selection will be highlighted with brief
reviews under the web heading Gift Books for 2010. A teaser is seen in the Library book case exhibit newly
designed by Trish Albus. And as we repeat, if you cannot find a book, let us know too.
        Gate-keeping: or should I say opening the Gate? We recognize the treasures we have here at Headquarters
and certainly some zones and clubs avail themselves of these resources. However, the library committee in
consultation with the triple “A” web team feels that not enough information is available about what can be
experienced here or an easy 1-2-3 of “booking a visit”. Thus, in the next few months the Library Committee hopes
to devise an easy booking a visit protocol with our headquarter partners Archives, Hospitality and House
Committees. And remember, there is nothing like a gardening book for Christmas!

 Program – Kathy Andrews
        In just two packed days at HQ in October, the 2010 Program Committee “crack team” of new and old
covered every nook and cranny of what it is to be a rep. Our women debated and discussed speakers on our lists,
we attended a presentation by Munro M. Bonnell on how to update our Zone Speaker Lists and reviewed all the
important deadlines and events on our calendars. Each Program zone rep shared briefly her own highs and lows in
preparing the Zone Program GRIDS which are available on our website now. We revised our protocol for Leave of
Absence and approved new forms.
        We heard from Margo Dana, our vice-chair, about our upcoming offsite to Charleston, SC in March 2011.
        The reps then scattered to their corners of the country armed and ready to make contact with each speaker
on our Zone Lists so that all our of GCA member clubs will have access to the most up to date information about
each of our vetted and approved speakers.
        Our committee is very much looking forward to the web redesign and anticipating making all of our forms
and information more user friendly for everyone in GCA.

Scholarship – Ginny Kopp
        The Corliss Knapp Engle Scholarship in Horticulture is now on the GCA website in all areas relating to
scholarships. Description of the scholarship, eligibility, application form, history and deadline are included.
        The scholarship committee is pleased to announce that the Sally Brown GCA National Parks Conservation
Scholarship fund has reached $80,000! The efforts and dedication of Blair Matthews Louis has made this happen,
and she has our deep and sincere appreciation.
The scholarship is to honor Sally Brown, a long-time member of the Glenview Garden Club (in Louisville, KY.).
Sally has been a force nationally and globally in conservation, and this is an appropriate way to honor her. One
scholar will be awarded $2500 annually, the scholar to be selected by SCA and approved by the Scholarship
Committee. The Glenview Garden Club is sponsoring the scholarship in collaboration with the Student
Conservation Association (SCA).

There being no further business, Joan adjourned the meeting.

          The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place at GCA Headquarters in New York City
                                           on Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

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