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					                 2007 IEEE Topical Symposium on
  Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
                Advance Program
              Monday, January 8, 2007
8:00 am       Registration and Continental Breakfast

        Session 1: Plenary

8:30          Welcome

8:40    1.1   Invited Talk: Earl McCune (Panasonic R&D Company of America)
              Power Amplifiers and Multi-mode Requirements

9:05    1.2   Invited Talk: Jan Verspecht (Jan Verspecht bvba, Steenhuffel, Belgium)
              Advanced Measurements for Characterizing Power Transistors

9:30    1.3   Invited Talk: Joseph Cleveland (Samsung Telecommunications America)
              Power Amplifier Impact on Wireless Systems

9:55    1.4   Invited Talk: Chris Taylor (Strategy Analytics)
              Challenges and Opportunities for Compound Semiconductors in the
              Mobile Handset Roadmap

10:20         Break

        Session 2: Techniques for Switching Power Amplifiers
10:45 2.1     Jinseong Jeong, Yuanxun Ethan Wang
              (University of California, Los Angeles)
              Pulsed Load Modulation (PLM) Techniques for High Efficiency Non-
              Constant-Envelope Amplification

11:05 2.2     Tsai-Pi Hung, Lawrence E. Larson, Peter M. Asbeck
              (University of California, San Diego)
              CMOS Outphasing Class-D Power Amplifiers with Chireix

11:25 2.3     Xing Wang, Yuanxun Ethan Wang
              (University of California, Los Angeles)
              High Efficiency Class E MMIC Power Amplifier for Ku-band
11:45 2.4      Young-Sang Jeon, Sangwook Nam, and Kyungheon Koo
               (Seoul National University, Seoul; University of Incheon, Incheon)
               Pulse Area Modulation for High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers

12:05          Lunch

Session 3: Technologies for High Power Amplifiers
1:10    3.1    Walter Nagy
               Will GaN Enable Wideband PA’s for Software Defined Radio?

1:30    3.2    D. Runton, M. LeFevre, J. Kinney, J. Wood, F. Fernez
               (Freescale Semiconductor)
               The Implications of Video Bandwidth Performance on DPD of a High-
               Power LDMOS Doherty Amplifier

1:50    3.3    A. Benchahed, A. Ghazel, M.Mabrouk, M.F. Ghannouchi*
               (CIRTA’COM, SUPCOM de Tunis, Cite Technologique des
               Communications, *Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada)
               Digital Architecture of Power Amplifiers Predistorter for 3G

2:10    3.4    Øystein Jensen, Morten Olavsbråten
               (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
               High Efficiency 10MHz 3rd harmonic peaking Class F Power

2:30    3:00   Break

Session 4: Amplifier Characterization Techniques
3:00    4.1    Invited Talk: John Sevic
               (Maury Microwave)
               Challenges and Solutions for On-Wafer 35dBm GSM/EDGE Loadpull

3:30    4.2    Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, Steven Lardizabal*
               (University of South Florida, *Raytheon)
               Efficient Load-Pull Measurement Using a Sequential Search

3:50    4.3    Basim Noori, Scott Rumery*
               (Freescale Semiconductor, *Skyworks Inc.)
               The Low Frequency Probe: A new technique for measuring the
               modulation bandwidth of power amplifiers
4:10   4.4   Nima Safari1, J. Stevenson Kenney2, Terje Roste3
             (1NTNU, Norway; 2Georgia Inst. Of Technology; 3Nera Research, Norway)
             A New Digital Predistortion with Memory Effects Based on Cubic
             Spline Model

4:30   4.5   Pavlo Fedorenko, Jau-Horng Chen* and J. Stevenson Kenney
             (Georgia Institute of Technology, *Freescale)
             Bandwidth-Specific Memory Ratio as a Predictor of RF Power
             Amplifier Predistortability

5:00         Reception

6:30         Banquet

             Tuesday, January 9

Session 5: Technology for Mobile Stations and Handsets
1:10   5.1   D.Y.C.Lie1, J.Lopez1, J.F.Rowland2, J.D.Popp2, A.Yang1, A.Hurtado1,
             G.Wang3, H.Li3, J.Park3, Z.Ma3
             (1Dynamnic Research Corporation, 2SPAWAR System Center, System Center,
             San Diego, CA, 3University of Wisconsin - Madison)
             Highly Efficient and Linear Class E SiGe Medium Power Amplifier

1:30   5.2   Invited Talk: Aditya Gupta
             (ANADIGICS, Inc.)
             InGaP-Plus raises the bar

2:00   5.3   Ram Pratap Aditham, I. Volokhine
             (NXP semiconductors)
             A Single-Stage Differential Cascode PA for Wireless Applications

2:20   5.4   A.K.Ezzeddine, H.C.Huang, R.S.Howell, H.C.Nathanson1,
             (AMCOM Communications, Inc., 1Northrop Grumman Corp.)
             CMOS PA for Wireless Applications

2:40-3:20    Break      ( Exhibit Open )
Session 6: Amplifier Linearization Techniques
3:20   6.1   Invited Talk: J.Stevenson Kenney
             (Georgia Institute of Technology)
             Behavioral Modeling and Linearization Techniques

3:50   6.2   Albert Cesari, Jean-Marie Dilhac, P.L. Gilabert*, G. Montoro*, E.
             (LAAS-CNRS France, *UPC Spain)
             A FPGA-based Ploatform for Fast Prototyping of RFPA Predistortion

4:10   6.3   Marius Ubostad, Morten Olavsbråten
             (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
             Active Bias Circuit used for linearity improvement in a HBT Power

4:30   6.4   Emmanuel Cottais, Yide Wang, Serge Toutain
             (IREENA - Polytech'Nantes)
             Experimental Results for Power Amplifier Adaptive Baseband
             Predistortion Linearization

4:50         Conclusion of Symposium

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