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									                   Primary movie list (I)
 The Birth of a Nation (1915)    V for Vendetta, The Shawshank redemption
(1994), Danton, (1983) France, Battleship Potemkin (1921) , Modern Time,
Life is beautiful (1997), Z (1969), Misere au Borinage (1933) , Rip: A Remix
Manifesto, Frida(2002), One flew over the cuckoo's nest (1975), Triumph des
willens (1935) , Bloody Sunday, White ribbon(2009), Lenin:The train (1988) ,
Citizen Kane (1941), Lives of Others      In       the        time        of
butterflies(2001),Good bye Lenin (2003) , Salt of the Earth (1953), Hunger,
The party (1968), Water (2005), On the Bowery (1956), Wag the Dog, It’s a
wonderful life(1946), sag koshi (2001), Dr Strangelove (1964) ,Brazil,
Malena(2000), Waltz with Bashir (2008), La Chinoise (1967),         Warum
lauft Herr R. Amok(1970), Our music(2004), L’ aggettivo donna(1971), Far
from heaven(2002), Macbeth (1971) ,Women & Politics: Julia 1977, Guess
who’s coming to dinner(1967), Nashville (1975),Pluralism: Mr. Smith Goes to
Washingtn 1939, When Father Was Away on Business(1985), Underground
(1995) , Nature: Voyage To The Edge Of The World 1976, Welcome(2009),
Ratiziti Lihiyot ,
                   Primary movie list (II)
Grapes of Wrath 1940, Amen(2002), Persepolis(2007) ,Information: Network
1976, Head-on (2004), The World Without US (2008) , Taboos: La Grande
Bouffe 1973, 3 brothers(1981), In the loop (2009) , Addiction: More 1998,A
Passage to India (1984) , Fight Club, Dead poet’s society (1989), Dogville
(2003), Trauma: The Birds 1963, House of Spirits (1993), Exile: Moonlighting
1982, Cast Away, Identity: The 25th Hour 2002, Silence of the Lambs,
Modernity: The Leopard 1963, Notre Musique, Technology and Science:
2001: A Space Odyssey, Philadelphia, Populism: The Best man 1964, Spirited
away, Religion: Shoes of the Fisherman 1968, The Earth will Tremble,
Contemporary Art: Lust for Life 1956, La Dolce Vita Mosquito Coast, the hole
, bashu, They shoot horses don't they?, In the year of Pig( 1968) Blade
runner, A prophet(2009), Teorema (1968) , Saving Private Ryan, Waltz with
Bashir(2008), Gibor( 2004) , Property: Citizen kane, It all starts today (1999),
The last Communist(2006) , Money: Wall Street 1987, Missing(1982), The
Yacoubian Building (2006)
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Creativity/   Who has seen it?   Among   Quality of Articles IMDB 7.8 /     # of Articles   # of Cells > 2:20 hours(-1) Technical/ First Time

   T,B             T,H,B           -             -              8.5 +           2,+           2,+             -             -      Chaplin, +
T, H, N, B,                              V for vendetta as
                    T,B           T+                            8.2 +           2,+           3,+          Jan-00           -          -
    +2                                   cultural pastiche,

                                                               7.7, No
                    T, +           -             -                               1              1             -             -          -

                                            Interesting       7.8, Berlin
    T               T, +           -                                            2, +          2,+             -             -          -
                                            Article, "+"           +

T,B,H,N,                                    Interesting
                  T,N,B,H         B+                            8.5 +           3, +          3,+          Jan-00           -          -
   +2                                       Article, "+"
T, N, H, B                                  Interesting         TIFF,
                    T, +          T+                                            2,+           3,+             -             -          -
    +2                                      Article, "+"      Cannes &
                                                              New York

• Political Cinema as a raw idea

• Political cinema reminds us of political documentary or
  history of politics

• Our objective: to introduce political cinema as an influential
  to or a way to provide an original view to illustrate the

• Political movies that changed the world / or the definition of
                      A content-wise categorizing

Main                Global     Modernity Human/ social      Politically   Political
categories         health               rights/ minority   forced        movements/
Movies ↓                                 rights             disasters     events
Lives of others                                             spying        Pre-
                                                                          unification of
The hole            Pandemic   humanism   Solidarity/      alienation
                    diseases              gender hierarchy
Fight club                                                  capitalism    leftism
The Yacobian                                                Corruption/
building                                                    criticism
One flow over                             Individualism     censorship    activism
the cuckoo's nest
Hunger                                    Hunger strike                   leftism
V for vendetta      AIDS                  freedom           apocalypse    revolution
Main                War          Nationalism   Human/          Politically   Political
categories                                    social rights   forced        movements/
Movies ↓                                                       disasters     events
Notre musique       Palestine
Spirited away                    National
Z                                                                            assassination
Underground         Yugoslavia   National
One flow over                                  Individualism   censorship    activism
the cuckoo's nest
Battleship                       nationalism   unions
Waltz with                                                     trauma        Lebanon
Danton                                                                       revolution
The white ribbon Fascism                       terrorism       Trauma/

15 new movies from 13
award winning directors
we haven’t watched any
movies from.
           IMDB Rating
           1.    One flew over cuckoo’s nest   8.9
Egypt      2.    Spirited away                 8.6
           3.    Lives of others               8.5
           4.    V for Vendetta                8.2
France     5.    Z                             8.1
           6.    Battleship Potemkin           8.1
Germany    7.    Underground                   8.1
           8.    Waltz with Bashir             8
           9.    Fight Club                    8
           10.   White Ribbon                  7.8
           11.   Hunger                        7.6
 Ireland   12.   Danton                        7.5
           13.   The Hole                      7.5
 Japan     14.   The Yacoubian Building        7.3
           15.   Notre Musique                 6.9


Creativity and originality in conveying a political

Christian Buß, Der Spiegel: "Director Michael Haneke forces
  us to learn how to see again".

 The White Ribbon
               Influential political movies

  V for Vendetta as a modern symbol of anarchy and revolution

• 23 May 2009: protesting over the issue
  of British MPs’ expenses

• January 2008: Anonymous (an
  internet-based group) against the
  Church of Scientology.
•   V for Vendetta
-   Book: V for vendetta as cultural pastiche : a critical study of the graphic novel and film, James
    Keller, 2008
- Book: V for vendetta, Alan Moore, 2005
• Danton
- Dialogism in the political films of Andrzej Wajda, Man of Marble, man of Iron and Danton, Janina
    Falsowska, phd Thesis, Mc Gill University, 1993
- Andrzej wajda’s Reign of Terror: Danton Polish Ambiance, Mieczyslaw Szporer, Film Quarterly,
    Vol 37, No 2
• White Ribbon
-Pre-war trauma: Haneke’s The White Ribbon, Film Quarterly63, 2010
-Unsentimental education: An interview with M. Haneke, Cineast, 2009
-Rural terrorisme, American Cinematographer, 2010
• Battleship Potemkin
- Godard and Eisenstein—notions of intellectual cinema, A Review of Contemporary Media, 1975,
- Sergei M. Eisenstein's Potemkin: a shot-by-shot presentation, David Mayer
• Underground
- Retrieving Emir Kusturica’s Underground as a critique of ethnic nationalism, Jump Cut: A Review of
    Contemporary Media
    Jump Cut, No. 51, spring 2009
•   One flew over cuckoo’s nest
•   It is truth even if it didn’t happen: Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,
    Safer Elaine B, Film Quarterly, Spring1977,5,2
• One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: One Reason for a Happy Adaption, Mc Creadie,
    Maesha, Literature Film Quarterly, Spring 1977
• The Disparity of Point of View in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Zubizarreta,
    John, 1994,2,
• Hunger
- Eye witness — memorialising humanity in Steve McQueen’s Hunger, Eugene
McNamee, Thesis, 2009
-Cities under Watch: Urban Northern Ireland in Film, Matthew Brown, Volume 45:1&2,
    Earrach/Samhradh, 2010
• Lives of others
- La vie des autres: Un hommage à l’art, Sophie Bastien, 2010
- Eyes without a face, Sight and sound17, 2007
• Waltz with Bashir
-Graphic novels or novel graphics? The evolution of iconoclasic genre, The
    Comparatis35, 2011
- Narratives in pencil: Using graphic novels to teach Israeli-Palestinian relations,
    International studies perspective 11, 2010
-Waltz with Bashir, Cineast, 2009
-War fantasies: Memory, trauma and ethics in Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir, Journal
    of modern Jewish studies9, 2010
-A History of violence, Film comment 44, 2008
•   The Yacoubian Building
-   The Path of Jihad in the Yacoubian Building, Journal of Religion and Film, Michel
    Gardaz, Vol. 13, No. 1
    Fight Club
- What was Fight Club? Theses on the value worlds of trash capitalism, George
Henderson, Theses University of Minnesota, 2011
- Book: Sociology through the projector , Bülent Diken, 2007
• The hole
- Gender hierarchy and environmental crisis in Tsai Ming-liang's The Hole, Film
    critics 33, 2008
• Spirited away
- The two Japans of "Spirited Away“, International journal of comic arts 12, 2010
• Notre Musique
-Before our eyes: Les mots, non les choses, Jean-Luc Godard’s ici et ailleurs (1970-
    74) and Notre musique (2004), Irmgard Emmelhainz, PhD thesis, University of
    Toronto, 2009
- Bridging Fiction and Documentary in Godard's Notre Musique, Berkeley
    undergraduate journal 21, 2008

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