Admiral Horatio Nelson The Hero and His Warts and Matthew

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					“Admiral Horatio Nelson: The
Hero -- and His Warts” and
“Matthew Fontaine Maury: The
Sailor Who Launched
Oceanography” (September 2005)
Recommended Classes:
Earth Science, Geography, Humanities,
World History

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         4                                                    5

                           6                                                         7



10                                 11                         12       13                     14

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     Across                                                  Down
2.   according to Sugden, Nelson possessed an          1.    in 1797, Nelson lost an arm in this humiliating
     ______ ego                                              defeat in the Canary Islands
5.   unlike deep-ocean currents, ocean winds         3.   ______ Charles Lamb (1775-1834) wrote
     generate ______ waves                                under the pen name Elia
6.   unusually loyal to his men, the admiral was     4.   deep-sea currents affect it
     both ______ and easy-mannered
                                                     7.   something Sugden's biography isn't
9.   one of Nelson's greatest talents was "_______
                                                     8.   Britain's beloved and indefatigable naval hero,
     the most opposite tempers"
                                                          Horatio _____, distinguished himself in wars
10. Earth's tallest mountain                              with France and Spain
11. geographical feature once known as the           9.   "science is a self-______ process"
    Dolphin Rise: the Mid-Atlantic ____
                                                     13. a nonexistent ocean: the "Open ______ Sea"
12. tropical storms whose name derives from the
                                                     14. deep-sea _______ were used to map the ocean
    Chinese tai fung (big wind)
15. books by this pioneering environmentalist
                                                     16. word that fails to appear in the first modern
    include Silent Spring and The Sea Around Us
                                                         oceanographic textbook
17. 1805 battle that assured British naval
                                                     18. though Maury's subject is scientific, his
    supremacy over the French and Spanish
                                                         writing style is _____
20. nineteenth-century American oceanographer
                                                     19. Maury's "river in the ocean . . . it never fails"
    whose deep-sea charts proved the
                                                         (2 words)
    practicability of a transatlantic cable
                                                     22. once thought to be flat, the ocean floor was
21. blowing steadily in one direction, these winds       revealed to be "_______, grand, and
    can speed navigation toward the equator (2
                                                         imposing" by Maury's deep-sea soundings
                                                     23. ill-fated Austrian duke turned Mexican
23. Pacific trench that could swallow Mount              emperor who welcomed Confederate exiles to
                                                         Mexico after the Civil War
24. like Sir Francis Drake, Admiral Nelson was
                                                     25. revolutionary France lost this Mediterranean
    given to ______ his own horn
                                                         island to Britain in 1794
28. sailors reduced it by using Wind and Current
                                                     26. naval historian Alfred Thayer _____ is best
                                                         known for The Influence of Sea Power Upon
29. Nelson's _______ courage never failed him            History
30. constant source of trouble for Admiral Nelson    27. nature's rain-gauges?
31. key components of a great admiral's character:
    ambition, _______, and deep piety
32. when he was 15, Nelson helped to explore this
    Arctic island

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