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           Published in: 2008
Author: Joseph – Super Affiliate Marketing Expert

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FaceBook Money-Making Guide - 2008

Author: Joseph - Super Affiliate Marketer !!

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Facebook.com is a well known social networking site that has been around for a few
years, mainly circulating among college-aged students. Initially, Facebook was
created by Harvard students as a sort of real time yearbook where they could see and
get to know their fellow classmates before actually meeting them in person.

FaceBook has over 60 Million Registered People on it, Currently.

       Over 250,000 New Users Join FaceBook,Every Day!

So in summary, facebook is completely public, and anyone can join. Given that, it is
important to know the ins and outs of facebook.com, including the secrets for making
money using facebook.com. In fact, did you know that you can even make money on
facebook without any business, goods, or services of your own? It’s easy, and all it
takes is a little know how.
This report will tell you everything you need to know to get you registered, connected,
and ultimately richer! Read on.
What is Facebook.com?

Facebook is a powerful social networking site that connects members with others
around them. Facebook can serve a lot of purposes: it can act as a constant way to read
about your friends and and to update them on your life; users can employ it as a photo
album to broadcast their images to people all over their network; it can serve as a
means to gather your favorite links for others to see, and of course, it can be used to
meet new people and learn lots about them right away and from the comfort of your
computer. In fact, for many, Facebook is like a catalog of romantically-eligible
students in their area, that they can browse through in their pajamas, and then send
short, informal messages to if they’re interested. It’s a great way to connect without
having to deal with rejection or awkwardness (at least initially), and since so many
people use facebook, most college students think nothing of receiving a message from
a fellow student that they have never met.

To put it glibly, Facebook is huge, and its members have recently been referred to as a
“fleet.” In order to really get this idea across, here are a few fast facts about Facebook
and its members:

 There are currently more than one BILLION photos on the site...considering
there is only a few more than 6 billion people on the earth, that’s a pretty
phenomenal statistic. Facebook is a bigger photo sharing site than Flickr, a
web 2.0 site that was created exclusively for that purpose.
 To handle the incredible degree of data transfer that is constantly occuring
through Facebook, administrators need to utilize 2 terabytes of RAM across
many Memcache servers.

 Facebook handles 600 million searches each and every month using a search
index of 200-gigabytes and featuring real time updates.

So now that you know a little bit about the scope of Facebook, how can you learn more
and get involved? It’s simple, and the first thing you need to do is register, and get
yourself involved in a few networks and groups.
How is Facebook Organized?

Facebook’s organization is in terms of networks, and these networks are always pre-set
to a specific school, organization, or region. This is why your email address and home
town are important input when you register. When you sign up for Facebook, you can
immediately get plugged into the networks that are meaningful to you. You’ll be in
constant contact not only with your school friends and coworkers, but also with anyone
else that might be in your hometown. This way, you can maintain friendships even
after you leave college or your place of work, but at the same time, you can make new
friends in your area. Facebook is all about getting to know new people that you are
likely to come in contact with, as well as getting to know the people that you interact
with every day a little bit better.

For this reason, although you will be able to search for any registered Facebook
member, you will only be able to view profiles of the people in your network. These
searches will not be divulged to the search-ee, and likewise, if people search for you,
you will not be notified by an administrator. The only way to find out someone was on
your site is if they leave a message. However, this is not neglectful on the part of
facebook, but rather serves as a measure to prevent an enormous amount of probably
needless information coming to you about how which people viewed your page.
How Do I Become A Member?

To join Facebook these days, all you need is a valid email address. If you want to be
able to interact with people from your university or workplace, register with the
appropriate email account for automatic connections. In addition to meeting with coworkers
and classmates, you can also register for a regional network so that you can
meet people in your area who are also Facebook members. This is particularly a great
idea if you recently moved to a new area and you want to meet new people and/or get
involved with the community.

When you register, note that you will need to choose a user name that includes at least
your first name and one letter from your last name. Moreover, profanity is not
allowed, and you may not use celebrity names.
Making your Profile:

Once you register, you will be prompted to make a profile. This is your lifeblood as a
facebook member. In it, you will detail the schools you’ve attended, the history of
where you’ve worked, your interests and hobbies, your favorite sites, links, videos, etc,
as well as your photo and links to your photo albums. On your profile, you can also
link to your blogspot, xanga, or myspace page, so that readers who are interested in
you can learn even more about how you tick.

Another cool feature about your profile and your friends profiles are your photos and
photo albums. Specifically, if you like a photo that a friend has listed you can actually
order your own prints of the photo directly through Facebook through My Photoshop.
You will also have an area on your profile called your “wall.” Your Facebook friends
can leave messages on your wall, and you can review and respond to these messages.
Anyone else who views your profile will see these messages as well, and in this way,
you can have a conversation, or get to know more about the people that someone is
already friends with.
Your Personal Photo Album

On your Facebook page, you can also upload an unlimited number of photo albums, as
well as notes, commentary, or even full length stories for each photo. You can further
make your facebook page into a personal commentary by linking your external blog to
your facebook page. This way, anyone that comes across your facebook page will
have easy exposure to your blog. This inter-linking is a great way to generate traffic if
you’re trying to get more people to see your blog.

The FaceBook News Feed

Once you’re a member, Facebook will keep you in the loop! It is their mission to keep
people connected, and everything about facebook is geared toward that. For instance,
each time you log in, you’ll be brought to your homepage where you’ll have access to
the latest posts and addendums from your friends’ profiles using the “Facebook News
Feed.” Although this feature sounds like you’d be receiving headlines, from around
the nation, facebook is much more of a microcosm than that. Instead, you’ll receive
“news” of what your friends have recently reported to their profiles. In fact, you’ll get
to know every single update they may have made to their profiles in the recent past,
down to the minutae of whether, for instance, they recently updated their favorite book
list. In addition, you’ll be able to see the newest photos your friends have added and
see if they have created any new and interesting groups, or if they have joined any
existing groups.
This theme of keeping tabs with the people you regularly interact
with is the key to Facebook—and it has come under fire of late, because some users
just don’t want to know that much about their friends—it’s like a barrage of
information with every click. Alternatively, some users don’t want their friends and
acquaintances, or worse, their coworkers or boss, to know quite so many things about
them—some of which may be incriminating or open the possibility of fraud or
blackmail. For these reasons, the Facebook creators have modified their method of
exposure control, which you can read more about in the following section, “Will
Everyone See My Facebook Page?”.

Although some say that Facebook takes the personal aspect out of friendships, for busy
college students, it really is key to keeping in touch with your friends with rapid
updates according to your own schedule. And although there are some facebook
dissenters, it’s amazing success (see stats below) is just so phenomenal, that it’s
obvious people in general are happy it’s available.
Will Everyone See My Facebook Page? And other privacy issues:

This decision is yours to make. You have the control over whether you make your
page completely open to all readers, or if you restrict access to confirmed members.
Facebook has a complete arsenal of privacy settings to make sure that you feel
comfortable with the information you post on your page.

Once you register to become a Facebook member, you will be able to navigate to your
privacy control panel where you can change your privacy settings in general, or even
for specific photos, notes, profile subsections and more. This way, if you add a picture
that is particularly risqué, you can block most viewers from seeing it, but still allow
most everyone to see the more generic or less offensive posts that you have.
Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to open your entire page to viewers, and
many members—particularly the younger ones who have not learned about the
potential dangers of identity theft—choose this route. Finally, facebook allows you to
specifically block certain members, so that they are unable to access your page under
any circumstances. These people will not even know your facebook page exists. As a
corollary to this, you can also just make a limited profile that certain friends are
capable of accessing, whereas your closer friends are able to access your detailed
profile. All of these measures are in place so that you will feel as safe as possible
sharing your information, so that you will be likely to share quite a bit, as well as
continue using Facebook regularly.

Even given these privacy settings, Facebook has recently endured criticism about how
much people can access, however, especially now that they have the facebook news
feed, which is like a constantly updated blog where you can see every change your
friends and acquaintances have made to their profiles. Some students have become
worried that it’s too much of an infringement on their privacy, and Facebook’s creator
Mark Zukerberg has advised students not to include their phone numbers, campus or
home addresses, or other strictly personal information like birthdays, particularly
because these pieces of information invite identity theft and cyber stalking.
Instead of these personal facts, you can create a name for yourself on facebook by
listing your favorite books and movies, your favorite restaurants and the ones you can’t
stand, even your hometown and whether you’re in a relationship. It is better to list
these things as a means of allowing others to get to know you without being able to
easily use your information to their financial benefit. But do keep in mind when you
make you profile, that with such an enormous network, there is plenty of room for
scammers to infiltrate the site and try to use your information for data mining. In other
words, you might find yourself receiving a lot more junk emails than you did before
you created a profile. But for most people, this is just a small price to pay to be part of
the greatest social networking site currently available.

With competitors like Friendster, Greatest Journal, and Xanga, as well as international
clones (such as one in Germany), Facebook certainly does not have a monopoly over
the social networking business, but it is probably doing the best. It’s in the best
interests of Facebook, however, to make sure that they respond with care to their users
concerns, and that they remedy everything and anything as soon as possible.

Creating clubs and groups

At any given time, facebook users can be part of up to five networks, only one of
which can be a regional network. The other networks can be university or workplace,
as long as every member has a valid email address to authenticate their affiliation with
the network. Within those networks are smaller sub-networks called clubs and groups.

Facebook users can join existing groups or create their own. Some political groups
exist, but the great majority of them are social and fun, which reflects the real nature of
facebook.com: to meet other users near you in a social setting, and not necessarily for
career networking and the like. In fact, in general, the most common use of facebook
is reading about other students with an interest in asking them out on a date.

Once you sign on and get registered, there are tons of ways to get help when you’re
creating groups or joining existing groups. The staff is friendly and supportive, and the
other users are great help if you have trouble with any facet of the site. If you want to
join a group, you can do so automatically if the group is “open.” Other groups require
that you inquire of an administrator whether you can join or not, and then you have to
wait for approval. Finally, some groups only allow you to join by invitation.
Creating events:

If you’re looking for something to do; facebook is there for you. You can search their
“events” listing for an idea of what people in your area have planned for that evening,
and what you might be able to get involved with. Plus, you can even create your own
events by going to the My Events page and creating your own event. You can even
invite people who aren’t registered with facebook to these events, as long as you know
their email address. Indeed, the objective of facebook is to increase your social
networking powers, and they’ll do anything they can to help you! And once an event
is over, you can post pictures from it so those who were there can remember the fun
they had, and those who weren’t there can see what they missed.

Adding friends and recruiting new members:

If you have a friend who is not yet a facebook member, you can easily invite them by
going to the invite screen and entering their email address. They will then receive an
automated email encouraging them to register and telling them that the invite came
from you. You can even import a list of your contacts and invite everyone in one bulk
email. This way, you can quickly notify your friends that you are a Facebook user and
you want them to join you!
Poking and Sending Messages:

In addition to groups, you can also create party notices and events, and send messages
to your friends via email. As a user, you can interact with others by adding friends to
your page (this is based on a mutual agreement to “become friends”). In addition, you
can more informally say hello to someone you don’t know or haven’t heard from in
awhile by “poking” them, the Facebook code for saying hello.

Sending messages and pokes is very easy. Just click the appropriate box and type in
your message. Next time the user logs in, he or she will be automatically notified that
they have a new message or a new poke and they can easily respond.
You’ll be surprised at how friendly some facebook members will be, both in poking
you and in responding well to your pokes. In general, the entire network is congenial,
and there is a sense of collegiality, which is probably a holdover from the fact that this
all started as a university networking site.

The entire site exudes a feel like it is a fraternity, at least if you are truly a member of a
particular network. For instance, when you sign on, be sure to check the networks in
place for your high school, college or university, or your graduate school. You will be
surprised at the number of people who are already signed on, and you might get the
chance to reconnect with friends that you lost touch with long ago.

These networks are also a great way to get involved with a new area if you’ve recently
relocated. You can get to know others in your area that are in your age group or have
common interests, and you can browse their profiles at your convenience.
The Share Feature

Once you and your friends are registered and ready to go, you can also use the share
feature to clue them in to a particularly interesting story you’ve written or a
particularly funny picture you’ve recently taken. The share feature can be accessed
from your profile, and you can send specific pieces of information to all your friends to
be sure that they will take notice, even if they don’t happen to come across your
facebook page that day.

In addition to adding friends, removing friends is also possible. With each, the process
is reciprocal. In other words, you cannot add a friend without them agreeing to “friend
you” back, and if you choose to remove a friend from your list, your name will
automatically be removed from their list as well. However, they will not receive any
other form of notification that you have chosen to remove them.
On your friends list, you can also list “friend details;” information about your friends
that others will be able to see. Once you initially list the detail, it will appear in gray,
and your friend can then read it and confirm that it is true. If they do this, then the
detail will change to black.

If you want to get some information about someone before meeting them in person and
without them knowing that you were asking about them, facebook is the place to do it.
You can view the profiles of other registered users in your network, and they will have
no information that you were ever there unless you choose to leave a message.

In addition to connecting with your friends on facebook itself, you can also get a
“badge” from the website that you can add to any additional personal websites or blogs
that you may have. This way, you can broadcast the fact that you are a facebook
member, and get more exposure to your facebook profile, in case you’ve recently
become a member. You can even use your badge as a personal signature in internet
Finally, you can be sure to keep in touch with your friends via your status page. When
you sign on, you will be able to set your own status, and see whether other friends are
online and available for chatting. This is one of the few instances in which you can
directly contact your friends for a chat, rather than leaving a message on their wall.

Making Money with Facebook.com:

The Facebook creators are not at all averse to broadcasting ads as a means to produce
revenue. In fact, they have three widely known methods for helping to get an
advertiser some exposure. (Facebook estimates earning one million dollars per week
in revenue.)
Here are some of the traditional ways:

(1) local text ads, which can be posted by the college itself (that pertains to a
particular academic network) or by businesses in close proximity with the colleges.

These ads are estimated at about fifteen to twenty dollars a day, and when you consider
the extent of students that will see the ads every day, or even multiple times each day,
it’s no question whether the decision to advertise on facebook is a good one.

These ads are not very expensive, but at the same time, they aren’t going to reach
every single person out there. This is a good way to get started on the advertising boat,
but it won’t necessarily bring in a windfall of cash.

(2) traditional banner ads, which any business in the nation can purchase. These ads
are the same as the banners you see along the top or down the side of any other site
that accepts advertisements. Contact facebook directly for price quotes on these
These ads are more likely to bring in a lot of money, but of course, they will cost more
too. If you are able to put up the necessary revenue up front, then you should go for
some of these ads. They are guaranteed to reach a lot of people.

(3) sponsored groups can also be made. So for instance, if Apple computers wants to
create a group, they can pay Facebook to advertise the group. Such sponsored groups
are quite common on facebook, and again, you can contact their staff directly for more
information about these types of advertisements.

These groups are interesting in that, if they become popular, they can really bring in a
lot of interested buyers. In this case, it can often be a random guess whether your
sponsored group will take off or not.
A Potential Advertising Option In the Making:

Another way that Facebook very recently started generating revenue is through
“virtual gifts” that users can give to their friends for a dollar each. As of this report,
these virtual gifts were no more than a month in the making, but they already seem to
be popular among users, and those that receive gifts can display them like trophies
along the wall section of their facebook page. This new feature is still only offered to
limited schools, but it is likely that advertisers will be able to sponsor certain gifts, and
make a percentage of each gift purchased. With the number of students that use this
site as a college dating site, the giving and receiving of gifts is bound to become
popular. Currently, they are planned to cost one dollar per gift.

Many experts think that this new gift giving feature will explode in revenue because it
will be seen by users as a high end version of “poking,” or saying hello to other users,
and poking is already an enormous is already such a big activity on Facebook, where
you reach out to other users. When you pay money to do the same thing, it will mean
more, to the gift receiver, and many predict that and “people will be sucked into doing
it.” If the facebook gifts do succeed, facebook might then increase the stakes by
offering “limited edition” gifts and higher end icons. After all, this is just giving away
money to facebook for intangible virtual gifts, but it might very well take off.
Another way you can make money on Facebook is through “sponsored stories.”:

Advertisers are already making use of this feature, in which they write up a “story” that
appears on the News Feed of facebook members. This story is generally tailored to
appeal to the reader, and will often offer a discount on a product or service that the
reader might be interested in. Each day, users will see one of these sponsored stories,
and it will slowly move from the top of their news feed to the bottom throughout the

With any of these advertising options, facebook tries to ensure that the advertiser is
well suited to their audience to best prevent users from become frustrated and upset
with the abundance of advertisements. Keep this in mind when thinking about
advertising on facebook. You will be a prime advertiser if you are within close
proximity to a large university or if your offer is catered to college students, high
school students, or recent college grads, especially if you can offer them a special
student discount. If none of these things apply to you, then perhaps you should
consider an alternative place to advertise, at least until more non-college-aged people
join facebook. At this point, facebook has only recently become open to the public, so
it will be some time before facebook is constituted by a broad audience.
A Secret for Free Advertising:

Sure all of the above ways of advertising are great because they will undoubtedly reach
a large audience and get noticed, but what if you just don’t have the available revenue
to pay facebook upfront, but you still want to get some exposure for your service or
product among the 18-25 age bracket? There are still some things you can do to make
money with facebook, even if you have no business, nothing to sell, and no service to
offer! That’s right, there is money to be had in facebook, and now that you know the
ins and outs of the site, how to register, and how to create a great page with lots of
exposure, you can use your facebook page for your benefit.

Here’s one way: simply register on facebook and make a page where you talk about
your business. Sometimes this can work wonders because it will promote a buzz
among the facebook subscribers, and if you have lots of friends on the site, you will
quickly get lots of exposure for your business or product. This is also a great way to
get free information about your business out there, because you don’t have to pay
anything to become a registered user, and then you can post whatever you want to your
profile. Include pictures of your store front, some information about what you do or
what you sell…you can even upload printable coupons and list deals for other
facebook members. Of course, with this form of free advertising, it’s up to you to get
the exposure by asking to join groups, and asking your friends to check out your
facebook site. As with many successful businesses, your best source of advertising
will be word of mouth, but by making a facebook page with information of your
business, you can promote it without ever paying facebook a penny.
This method is especially good if you are a recent grad of college or high school and
you are hoping to reach the people that you are or used to be friends with. If these
people know you or know of you, then they are more likely to help you out by
purchasing your product or at least helping to spread the buzz around. Make sure you
do everything in your power to target them in your quest for advertising.

Join their
groups, friend them, and leave plenty of messages (but not too many, you don’t want to
get banned!). In general, as long as you make a concerted effort to reach people on
your facebook page, people are bound to come across it, simply by statistics. So many
people use facebook that you are bound to get readers.
In order to keep them on your page long enough to potentially buy your product, make
sure your site is aesthetically pleasing and that it has plenty of information about your
product to keep potential consumers engaged. This part is up to you, but facebook is
available to help you along!

Tips for Advertising your business on Facebook.com

Keep in mind that this all started with college students at Harvard. The decision to
open it up to the public was made after professors and students at other colleges
wanted to get plugged in, and its usefulness became really apparent. However, this
was a tool for the 18-25 crowd from the start, and in effect, the major audience is still
this crowd. As an advertiser looking to make money with facebook, you need to
consider that your ads will have to interest college students...and one of the most
important things for a college student is food. So, for instance, if you live in a college
town, and you want to open up a local fast food restaurant, a pizza place, a hoagie or
Chinese take-out place, or especially a delivery service, you can set facebook to
display an ad for your establishment each time a student logs in, and you will be
guaranteed to get a rapid flow of hungry students if your restaurant caters to them
(read: cheap, fast, and greasy, usually).
Facebook has become one of the best ways for
businesses to get exposure to the 18-25 crowd, and if you already have a business and
are looking to make extra cash, or if you are considering investing in a business, this is
one of the best ways to make a lot of money, at least during the school year.

As of February 2004, statistics showed that 85% of college students (something like
3.9 million people) were using facebook (and of those, 60% were logging in every
single day), and the social network has remained vibrant and expansive. The most
recent report estimated the number of facebook members at 17 million, with people
spending an average of 18 minutes per day on facebook (many of the younger students
will spend three or more hours per day viewing profiles and working on their own).

Now, it’s commonplace for high school students to sign on as soon as they get their
acceptance letter from college, even before orientation! So the extent of people you
will reach by advertising on facebook is truly impressive.
A good indicator of how popular Facebook is? It was tied for beer as the second most
“in” thing on college campuses… and these two icons lost only to the Apple iPod.

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 Mass Messaging - Just with a few clicks you can be sending out as many messages as you
intend to.

 Mass Friend Adding - Now you can have a chance to own the software that will make you

 Mass Auto Poking - Poke your friends, Show them that you were looking at there profile and
see how much response you will get!

 Gather Id’s - This is a neat feature that will save you hours alone. You can easily extract
Friend Id’s with multiple pages. extract as much as 500 id’s a minute! Even Gather your
friends Id’s!

 Multi Featured Time Delay - Unlike most programs out there, You will be able to set a time
delay that will work randomly.

Auto Wall Post - Post a wall post on all your friends walls.

 Account Chaining - Have more then one account that you would like to manage? No
problem. Use unlimited accounts and chain them together.

Plus MORE!!

FaceBot Pro Features

Mass Friend Request

Mass Message

Mass Wall Post

Mass poke

Extract IDS

Export, Importfriend ID’s

Multi Function Time-Delay
Proxy Support

Account Chaining

Web Browser

Account Management

Free Updates For Life

FaceBot Pro Updates or Changes:
As Facebook makes updates or changes to its site, FaceBotPro.com will make updates to
FaceBotPro. To make sure that our product continues to function properly for you we will
make these updates or changes as soon as possible. Once the changes or updates have been
made to FaceBotPro, all existing registered customers will be notified of the updates or
changes and where to download.

Search by Groups, Friends, Profiles, plus More

Plus More being added each Week!

FaceBot Pro offers you many great features that will help you to all your advantages. No
other bot could offer the same features we have to offer you at this low of a price.

If you feel that FaceBot Pro needs more features then please feel free to contact us, and we
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You can still make money with facebook. For instance, maybe you are a member of a
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blog to make money, but the catch is that the highest paying rewards are only available
to the people who are highly ranked with Google’s search algorithm and who’s sites
host a high volume of traffic (as sometimes determined by your Alexa score). Well,
your facebook page can help you here. Simply register, and choose the five networks
that apply to you, then make sure that everyone who sees your facebook page is
encouraged to check out your blog. Of course, to keep them coming, you’ll need to
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Predictions for the Future

One of the most important things to consider is the fact that with time, facebook is
bound to evolve as the inaugural class that first used facebook graduates from college
and bring their profiles and their addiction to facebook to their new jobs and to
graduate school. As an advertiser, this just means diversification, because after all, the
exposure of new crops of students, existing students, and alumni to your ads is
expected to be a phenomenal way to make money.

In fact, some see facebook as automatically replacing a lot of the corporate intranets
that are poorly formatted and do not catch on well. If employees come on with a
knowledge of facebook and with experience using it, it would just make sense for the
organization to adopt facebook and sponsor their own group. Ultimately, this may
become the nation’s, or even the world’s best networking site—it has already become
international; catering in particular to schools in Canada, Germany, and India.
So, as an advertiser, now is the time to cash in and make sure you get on the cash
bandwagon before the price of ads skyrockets, as it is bound to do.
Sites to Check Out for More Information

General information about facebook: http://www.facebook.com/about.php

Follow the Money: http://blog.broadbandmechanics.com/2006/08/ramifications-1-follow-the-

Testing Virtual Gifts: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/02/07/facebook-testingvirtual-gifts/

85% of Students use facebook: http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/09/07/85-ofcollege-

Great overview of facebook: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook

List of other social networking sites:


The official facebook blog: http://blog.facebook.com/
Current Statistics on Wikipedia:

Users: 60,000,000; Page Views: 65,000,000,000 per month; Searches: 970,000,000 per
month; Photos Hosted: > 100,000,000; RAM in memcache servers: 20 TB; Search Index
size: 2000GB.

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