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									Australia is a very beautiful country with many scenic beauty and interesting
places to visit and explore. Each year many tourists from every corner of the
world travel to this delightful land to experience the beauties of nature. It is
also an ideal honeymoon destination; the newly married couples love to
travel to this place because it gives them an excellent opportunity to spend
time together. It is a multicultural society and everyone likes to visit this
place. The people of this place are friendly and like to keep a friendly
ambiance so that the tourists would love to travel to this place to spend their
holidays in a very peaceful and serene way.

Australia is a natural country with many scenic beauty and extra activities to
see and do. Tourism in Australia offers the tourists and the visitors with
many exciting and thrilling activities like Scuba diving in the Great Barrier
Reef, takes you to the unique marine life, underwater scenery. Australia and
the South Pacific Ocean are together known as “paradise” for the Scuba
Diving. This mysterious land is rightly suitable for the nature lovers as it
offers world renown walking tours like the Great Ocean Walk and Milford
Track. This country also offers unique wildlife, magnificent national parks,
exotic beaches, lush green rainforest, mountain top views and quiet
canyons. Tourism in Australia also include journey by the train across the
rugged Australian Outback which will give the tourists a beautiful chance to
witness the majestic landscape and the wonderful wildlife which is found
only in Australia.

 There are many tourists attraction in this majestic land which will surely
leave them spell bound. Great Barrier Reef is the main attraction which
galore thousands and thousands of tourists from every corner of the world,
the coral reef of different shapes, sizes and color and the varied species of
fishes found here are unmatched with the rest of the world. Other famous
tourist places in Australia include Sydney Harbor, Great Ocean Road,
Cape Tribulation, Kakadu, Blue Mountains, Fraser Island Nullabor Plains.
There are many manmade attractions such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Harbor Bridge, Sydney Olympic Park and Gold Coast Theme Park. These
interesting places are sure to bring happiness and enjoyment for the tourists
during their Australia tour.
Spending Holiday in Australia is a very beautiful and good idea as it offers all
the essentials desired by the tourists and the visitors during their tour.
Australia is a very large country so the weather varies considerably in
different parts of the continent. Australia Weather experiences hot
weather in the months of December to February where one can enjoy the
sun in the beaches. June to August it has winter season which attracts many
tourists as the whole landscape is covered with snow and option for skiing is
opened. The temperature changes with the season. The Autumn Season
begins from March and lasts till May. It also experiences spring season from
September to November. The lowest temperature of Australia is not
comparable to other continents because it lacks very high mountains and
enjoys the presence of oceans around its coastal regions.

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