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					Plasmodium Vivax

   Michala Wood
How I received this awful sickness

            I had traveled down to Central and South America
  with a group of friends. It was all fun and games, but
  sometime between all of that I was bitten by Anopheles
  Mosquito, which I had no idea when it occurred. I notice I
  had a red bump that itched and assumed I was bitten by a
  mosquito, but it wasn’t a big deal. That happens all the time.
  Little did I know this little bug could ruin my whole trip.

         I first started noticing something was wrong
with me when I got the chills, fever, weakness,
vomiting, and diarrhea. I would randomly get
extremely hot, then I’d be extremely cold . I was no
longer having any fun on this trip and felt bad for my
friends having to worry about me. I finally realize this
sickness wasn’t going to go away on its own, so I
found a doctor nearby.
I told the doctor my symptoms he thought it could be the
flu, but he told me he was going to check for malaria. I had
no idea what that was and I knew I couldn’t possibly have
that. He came back in with some kind of tool that pricked
my finger and smeared my blood, two thick and thin streaks
on a giemsa stain glass. When he came back he informed
me I had Plasmodium Vivax. He showed me the stained
glass where my chromatin in my RBC’s are large and my
cytoplasm can become ameboid.

P. Vivax is normally treated with Chloroquine and Primaquine. They act
against the liver reducing the chance of relapse. You take the appropriate
amount of pills, by mouth, that your doctor prescribed. Unfortunately the
parasite is becoming resistant to the treatment. Scientist are working on
other treatments and possible vaccines to use against the parasite.
Intermediate: Mosquito
Definitive: Human
Early trophozoite:
 About ½ diameter of red cell; chromatin dot heave; vacuoles prominent
Growing trophozoite:
Pseudopodia common; one or more food vacuoles
Late trophozoite:
Large mass of chromatin; fine brown hemozoin; almost fills red cell
Short, delicate rods, irregularly scattered; yellowish brown
Appearance of erythrocyte:
Larger than normal often oddly shaped; Schuffner’s dots at all stages but young rings; multiple infection
12-24 merozoits; hemozoin in one or two clumps almost fills red cell
Rounded or oval; almost fill red cell; dark hemozoin throughout cytoplasm; chromatin diffuse, in large mass,
pink; small amount of light blue cytoplasm; no vacuoles
Macro gametocytes:
Stains darker blue; chromatin more compact, dark red
EE cycle:
8 days
Prepatent pd., minimum:
11-13 days
Schizogonic cycle:
48 hours
Developmental in mosquito:
 10 days at 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius
Remember guys
wear bug spray!

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