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									                                           MITE                     BRIGADE
                                 The Lutheran WomenÊs Missionary League
                                                   CHESAPEAKE                 DISTRICT
                             Enabling women in DC, DE, MD, NC, PA, VA, and WV
                             Volume 11, number 4                                          November 2009

     Inside This Issue                                        President’s Page
Mission Grants           2       The long-awaited                                           those who served in
Pastor’s Page            3       Christian Life Retreat,                                    these positions: Karen
Special Gifts Fund       4       “The Blessing Cup”                                         Updegrave, H.O.P.E.
District News            5       based on I Corinthians                                     Chairman, Sylvia Miller,
Retreat                  6       10:16, was a big suc-                                      past Blue Ridge Chair-
Retreat                  7       cess! There were 200                                       man and Robin Zophy,
LWML News Notes          8       in attendance. Many                                        past Tidewater Zone
District Directory       9       thanks to the retreat                                      Chairman.
                                 committee – Carol                                          Zone leaders mark your
                                 Zehnder, Constance                                         calendars for the Chesa-
                                 Hoff, Penny Helmore,                                       peake District LWML
                                 Donna Siverd, Doreen                                       Leadership Retreat to be
                                 McDonald, Kim Nestor,                                      held February 26 and 27,
                                 Connie Kruelle, Edi                                        2010 in LaPlata, MD. We
                                 Collis; and the presenter, Carol Stano       want to avoid any conflicts with zone
                                 and music director, Dina Vendetti.           and church activities. The training that
                                 Through the generosity of the attendees      takes place those two days is so valu-
                                 we were able to make generous dona-          able to not only the leaders, but to all
                                 tions to LINC (Lutheran Inner-City-          members of the Chesapeake District.
                                 Baltimore), the SED Pastors’ Wives Re-       Our next district event will be the
                                 treat and our district Mission Grants.       2010 Convention to be held Septem-
                                 I am pleased to announce we have paid        ber 24-26, at the Koger Center, Rich-
                                 mission grant #4, $2000 to “Help and         mond, VA. Hosted by the Tidewater
The convention is less than      Emergency Response (HER,Inc.) Ports-         Zone, the theme is “Rooted in
a year away so start making      mouth, VA” and grant #5, $5000 to            Faith. . . Growing with Christ” Colos-
plans to come for an uplifting   “Lutheran Bible Translators.” Just this      sians 2:6-7. I hope you will start plan-
and fun weekend.                 past week, I authorized payment of grant     ning to be there now!
                                 #6, $5,000 to “Crossway Creative Lu-         Joan Kelly, President
  September 24-26, 2010          theran Ministry, Norfolk, VA.” We still
      Richmond, VA               have seven more to fund. Keep those          “I can do everything through Him
Keynote speaker: Ruth Koch       Mighty Mites coming in. Plan some spe-           who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13
Musician: Dina Vendetti          cial ways to raise funds for the MITES.
Humorist: Jan Struck             In this issue you will note some new
         Theme:                  Zone Chairmen, namely Diana Wil-
 Rooted in Faith….               liams – Blue Ridge and Lois Gallo –
       Growing in Christ         Tidewater. I also appointed Kathy Phelps
 Theme Verse: Colossians         to the position of H.O.P.E. Chairman and
       2:6-7 (ESV)               look forward to working with all of these
                                 ladies. We welcome them to the Chesa-
   Convention Chairman:          peake District Board of Directors. I am
      Bev Sweeney                sure they will find working with the Board
   Convention Co-chair:                                                         Background of the entire retreat was the
                                 a very rewarding endeavor. We thank            wonder of the great Atlantic Ocean!
    Rosemond Runyan

              The mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is to assist each woman of the
              Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in affirming her relationship with the Triune God
              so that she is enabled to use her gifts in ministry to the people of the world.
                                   Mission Grants 2008-2010

                     Mission Goal for the 2008 – 2010 Biennium                       $125,000
1. Leah’s House Shelter for Women and Children, St. Mary’s County, MD                       $5,000 PAID
        Support programs for homeless women and children
2. Student Aid Assistance, Southeastern District, LCMS                                      $5,000 PAID
        Provide grants to students pursuing careers in full-time church work
3. Southeastern Correctional Ministry, Hampton, VA                                          $5,000 PAID
       Funds for purchasing Bibles and Bible Study curriculum materials.
4. Help and Emergency Response, Inc. (H.E.R. Shelter), Portsmouth, VA                       $2,000 PAID
       Support for Client Assistance Project for women ready to leave the shelter
5. Lutheran Bible Translators                                                               $5,000 PAID
        Funds for native household setup for one new missionary family
6. Crossway Creative Lutheran Ministry, Norfolk, VA                                         $5,000 PAID
       Furnishings for space for new outreach center in downtown Norfolk
7. College Outreach Ministry, Richmond, VA                                                  $3,200
        Support for Gospel outreach to students at several Richmond colleges
8. New Ministry Start-up Grant, Southeastern District, LCMS                                 $5,000
       Grant for New Ministry Start-up in Circuit 4
9. Galilee Lutheran Church Preschool, Pasadena, MD                                          $3,000
        Scholarships for community children in need
10. Hope Lutheran Preschool, Virginia Beach, VA                                             $5,000
       Provide needed funds to support expansion to full day program
11. Mt. Zion Korean Lutheran Mission Church, Richmond                                       $3,600
        Funds to support outreach to local Korean families
12. Essex Compassion Center, Lutheran Mission Society                                       $4,725
       Funding to assist in fire code updates and other renovations to double
       space available for ministry
13. Hope Lutheran Congregation, Saigon, Vietnam                                             $4,725
       Support for Street Children’s Education Project

        Mission Outreach and Grants                                  New! Medium Size Mite Box
Keep those mites coming in!! The most recent grant to be
paid was Crossway Creative Ministry, Norfolk, VA, a church        So new it isn’t even in the 2009-2010 Catalog.
plant in an urban area designed to reach young adults where       LWML is now offering this classic in a medium
they can be introduced or reconnect to Jesus. Crossway is         size. The box is made of corrugated cardboard
supported by Hope Lutheran Church, Virginia Beach and the         and folds flat. It measures 12” x 5” x 7” (think tall
Southeastern District. The grant will help furnish their physi-   shoe box) The design is the same as the small
cal space .                                                       mite box.
The next grant to be paid is the College Ministry in Rich-        Available through
mond, sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church. Funds will be         the LWML online
used to provide Bible Study materials, materials to use on        store or the LWML
campus for communication and Gospel outreach, food and            catalog. 15805
help with transportation of students from local campuses to       Call LWML
Trinity. Funds will also help with work beginning on the Inter-   For the price:
national Student House at University of Richmond.                 1-800-252-LWML
Deb Poese
VP Mission Outreach and Grants

2                                                  Mite Brigade                                      November 2009
                      Senior Pastoral Counselor - Rev. Dr. John Sound

                                         NO GREATER                         The purpose of God’s love is not so much to
                                        LOVE THAN THIS           make us happy, as it is to make us holy. We can
                                                                 never see God unless we are made holy (Heb12:14).
                                         Beloved, let us love    C. S. Lewis has suggested an analogy: “When we fall
                                         one another, for love   in love,” he asks, “do we cease to care whether the
                                         is from God, and        one we love is clean or dirty, fair or foul? Do we not
                                         whoever loves has       rather then first begin to care? Does the woman
                                         been born of God        regard it as a sign of love in a man that he neither
                                         and knows God. (1       knows nor cares how she is looking? Love may,
                                         John 4:7, ESV)          indeed, love the beloved when her beauty is lost, but
                                         We all want             not because it is lost. Love may overlook
                                         someone to love us.     imperfections and love in spite of them, but love will
Pastor Sound greeting Claudia Jacobson Life without love is      not cease to wish that every blemish were not there.”
following Sunday worship at the retreat.                                    God loves us and in that love sees clearly all
                                         dreary and empty.
                                         When no one wants       our faults and imperfections, and He wishes—wills
us, we feel miserable. And we're not happy with just             even—they were not there. That wish is father of the
anyone loving us. We want to be loved by someone                 deed. The deed: “He sent forth His Son.” In Him we
important, special and the like.                                 have redemption through His blood. God imputes
The world needs to be loved. Without love its people             His love in us. We are His sons and daughters. Just
live as in an Arctic night, without sun, without light,          like you and me, no one is beyond the reach of His
without cheer; they feel lonely and afraid. Where there          love in Christ on the cross; no one should be beyond
is no love, it becomes so obvious that one nation is             the reach of our voice as we tell of that love.
tearing another to pieces and millions starving in many                     We are to tell about it and LWML has been
places. Love compels that we cease the difference and            telling it over the years and let us keep on telling:
learn to live harmoniously than in a cacophonic way.             “God loves you; Jesus died to take away your sins
As much as we talk about love, have we ever thought to           and to give you everlasting life.” The soldier in some
know what love is! At the outset we may deter from               place far from home out to know, “God loves me in
knowing what love is because one may in all simplicity           Christ” That starved body dying on the street in many
confide in saying that it is of no help at all in getting to     countries just waiting for death ought to know, “God
know what love is since no one knows what it is except           loves me in Christ.” That person sitting next you on
to say that it covers such a broad range of emotions—I           the train, bus, plane facing the same eternity, out to
love God, I love pizza, I love my wife, my husband, I            know, “God loves me in Christ.” So Jesus Christ de-
love my girlfriend, boyfriend, I love my children, I love        clares the infallible truth-- “” (John 15:13, ESV). You
my grandparents, I love my work, and the like. Yet,              are His friends. You love God because He first loved
what is love?                                                    you.
                                                                             Love divine, all loves excelling
       A monk of the middle ages, loved and respected
                                                                             Joy of heav’n to earth come down!
by many people, announced that on a particular evening
                                                                             Fix in us thy humble dwelling,
he would preach a sermon on LOVE.
                                                                             All thy faithful mercies crown.
When the service came, the cathedral was packed to
                                                                             Jesus, thou art all compassion
capacity; and the people stood silently, waiting for their
                                                                             Pure unbounded love thou art
beloved teacher. As evening set in and the last rays of
                                                                             Visit us with Thy salvation,
light faded from the sky, the monk lighted a candle,
                                                                             Enter ev’ry trembling heart (LSB 700, st. 1)
walked up to the life-size statue of Christ hanging on the
cross.                                                             Pastor Sound+
          Without saying a word, the monk, held the                                         Students at St. John’s say thanks
candle before the nail-pierced hands. He then showed                                        in sign language (see p. 6)
the people the wound in the Savior’s side and lifted the
candle high so they could see the thorns of His brow.
The monk then returned the candle to its place and left
the cathedral. Not a word was spoken, but the people
never forgot the monk’s sermon on LOVE. (Lutherans
may love this sermon for its length and time .)
          The Holy Writ of God tells that “Love is God”
and “God is Love.” We understand best what love is
when we lift our eyes from the manger to let us rest on
the cross. Bethlehem and Calvary are the same story.
Manger and cross are the instruments of God’s love.

November 2009                                          Mite Brigade                                                         3
                                        Special Gifts Endowment Fund
             July – September 30, 2009                                            Chesapeake District
IN MEMORY OF:                   DONATED BY:                                        Special Gifts Fund
John Sound                      Rev. A. & M. Bruning                      The Chesapeake District LWML has estab-
(Pastor Sound’s father)         Joan Kelly                               lished a Special Gifts Endowment Fund to re-
Lou Ella Toney                  Hope & Sam Miller                        ceive gifts of money and property, either di-
                                                                         rectly or through bequests under wills or
Grants paid out
                                                                         trusts, to further the work of LWML.
Lutheran Outreach                         $300.00
Virginia Tech                                                            Contributions may be made as a memorial, or
                                                                         to honor someone on occasions such as
 Our Savior’s Ministry                     $600.00                       birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or sim-
 Assist New Hope Ladies                                                  ply the glory of God. Come up with your own
to attend CL retreat                                                     unique way to PRAISE THE LORD.
Resurrection Church                       $300.00                        All contributions will be acknowledged by the
Rehab of church                                                          Special Gifts Chairman.
Hispanic Mission                           $300.00
Assist ladies to attend retreat                                          Make checks payable to:
                                                                         Lutheran Church Extension Fund
Totals (Oct. 8, 2009)
Interest Received                           $ 52.00
Donations                                   $ 50.00
Grants                                     -$1500.00                     Mail to: Pauline Lewis
Balance Principle & Interest              $17,574.80
                                                                                  8092 Forest Glen Drive,
                                                                                  Pasadena, MD 21122
Praise The Lord! We were able to give a number of
grants during this quarter
Pauline Lewis                                                                           Date _________________
Special Gifts Chairman
To give a gift, use the form at the right.                               Amount Enclosed __________________
To apply for a grant from the Special Gifts fund contact
Pauline for an application. The guidelines and the appli-
cation form are simple and the request can be approved                   In Memory of ______________________
fairly quickly. The funds can be received in a matter of                 In Honor of ________________________
                                                                         Occasion _________________________

                                                                         To the Glory of God _________________

                                                                         Send acknowledgement of gift (not amount)
                                                                                  Please Print Plainly


Annie Nichol, IddellaTeeba, Sylvia Tienplay, Karen Soeken, Marie Flahn   Address_________________________
Marie Flahn attended the Portland Convention as a Heart
to Heart Sister and came back all enthusiastic about LWML.
She is organizing a society in her congregation, New                     Donor ___________________________
Hope - an ethnic mission at Our Savior in Laurel where                   Address ____________________________
Marie’s husband shepherds as he completes seminary.                      ____________________________________
Karen applied for a Special Gifts grant to assist Marie and
friends to attend the Christian Life Retreat in Ocean City.

4                                                           Mite Brigade                             November 2009
                                            District News Notes
                   DCMARVA Zone
                                                                            Nominating Committee
The Ladies of the DCMARVA Zone had their Fall
                                                             Throughout the years the Chesapeake District LWML
Workshop at The Lutheran Church of Our Savior Satur-
                                                             has been blessed by the service of women willing to
day October 10 with 23 women present. Betty Ellis
                                                             accept the positions of leadership within our district.
used an LWML resource, HOOKED BY JESUS
                                                             Those presently serving as elected officers are
(Cat#11411) which provides everything you need for
                                                             continuing this good work. We thank them and praise
this study on personal evangelism.
                                                             God for their service. As this present biennium
We broke into small groups for the Bible Study. We           terminates with the District Convention in September
were given real life scenarios to make us aware of how       2010, many of our elected officers have served four
we could share our faith in Christ using everyday situa-     years in one office and cannot be re-elected to that
tions (such as sitting next to a stranger on an airplane.)   office.
Our Bible Study made us more aware of the fact that          The Nominating Committee has begun its task of
we as Christians should be fishers of men, women, and        searching for candidates for the election that will take
children not as an "activity" we do, but as a way we live    place at convention. The qualifications, as stated in
our lives.                                                   the district bylaws, are that candidates have served or
Our ingathering of baby bath supplies, wipes, diapers,       are serving as officers in their society or zone and they
baby food, and winter clothing for toddlers went to the      are now active participants in the mission of the
Catherine Foundation Pregnancy Care Center.                  LWML. All officers serve a two year term and may be
                                                             elected for one additional two year term in the same
We continued our fellowship during Lunch and ended           office.
our workshop with a closing worship service led by           In the next Mite Brigade there will be a list of the
Pastor Chris Ogne. As we prepared to leave he ex-            elected district officers and their duties and a
horted us to be "SPARKS" for the Lord that will set the      recommendation form for societies and individuals to
communities we live in ablaze for Christ!                    suggest possible candidates to the Nominating
Karen Updegrave                                              Committee. This is where we very much need your
DCMARVA CHAIRMAN                                             help! Begin now to think about who you would
                                                             suggest as a future leader/officer for our district.
Thanks to Donna Siverd for sharing Karen’s note below        Perhaps you would be interested in serving in this way
                                                             yourself. We will be grateful for all suggestions.
                                   Dear Sisters in Christ
                                   of the Chesapeake        Serving the Lord with you,
                                                            The 2010 Nominating Committee
                                   District LWML ,
                                                            Leslie Jaseph (Baltimore Zone)
                                   Thank you for the        Toni Killinger (Northern Virginia Zone)
                                   many cards, emails       Jan Rueter, Chair (Potomac Zone)
                                   and prayers for me
                                   during my illness and
                                   surgery. I have been              Christian Life Retreat Committee
                                   touched by your kind-                             Carol Zehnder, VP Christian Life
                                   ness and willingness to                           Connie Kruelle, Meeting Manager
  Toni Killinger and Teresa Tester take on the M &M
  working the M&M Store
                                   Store at the Retreat.                                              Constance Hoff
Through your actions I experienced God's love for                                                     Registrar
me and I thank Him for being blessed with your
friendship. Your lives showed me in many tangible
ways Colossians 3:12 & 14.
Thank you for being there for me with His love
during a difficult time in my life!                                              Not Pictured
In His Love,                                                                       Edi Collis
Karen                                                                          Doreen McDonald
"Put on then as God's chosen ones...compassion,                                   Kim Nestor
kindness, patience...and above all these put on            Penny Helmore
Love. Colossians 3:12&14                                      Thanks to all who helped!                Donna Siverd

November 2009                                       Mite Brigade                                                      5
                                               Christian Life Retreat
                                                Outpouring of Love
                                What do 69 health kits, 30 scissors, over 100 pencils,
                                boxes of crayons, a table load of canned goods, shampoo
                                and almost 200 Lutheran Women have in common? They
                                all show the love of Jesus! Yes, even crayons can be a
                                gift of love when given from the heart to show some child
                                that they are special, loved and cared about! That’s what
                                we saw at the Christian Life Retreat as Gifts from the
                                Heart were dedicated!
                                We thank God for all that was donated and those who
                                both gave and received. As Lutheran Women in Mission
Marge Bruning packing food      our giving shows how much we love the Lord.                      Ruth Krc helping sort & pack food
                           As we look forward to our district convention in Septem-
ber, 2010, make plans now for your gifts of love. The gift cards for Seminarians will be repeated and the addition
of books for our military men and women to read to their children will be gathered. You will be receiving more in-
formation in future Mite Brigades, but your societies and congregation can begin planning gifts from the heart now.
As winter approaches take a look at how you and your LWML unit can help someone get through the winter
months easier. You might like to gather new or gently used blankets to give to the homeless, socks, mittens, and
hats are always welcomed at shelters, urban schools and just to pass out in neighborhoods where the need is
great. How about having a soup cooking day at your church and then sharing it with the older members of your
congregation? There is much we can do, individually, as a society, church, zone and district. Think of something
new and then do it! God will bless your efforts and smiles will abound!
Marge Bruning                                                                 See photo of students at St. Johns School, Dover, DE
VP Human Care                                                                 On p.3 expressing “thank you” for the school supplies.

                                              Saturday Evening Program
What a wonderful treat to have our sisters in Christ
from both east and west Africa share their songs of
worship with us. Eritrean songs were sung by
Saron Woldehaimanot, St John’s, Springfield. VA
and Abrina Tekle, Bethany, Baltimore, MD. Marie
Flahn, Idella Teeba, and Annie Nichol from New
Hope mission congregation at Our Savior, Laurel,
MD shared worship songs of Liberia. Thank you to
Abeba Tzeggai who serves on the (national) LWML
Heart to Heart Sisters committee for making the ar-        L to R Abeba Tzeggai, Annie Nichol, Ideella Teeba, Abrehet Tekle,
rangements for this part of the retreat program.           Sylvia Tienplay, Marie Flahn, Saron Woldehaimanot, Meaza Berkai

                                          Teacup Auction                                     Mite Box Bingo
                                One fun activity Saturday was the          Another of the fun activities at the retreat was
                                “Teacup Auction” where folks had a         bingo played with coins for markers. Prizes of
                                chance to “bid” on one or more of the      luggage straps and devotional booklets came
                                19 great gift baskets donated by the       from the M&M store. Following the games the
                                zones. Each dollar donated to the          coins were collected in mite boxes that had
                                Pastor’s Wives’ Retreat fund gained        been placed on
    Karen Patton and Beverly    three bid tickets to place in the          each table.
     Young placing their bids   “teacup” beside the basket/s of their      Coins collected
                                                                           totaled $375.15
choice. On Saturday evening 19                                             which will be
ladies had a basket of their                                               used to help
choosing and the Pastors’ Wives                                            fund district
Retreat fund had $858.00!                                                  mission grants.
                                                                                                  Unidentified LWMLers filling Bingo
Thanks to all who donated baskets!                                                                    cards with coins for mites

6                                                       Mite Brigade                                           November 2009
                                               Christian Life Retreat

                  The Blessing Cup                                                 Sharing the Cup
The blessing cup that we bless, is it not a sharing in the         The retreat opened Friday evening with the Divine
blood of Christ? 1 Corinthians 10:16 NRSV                          Service with Holy Communion conducted by our pas-
                                                                   toral counselors. Pastor Rohrs serves as Liturgist and
                                       With this as our theme      Pastor Sound was Proclaimer and Celebrant. The
                                       verse Carol Stano led us    sermon was titled “Praying the Same Words Again”
                                       through a series of stud-   based on Matthew 26: 36-45. Assisting with commun-
                                       ies comparing cups to       ion were Rev. Dr. Jon Diefenthaler, President of SED,
                                       our life. Each table was    and Dcs. Deb Lennox, Our Savior, Rehoboth Beach.
                                       centered with an altar
                                       setting featuring a cross   The retreat closed with “The Office of Matins” on Sun-
                                       and a candle sur-           day morning with Pastor Sound as Liturgist and Pas-
                                       rounded by bright yel-      tor Rohrs as Proclaimer.
                                       low cups printed with the                                       President Diefen-
   Carol and the Cup of Blessing       Bible verse above. Dur-                                         thaler and his wife
                                      ing each secession (not                                          ViVi attended the
a misprint—secession means a drawing away, in this                                                     retreat on Friday
case from everyday distractions) other cups represent-                                                 and Saturday.
ing each part of the theme were included in the center                                                 Pres. Diefenthaler
altar. Friday evening we started with a “closed” cup and                                               brought greetings
were invited to open ourselves to the “Blessing of the                                                 on behalf of the
Cup”. Saturday morning we began with the “Open                                                         Southeastern Dis-
Cup” - first looking at the “cluttered cup” then freeing                                               trict LCMS and ex-
ourselves to become the “empty cup” that is open to                                                     pressed his thanks
the outpouring of love and wisdom from the Lord. Next                   Pastor Sound and Pastor Rohrs   to LWML for the
was the “Chipped Cup” which included the “perfect                                                       work they do both
cup” which set high expectations and refused to see                in their own congregations and throughout the district
                                 the flaws. We learned that        in support of missions.
                                 we need to let God see our        Judy Sound and Kathy Rohrs attended the retreat with
                                 flaws. This led to the            their husbands as guests of Chesapeake District.
                                 “cleansed cup” where con-
                                 fession leads to a cleansed                                          Music
                                 heart and the joy of salva-
                                 tion. Saturday afternoon                                 The weekend was filled with
                                 focused on the “Broken                                   music as retreat song leader
                                 Cup” and the “mended cup”                                Dina Vendetti kept us singing at
                                 a look at the sorrows in our                             every opportunity. Each ses-
                                   lives and how we are                                   sion started with music as we
Mary Poling and Pauline Lewis                                                             settled in and singing provided
                                   mended through putting
mend their broken cup with
                                   our sorrows in the hands                               a nice change of pace at break
Band aids
                                   of the Divine Healer, al-                              times. We used every one of
lowing ourselves to be mended. Sunday morning we                                          the 25 songs in the retreat
                                                                     Dina at the keyboard
closed with the “Cup of Blessing” built on the                                            songbook, (some several times)
“overflowing cup” based on Psalm 23:5 and thanksgiv-                                      as well as the hymns included
ing for God’s overflowing love. The “memory cup” re-               in the worship service folders. Dina not only used a
minds us of the affirmation of forgiveness in the Eucha-           keyboard, but often she would walk through the room
rist along with the many ways we have been touched                 with her guitar accompanying the songs. Dina is a
and blessed by others in our lives. Each secession                 dynamic part of many LWML events including two
ended with a litany of thanks and praise for the specific          national conventions.
“cups” in our lives. Throughout the presentations we
used “breath prayers” where you breath in with a                                        Offerings
phrase and breath out with another, for example,                   Offering # 1 on Friday evening was designated for
(breathe in) “Oh Lord, my life cup” (breath out)                   LINC Baltimore They will receive $1028.00
“Overflows with Your blessing.”
This brief description is only a taste of the blessing we           Offering # 2 on Sunday morning was designated for
received through this enlightening retreat study. Thank            district mission grants. Amount received $1707.00
you, Carol!

November 2009                                            Mite Brigade                                                   7
                                        News Notes from LWML
      LWML CHRISTMAS CARD AND DESIGNER                                          HOPE Committee
              WIN RECOGNITION
                                                              LWML has a new 2009-10 catalog which made its
                                                              debut at in Portland. These items are shown on the
                                                              LWML Store section of the website. In addition to
                                                              the catalog LWML sends out flyers and news re-
                                                              leases with the newest products available. Some of
                                                              these new products are listed here.
                                                              At left is the 2009 LWML Christmas card with infor-
                                                              mation about the designer and ordering details.
                                                              On page 2 you can find ordering information for the
                                                              new medium size mite box which is not yet in the
                                                              catalog. Ladies at the Christian Life Retreat saw a
                                                              sample of this new smaller size box which will fit in
                                                              the amount of space taken by a shoe box.

The LWML Christmas card and its designer, Judy Newell,        Outerwear includes three items - A Purple Quilted
have received recognition in the St. Louis, Missouri, com-    Vest, fitted, with zipper pockets in sizes M, L, XL,1X,
munity. The card was featured in a November issue of the      2X. 10074-Q Call LWML office for price
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the widely circulated local news-    Lavender Softshell Jacket in a sleek and slender
paper.                                                        stretch fabric. Water and wind repellant, LWML logo
                                                              in purple. S, M,L, XL,1X,2X. 10086 $55.00.
Judy Newell, card designer, describes the card: “This is a    Black Polar Fleece Neck Scarf with LWML in rhine-
striking, evocative four-color card with the word ‘Savior’    stones on one end for a little bling in your wardrobe.
across the card. The Baby Jesus is nestled in the ‘S’ of      61x7¾ 10025-BL $10.00
Savior. In the lower right of the watercolor card, the wise
men are seen riding their camels.”                            Other wearable items include a white bistro style
                                                              apron with “Lutheran Women’s Missionary League”
The card can be a useful tool in spreading the Good News      across the top in purple. 10030W $15.00 (10 or
about the Savior Jesus Christ to family and friends. Ms.      more $13.00)
Newell shares, “This card brings home the true meaning        LWML Purple Pinpoint Oxford Shirt - purple on pur-
of Christmas.” The Scripture verse from Titus printed in-     ple stitching, 3/4 sleeves, princess seams, vented
side the card ties into the sharing the message, along with   hem to wear in or out, cotton/polyester. Sizes S
the beautiful calligraphy that reads, "The wise men were      through 5X. 10078-P $28.00
looking for a king, but found the Savior of the World. Re-
joice in our Savior!"                                         Also available - WLML Shopping Bag, environmen-
                                                              tally friendly, waterproof, holds more than 20 lbs.
This award-winning Christmas card is available only           Made from sugar cane and printed with soy-based
through the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. A             ink. Rolls up and tabs closed. 16.5” x 20”.
package of 10 cards with envelopes is only $6.50 per          99007 call office for price
package. Order Christmas cards from the LWML Catalog          Black Duffle, quilted, logo stitched in purple, metal
(#16520-09) or on the secure Web site at        feet to protect bottom. Interior lined, 2 interior pock-
                                                              ets (1 zippered). Outside zipper closure 20.5” x
From Pat Bilow, LWML Gift Planning Counselor                  10.5” x 12”. 50012 $25.00
                                                              Other assorted items include - Flash Drive Bracelet
If you are an IRA holder over 70-1/2, you have a limited      keep your files close at hand! New 4G flash drive in
amount of time to make an easy gift to LWML while not         purple or green 16599-G or 16599-P $25.00
increasing your taxable income. Simply contact your IRA       In The Word Bookmark The front features the presi-
custodian and request that an amount be transferred to        dent’s vision for LWML and the back has alphabeti-
the Lutheran Women's Missionary League. Any amount            cal listing of the books of the Bible with space to
can be given up to a maximum of $100,000. (Please bear        write page numbers. 16551 5 for $1.00/ 100 for $15.
in mind that Congress has not required you to take your
required minimum distribution in 2009 because of the           Thank you to Karen Updegrave for serving as
downturn in the economy.) The charitable IRA rollover          HOPE Committee Chairman for an extra year.
opportunity ends on December 31, 2009. For more infor-         Welcome to Kathy Phelps who was recently
mation, call Pat Bilow at 888/482-8425 or e-mail               appointed to this position and will take over the                                            M&M Store in time for the Leaders Retreat.

8                                                  Mite Brigade                                    November 2009
                     Chesapeake District Directory 2008-2010                                              Note Changes ♫
PRESIDENT                                    DISTRICT MEETING MANAGER                               ZONE CHAIRMEN
Joan Kelly                  410-242-6724     Connie Kruelle        H 410-641-7215         BALTIMORE ZONE
2215 Smith Ave                               1 Chatham Ct.         C 240-426-1409                Mary Poling
Baltimore, MD 21227                          Ocean Pines, MD 21811                                   
                                                                                          BLUE RIDGE ZONE
VICE PRESIDENT SERVANT RESOURCES             HOPE CHAIRMAN                                        Diana Williams ♫ new chairman
Carol Schmidt          757-253-1457          Kathy Phelps       804-530-3212            
2412 Pates Creek                             12511 Mt. Blanco Ct                          DCMARVA ZONE
Williamsburg, VA 23185                       Chester, VA 23836                                  Karen Updegrave                 ♫ new   appointment

                                                                                                Holly Hagelin
Carol Zehnder               757-486-4819                                              
3220 Sunnybrook Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23452                                                                  MARYLANTON ZONE                                                                              Laima Kuring (contact)
                                                                                                 Mary Payne
Debra Poese                  301-946-4709    Lori Bahn          C 757-639-8995
13001 Margot Dr                              186 W. Ocean Ave
Rockville, MD 20853                          Norfolk, VA 23503                            OLD DOMINION ZONE                                              Penny Helmore
Marge Bruning               804-798-6503     Laima Kuring               301-262-0844             Donna Siverd
12282 Lees Lane                              13520 Youngwood Turn                      
Ashland VA 23005                             Bowie, MD 20715                              POTOMAC ZONE                                            Sylvia Shives
                                                                                          TIDEWATER ZONE
Nancy Miller                301-752-2359     Sylvia Shives            H 301-739-4008
8410 Perry Pl.                               17215 W Wash St,         C 240-481-0136               Lois Gallo ♫ new Chairman
LaPlata, MD 20646-4468                       Hagerstown, MD 21740-5171                                  
                                                                                                  MMV CONSULTANTS
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY                      STRUCTURE COMMITTEE                                  Mission Ministry Vision

Donna Siverd          410-472-6626           Mary Payne              703-221-5950         Marge Bruning        Richmond, Virginia
15902 Carroll Rd.                            17554 Barron Heights Rd                      804-798-6503
Monkton, MD 21111                            Dumfries, VA 22025-2021                      Jan Rueter         Derwood, Maryland                                                                        301-926-2899
                                         ♫ new email
                                                                                          Carol Zehnder      Virginia Beach, VA
Constance Hoff              757-486-0609     Margaret Martens    H 410-838-2817
                                                                                          Abeba Tzeggai      Alexandria, Virginia
417 Prince of Wales Dr                       508 Old Stone Place W 410-436-1341
Virginia Beach, VA 23452                     Bel Air, MD 21015                
                                                                                                       TEEN LWML
                                                                                                  Friends Into Serving Him
TREASURER                                    SPECIAL GIFTS CHAIRMAN
                                                                                          Bethany Bruning
Teresa Tester          H 301-292-9612        Pauline Lewis            410-255-1367        804-347-1117
1809 Taylor Ave.       C 240-210-3247        8092 Forest Glen Dr.
Ft Washington MD 20744                       Pasadena, MD 21122                           Marge Bruning                                           804-798-6503

ZONE LIAISON                                 CONVENTION 2010 CHAIRMAN                              DISTRICT WEBSITE
Linda Roscoe               H 804-741-9474    Beverly Sweeney         757-673-6819
2008 Ridge Stone Ct        W 804-270-4626    2317 Bidgood Dr.       C 757-323-1393
Richmond VA 23238
                                             Portsmouth, VA 23703      ♫    phones        ♫ new email
Rev. Dr. John Sound Church 540-667-1459      Rev. Raymond Rohrs        443-752-7639       Jan Rueter  301-926-2899
2800 Millwood Pike       Cell 703-402-9059   1203 Talbott Square                          19001 Muncaster Rd.
Winchester, VA 22602-4634                    Belcamp, MD 21017                            Derwood, MD 20855-2403                                                                 
                                           ♫ new email
November 2009                                            Mite Brigade                                                          9
                                             LWML PLANNING CALENDAR

                          Pray for these events, the leaders and the participants.
                  Zone leaders, please consider these dates when planning zone events.

     February 2010 District Leader’s Retreat February 26-27, Grace Lutheran Church, La Plata, MD
                 May 15, District BOD Meeting, Grace Lutheran Church, La Plata, MD
               September 24-26, 2010 - Chesapeake District Convention, Richmond, VA

            Chesapeake District LWML                      Networkers/Women’s Ministry Leaders: Please
                     Mite BrigadE                         make copies of this newsletter and distribute to the
                                                          women in your church or forward to those with email.
                        Editor: Sylvia Shives
                        17215 W. Washington St.           Keep the Chesapeake District LWML updated
                        Hagerstown, MD 21740              Send all changes of Networker or church contact infor-
                        mation to: Linda Roscoe, lmroscoe@

                    Next Deadline: January 15 , 2010
                                                          Need Quarterlies or Mite Boxes?
                                                          Contact Donna Siverd,
        Send in your articles and photos then go
                                                          The Mite Brigade is available in PDF format
        catch up on your scrapbooking.
                                                          on the district website or from the editor.
             All photos printed with permission.

Permit No. 13
 17263-9998                                                                          Address service requested
                                                                                  PO Box 373, State Line, PA 17263
State Line, PA                                         Chesapeake District Lutheran WomenÊs Missionary League
U.S. Postage
                                                                   BRIGADE              MITE
Non-Profit Org.

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