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					     Crane scale KERN HUS


     Compact up to 600 kg

     Features                                                   charging time approx. 8 h (internal charging          Technical data
                                                                with mains adapter). Selectable: AUTO-OFF
     • 1 With the TÜV/GS certification mark, the                 function or permanent operation. Charge               • Backlit LCD display, digit height 23 mm
       scale meets the requirements of the German               condition indicator using three-colour LED            • Dimensions housing
       Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte-              • Data hold function: When the weighing value             WxDxH 150x145x160 mm
       und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, GPSG) and                  remains unchanged the weight indicated on             • Total height from loop to hook 380 mm
       has been tested in accordance with EN                    the display is automatically „frozen“ until the         (KERN HUS 600K200: 400 mm)
       13155 (Non-fixed load lifting attachments)                HOLD key is pressed                                   • Precision: 0.2 % from [Max]
       and EN 61010-1 (Elektrische Sicherheit)                • Tare: Resets the display to „0“ when there is         • Net weight approx. 4 kg
     • Hook with safety catch, forged steel,                    a load on the scale. Now removed or added             • Permissible ambient temperature
       nickel-plated, revolving                                 loads are directly displayed                            0°C / 40°C
     • Loop forged steel, nickel-plated                       • 2 Infrared remote control standard. Range
     • Rechargeable battery pack internal,                      approx. 2,5 m. All functions can be selected.
       standard, operating time approx. 120 h,                  WxDxH 120x60x15 mm. Batteries included,
                                                                2 x 1,5 V AAA


     STANDARD                                      STANDARD              OPTION

     Model                    Weighing range                   Readout                        Price                                     Option
                                                                                           excl. of VAT                          DKD Calibr. Certificate
                                   [Max]                         [d]                        ex works
     KERN                            kg                            g                             €                         KERN                              €
     HUS 150K50                     150                           50                          370,-                       963-129                           95,-
     HUS 300K100                    300                          100                          390,-                       963-129                           95,-
     HUS 600K200                    600                          200                          410,-                       963-130                          150,-

     KERN & SOHN GmbH • Ziegelei 1 • 72336 Balingen • Germany • Phone + 49-7433-9933-0 • Fax + 49-7433-9933-149 • •
KERN Pictograms
         Internal adjusting (CAL): Quick setting of the           Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting               Weighing units: Can be switched to e.g. non-metric
         balance’s accuracy with internal adjusting               of the balance’s accuracy. External adjusting            units at the touch of a key. See balance model.
         weight (motordriven).                                    weight required.                                         Please refer to KERN‘s website for more details.

         Rechargeable battery pack:                               Power supply: integrated in balance.                     Mains adapter: 230V/50Hz in standard
         rechargeable set.                                        230V/50Hz in Germany. On request GB or                   version for Germany. On request GB or USA
                                                                  USA version.                                             version.

        Battery operation: The battery type is                    Piece counting: Reference quantities                     Spray and dust protection IPxx
        specified for each device.                                 selectable. Display can be switched from                 The type of protection is shown by the
                                                                  piece to weight                                          pictogram. For details see the glossary.

         Data interface: The type of interface is shown           GLP/ISO record keeping of weighing data                  Tare: put back displayed value to “0” during
         by the pictogram. See the glossary                       with date, time and identification-no.                    weighing process, e.g. to add or remove weig-
         for further details.                                     Only with printers from KERN.                            hing material from a container.

         Animal weighing program: Strong                          Stainless steel: the balance is protected                Warranty: The warranty period is shown in the
         vibrations are filtered out to determine a                against corrosion.                                       pictogram.
         stable weighing result.

         Net-total weighing: weight of tare cup and               Suspended weighing: load support with hook               Verification possible. The time required for
         weight of components memorized in two sepa-              on the underside of the balance.                         verification is specified in the pictogram.
         rate stores.

         Percentage determination: Displays the                   Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and                 DKD calibration possible. The time
         deviation from the reference weight (100%) in %          lower limiting can be programmed individually,           required for DKD calibration is specified
         instead of grams.                                        e.g. dosing/sorting.                                     in the pictogram.

         Package shipment via courier.                            Pallet shipment via freight forwarder.           [DMS]   For details on weighing technologies,
                                                                                                                           see the glossary.

Precision is our business

To ensure the high level of precision of your balance, KERN offers the                 Thanks to the high level of automation, we can carry out DKD calibration
appropriate test weight package for your balance. This consists of the                of balances, test weights and force-measuring devices 24 hours a day,
test weight, box and DKD calibration certificate, as proof of its accuracy.            7 days a week.
The best way to ensure proper balance calibration.
                                                                                      Range of services:
In the extensive KERN test weight range, you will find test weights in the             • DKD calibration of balances with a maximum load of up to 6 t
international OIML error limit classes: E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, and M3                • DKD calibration of weights in the range of 1 mg – 500 kg
with weights from 1 mg to 2000 kg.                                                    • Database supported management of checking equipment and
                                                                                        reminder service
The KERN DKD calibration laboratory for electronic balances and weights               • Calibration of force-measuring devices
has been accredited by DKD since 1994 and today is one of the most                    • DKD calibration certificates in the following languages
modern and best-equipped DKD calibration laboratories for balances,                     D, GB, F, I, E, NL, PL
test weights and force-measurement in Europe.
(DKD = German Calibration Service)                                                    Do you have questions about your scale, the corresponsing test weight
                                                                                      or the calibration service ? Your KERN specialist dealer will be pleased to
                                                                                      assist you.

Your KERN specialist dealer:

KERN – Professional measuring. Measuring technology and testing services from a single source


KERN & SOHN GmbH • Ziegelei 1 • 72336 Balingen • Germany • Phone + 49-7433-9933-0 • Fax + 49-7433-9933-149 • •