; April 2009
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April 2009


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									NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

                                  Management Committee Meeting
                                      27-29 Vauxhall Grove,
                                        London SW8 1SY

                                 Tuesday 15th April 2009@ 12.30pm

Tina Coldham (Chair), Angela Hill, Ian Muhammad, Anne Beales
Alisdair Cameron

In attendance
Sarah Yiannoullou

1. Welcome, ‘check in’ & Apologies
Graham Saxton, Kath Lovell

2. Minutes of last meeting

       Page numbers to be inserted into next minutes.
       Minutes agreed as accurate.

3. Matters arising from last minutes

       2.3 GS and AL still need to send certified identification.             AD
       4.5 Meeting rules, draft version circulated will be sent out with
        minutes to all committee for comment.
       4.11 Monthly newsletter has been well received.
       5.1 NSUN SWOT analysis has been sent to all MC members for             MC
        input. This will be included in the info requested by funders. Would
        like it to be completed by the end of April.
       5.2 Revised skills audit will be sent out by May meeting. MC agreed
        that NSUN should start working on recruiting new MC members,
        seeking regional and specialist representation.
       TC declared that she needed to consider her position as chair but
        still intended remaining on the NSUN committee.
       There was discussion about the current NSUN position concerning
        the MC and the competing demands of individual MC members –
        availability is the biggest problem.
                                                                               MC to
       Some ideas regarding secondment arrangements and support from          consider
        other organisations were shared; secondment of worker from             options
        Together, a support position for the chairperson/co-chair, an
        organisation to lend a paid worker who is high-level and strategic,    AD to confirm
        honorariums and secondment on a temporary basis, a paid                co-chair
        chairperson/chief exec post (MHHP model).                              option with KL
       Tina’s support was acknowledged as being extremely valuable and
        support was offered to look at possible arrangements.
NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

       National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU) have issues an        SY to follow
        invitation to tender for service User and Carer involvement in the    up & clear
        work NMHDU – submission date 13th May 2009. A partnership             diary as
        approach is being encouraged.                                         agreed.

4. Managers Update
    SY talked the MC through Aprils report.                              SY & AD
    Peer support network for service user/survivor workers advertised
      through newsletter. Responses already received. SY & AD will follow
      up arrangement. Resource commitment from NSUN to be agreed.         TC to email
    TC to email 2002 Survivor workers conference report.                 report to SY

5a. Membership update
    Individuals 148, Groups 49, Allies 1.
    Recruitment drive for membership is being formulated by SY and
      AD. A plan will be bought to the next MC                                SY & AD

5b. MC committee update
    GS is also considering his position on the committee due to work         TC to follow
      responsibilities.                                                       up

6. Finance and fundraising

6a. Budget 09/10
    To be finalised and brought to next MC meeting
                                                                              AD & GH
6b. I & E report
    To be taken to next MC meeting in May. Information was not
       received in time for this meeting.
    Invoicing regarding the hosting arrangement was discussed, a one
       off payment of 2K had been agreed for supervision services. A letter
       needs to be written to AB requesting position and process.
    End of year report to be finalised for June 0-9.                         AD & GH
6c. Fundraising strategy
    SY presented the draft fundraising strategy.
    Initial comments where received from MC and further action agreed.
       o      A more detailed project plan with target dates
       o      Include original fundraising targets
       o      Highlight priorities.
    Update for next MC meeting                                               SY

6d. Authorisation levels,
    Request to revise the authorisation level for AD from £200 to £500
      was agreed.

7. Business development

7a Strategic plan
    The plan has been amended to include an extra column for
      progress/ resources/lead. Costs of some activities need to be
NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

        checked with Amma.
       A separate meeting will be organised to look at risk assessment

7b. Monitoring and evaluation
    The evaluation framework implementation plan April 2009 – June              SY & AD
      2012 was presented to the MC. Work will begin immediately.
    A revised timetable was included.

7c. Consultancy
    MHHP chief executive Fiona Kerr approached NSUN to coordinate               SY
      recruitment to the service user positions on their board of trustees. It
      was agreed for a proposal to be sent.
    A daily rate needs to be agreed for general consultancy work. £500
      per day was agreed.
    Gil Hitchon met with SY 7th April 09 to discuss his work with Central
      and North West London Foundation Trust regarding how service
      user satisfaction feedback mechanisms can be improved.
    Gil will be submitting a report at the end of may and wanted to
      include recommendations that would suggest a potential role for
      NSUN. E.g. facilitative role/broker for service user engagement. He
      thought there would be potential to roll similar work out across other
      trusts as well as providing mentoring support to service user-leads.
    MC agreed that this would be acceptable. Gil to be informed.

8.Special Projects

8a. WISH.
                                                                                 TC to follow
    An interim report was requested by the MC to be presented at the
      May 09 meeting with revised target dates.
    Need to follow up options for help that could be provided to progress
      the work. E.g. Shaun Dugan, Sainsbury Centre.

8b. BME proposal
    The proposal from Catch-a-Fiya was tabled for agreement.
    £15K was agreed to progress recommendations from the report.
      This is inline with the regional development amount for the North
      East and South East.
    SY is working with Patricia Chambers.
    Detailed costings and SLA to be drawn up.                                   SY & PC
    IM requested information about the steering group

8c. North East
    AC spoke about the service user conference at the Centre for Life
      1.4.09 230 people attended.
    AC gave a good example of involvement in commissioning.
    Need to call Lyn Boyd to finalise SLA arrangements Launchpad and            SY
      Mental Health Concern.

8d. South East
    Canterbury and District Mental Health Forum and SESUN will be
NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

        presenting on the 17th April.
       KL, TC and SY will make up the panel.

8e. West Midlands
    AH recommended contacting Lloyd Tatum for an update regarding          SY
      users in partnership and scoping West Midlands activity.
    AH said she could also provide information on developments.            AH
    CSIP are no longer supporting the service user and carer networks.

9. Publicity and PR

9a. Communications framework implementation plan
    Presented to MC meeting, some points needing explanation from AD
    Work to start immediately                                        SY & AD

9b. Newsletter publication
    Revised costings for an eight page colour publication; 500 copies
      £2285, 1000 copies 2325, 2000 copies £2400.
    Amount of newsletters for print run to be agreed by MC.
    Catherine Jackson is working towards a May deadline for this to be
    Additional suggestions for newsletter to be passed to CJ               AD
         o Membership gatefold tear-off form
         o Freepost address reply
         o Include information on how to give feedback about the
         o CJ has been contacting members of MC and other contacts
            for content.

9c. Conferences 2009 and BME launch
    Thanks were extended to AD for the organisation of the event.
    Waiting for a letter from Jayasree regarding concerns about the
      organisation of the launch and the report.
    The conference with Pavilion proved to be a successful event and a     AD
      good arrangement for NSUN. Need to follow up event in the north.
    Well chaired by DCK
    Peter Beresford talked about partnership work between NSUN and
      Shaping Our Lives and talked about influencing services together
      and made a public statement of support to NSUN.
    Shaping our lives is a strategic partner of the department of health
      and has a membership of over 300 organisations.
    Patricia Chambers presented about the work of Catch-a-Fiya.
    Workshops attended were excellent.
    Need to request evaluation results from Pavilion about the             AD

9d. Register of speaking events.
    AB to bring in £4000 for NSUN from various speaking engagements.
    Will also need an Interrelate deputy for the international phone
      conferences once a month. – Suggested that SY take role. To be
NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

       Next meeting takes place on 30th April.

9e. Membership of Bodies
    Will be included as a section in the MC skills audit.

9f. Website
     Website development – more information is being collated to upload    SY & AD
      onto website. AD will be dedicating one day a week for website

9g. Article for a day in the life journal.
    It was suggested that a basic article about NSUN is submitted          SY
       approx. 1000 words.

10. HR issues

10a. Operational accountant recruitment.
    Closing date for applications is 24th April 2009
    Interview date 5th May 2009.

10b. Contracts
    Still waiting for personal contracts for AD and SY.

11. AOB
    MC need to be active in recruiting new members onto the committee
      before becoming independent and need to prioritise
      finance/accountancy skills.
    A request was received from UKAN chair, Terry Simpson, to:
       o     Support the UKAN AGM 14th July, providing £2000
       o     Donate funds towards the production of the next publication
             The Advocate
       o     Provide funds for payment of materials and workers hours for
             UKAN survey work.
    Outcome – MC agreed that would be willing to pay for a stall at the
      AGM and could pay for some advertising in their newsletter but
      further discussions would be needed in the area of the surveys, to
      determine who could support this work.

                                          Next meeting

  Wednesday 15th April 2009 @ 12.30 pm – 5 pm
NSUN Management Committee Minutes 15th April 2009

WHO     WHAT                                                              WHEN
AD      Follow up ID certification for AC and GS                          12/05/09
AD & SY Preparation of information and document for incorporation         Ongoing
AD & SY Costing to be put together for Operational/Strategic Plan         12/05/09
AD      Meeting rules and code of conduct to be emailed to MC             12/05/09
AD      Join Legacy Consortium                                            12/05/09
SY      Risk assessment information to be discussed at next meeting       12/05/09
SY      Management Committee skills audit to be updated                   14/04/09
TC      Hosting/nominal costs arrangement to be clarified and confirmed   13/05/09
        – letter to Anne
SY      Updated Fundraising Strategy presented at next MC meeting         13/05/09
SY      Reflective piece of work on the NSUN journey                      18/06/09
TC      Contact WISH for update & Interim report                          Ongoing
SY & PC Dancing to our own tunes proposal –budget breakdown and SLA       13/05/09
SY      Finalise arrangements for North East work                         13/05/09
SY      Finalise arrangements fo South East work                          13/05/09
SY      Operational accountant interviews to be organised                 29/04/09
SY      Independent auditor to be organised                               18/06/09
AD      Follow up contracts for AD and SY with Together HR                13/05/09
AD      Confirm co-chair options and duties with KL                       13/05/09
SY      To approach possible partners and clear diary as agreed           13/05/09
AD & SY Arrangements & resource commitment to be agreed for Service       13/05/09
        User/Survivor workers peer support group
TC      Email 2002 Survivor Workers conference report                     13/05/09
AD & SY Membership recruitment plan to be taken to next meeting           13/05/09
AD & GH 2009 Budget presented for sign off at May MC meeting              13/05/09
AD      I&E reports for April & May presented at next MC meeting          13/05/09
TC      Write letter to AB to clarify current hosting arrangements with   13/05/09
AD      Organise meeting to look at risk assessment.                      13/05/09
AD & SY To start work on monitoring and evaluation - immediately          29/05/09
SY      Proposal to be sent to MHHP                                       30/04/09
SY      Contact Gil Hitchon                                               13/05/09
SY & PC Draft detailed costing and SLA for BME work                       13/05/09
AH      Contact Lloyd Tatum for an update regarding users in              13/05/09
        partnership and scoping West midlands activity
MC      Agree number of newsletters to be printed                         13/05/09
CJ      May deadline for newsletter                                       13/05/09
AD      Send additional suggestions for newsletter to CJ                  13/05/09
AD & SY Clarify points in Communication Framework document                13/05/09
AD      Request evaluation results from Pavillion for conference          13/05/09
AD & SY Possibility of conference in North to be followed up              13/05/09
AD      1 day a week dedicated to website in necessary                    13/05/09

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