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                        Missouri University of Science and Technology
                                       Solar Car Team                                                                    Spring 2010

                                                                 Solar Miner VII

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   Solar Miner VII

   SMVII Unveiling
                               Unlike the previous cars in the   panel shading. This canopy also        cleans up the interior of the car,
  2010 Race Crew           Solar Miner series, Solar Miner VII   allows us to save approximately        and reduces vibration induced
                           utilizes a frame constructed from     336 Watts by replacing the rear        wiring failures.
                           4130 chromoly steel as opposed to     view camera with convex mirrors.           The configuration of the
2010 ASC Race Details
                           6061 aluminum. Many of you will           Another major change to the        battery box has received the most
                           question this decision, thinking      construction of the body lies in the   changes for SMVII. The box now
                           “Won’t steel add to the weight of     use of carbon fiber. Unlike            contains 25kg of Lithium-Ion-
                           the car?” By using steel instead      previous cars which were made          Polymer batteries, as opposed to
                           of aluminum, we were able to          primarily out of housing foam and      the 30kg allowed on the last race.
                           make a very resilient frame that      Kevlar, SMVII is constructed out of    It also contains all of the protec-
                           was much easier to construct.         the same type of foam and carbon       tion circuitry and the high-voltage
                           The strength and durability of the    fiber. The use of carbon fiber         switching devices. All of these
                           steel also allowed us to use less     makes the body much stronger           components are concealed within
                           material, making the frame weigh      than in previous years, allowing       the box, making the car much
                           about the same as an aluminum         the team to remove more material       easier to service.
                           frame, if not less.                   and make the ribs ultimately               Along with the new battery box,
                               The look and construction of      lighter.                               our electrical systems contain an
                           the body has also changed for             Many electrical changes were       active pre-charge circuit. When
                           SMVII. The most noticeable            made to Solar Miner VII. For the       we switch on our drive motor, a
                           change from previous cars is the      first time in the team’s history,      current surge is created to
                           location of the driver. The battery   the wiring for the array rests         charge up the internal compo-
                           box now sits at the front of the      between the top of the car, a layer    nents. This caused our 80A
                           car with the driver behind it. The    of Kevlar, and the array itself. To    protection fuse to blow, costing
                           driver sits underneath a clear        do this, we used a flat laminated,     the team a lot of money each time
                           plastic bubble canopy to reduce       copper wire. This saves weight,        it happened. The active
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pre-charge now protects this fuse by controlling the current for a
short amount of time during start up.
   The last changes to the car occurred with the driver interface.
With a large number of switches needed to control the car, many
switches where placed on a dashboard positioned within the roll
bar. The dashboard contains our LCD display, reset switches, and
our new cruise control feature. The cruise control allows for a
more efficient driver and a more controlled use of the car’s

   On March 13th, alumni, fans, and followers of the Missouri S&T Solar Car
Team gathered at Leach Theatre to witness the unveiling of Solar Miner VII.
Several members of the team, as well as a few advisiors, told the crowd about
the history of solar car racing, the team’s history, and various design changes.
After viewing the time-lapse video of construction, the team invited everyone to
the stage to see SMVII, take pictures, and ask questions. The reception by
alumni boosted the team’s faith in the new design
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                                 The Missouri S&T Solar Car Team would like to thank
                                 all of our individual and corporate sponsors. Without
                                 your donations of time, money, and material, none of
                                 this would be possible.

                                               2010 Race Crew
      President:      Christina Jung                                     Team Leader:      Cody Massar
      Head EE:        Clinton Guenther                                   Head ME:          Andrew Sourk
      Backup EE:      Justin Dobrynski                                   Backup ME:        David Mast
      Drivers:        Jeremy Clemens                                     Strategy:         Adam Lewis
                      Justin Reynolds                                                      Merlin Nagel
                      Tommy Tran
      Crew:           Robert Mertens                 Emily Otto          Mocara Rice
      Safety Officer: Letha Young                                                                                             Formula Sun
      Advisors:       Dr. Ray Luechtefeld            John Tyler          Dr. Cheng-Hsiao Wu         David Hoffman              Grand Prix
                                                                                                                           June 16, Cresson, TX

                                                                                                                           2010 ASC Schedule

                                                                                                                          June 20: Start in Tulsa, OK

                                                                                                                             June 21: Topeka, KS

                                                                                                                           June 23: Rolla, MO

                                                                                                                             June 25: Normal, IL

                                                                                                                              June 26: Finish in
                                                                                                                                Naperville, IL
                                                             2010 American Solar Challenge
   The American Solar Challenge is         On June 16th, the team will              The ASC will begin in Tulsa, OK on
quickly approaching and the            compete in the Formula Sun Grand         June 20. From there, the race goes
excitement and stress is building.     Prix at the Motorsport Ranch in          to Neosho, MO and continues to
The final touches are being made to    Cresson, TX. Like the 2008 North         Topeka, KS for the first overnight
Solar Miner VII to prepare it for      American Solar Challenge, the            stop. It then heads east to Jeffer-
practice runs throughout May.          Grand Prix will serve as the main        son City, MO and then south to Rolla,
   Scrutineering begins on June 12     race’s qualifier. This track race will   MO for a stage stop on June 23.
near Cresson, TX. The three day        pit Solar Miner VII against cars from    From Rolla, the teams will head to
process is when every team must        across the world: the United States,     Alton, IL for the next checkpoint.
prove that their solar car meets       Canada, Germany, and Taiwan. The         The race will then finish in Normal,
regulations and is road-worthy.        top 12 teams will be allowed to          IL on June 25, followed by a           Unveiling photos and team
Scrutineering is only the first part   compete in the 2010 American Solar       ceremonial run into Naperville, IL on photo by Bob Phelan
of qualifying.                         Challenge.                               June 26.
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