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					Answer for 11-28-11 is: The President pro tempore ( /ˌproʊ ˈtɛmpəriː/;[1][2] or /ˌproʊ
ˈtɛmpəreɪ/;[2][3] also President pro tem) is the second-highest-ranking official of the United
States Senate. The United States Constitution states that the Vice President of the United States
is the President of the Senate and the highest-ranking official of the Senate despite not being a
member of the body. During the Vice President's absence, the president pro tempore presides
over its sessions or appoints another senator to do so. The president pro tempore is elected by the
Senate and is customarily the longest serving senator in the majority party.[4] Normally, neither
the Vice President of the United States nor the President pro tempore presides; instead, the duty
is generally delegated to the junior senators of the majority party to help them learn
parliamentary procedure.[5] The president pro tempore is third in the line of succession to the
presidency, after the vice president and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.[6]

Daniel Inouye, a Democrat and senior senator from Hawaii, is the current president pro tempore.[

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