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									Contract no. …….

                        Lease contract of the baby´s equipment

under the § 663 and next law no. 40/1964 Sb.
Civil code, in valid version, parties listed below

Petra Štiková

Potoční 125, 250 82 Horoušany

IČ: 87897245

Tel.: +420 731 824 127

further only „lessor“


Name and surname:


Phone no.:


Passport no. :

further only „tenat“


Subject of contract

The subject of this contract is an obligation the lessor to allow tenants to use as specified
things on the other hand, the obligation to pay the tenant rent, security deposit and any
services in the agreed amount.

The lessor gives the tenant this contract to hire baby equipment:




further called „baby´s equipment”
Tenant declare that he was thoroughly familiar with the terms of the lease, the factual
and legal status of baby´s equipment and baby´s equipment in its lease that


Payment conditions

Rent for baby´s equipment is arranged according to the valid tariff lessor. Rents in the
total amount is ... ... ... ... ... ... ..,-CZK.

The tenant is obliged to give the lessor a deposit for a rented baby´s equipment
according to valid tariff lessor. Deposit in the total amount is ... ... ... ... ... ... ....,-CZK.
Tenants deposit will be returned in full in case of compliance with the terms of this
agreement that means if will be properly and timely baby´s equipment returned back.

The tenant is obliged to pay the lessor before submitting the above equipment
rental and a deposit for rented baby´s equipment in full, ie ... ... ... ... ... ..,-CZK.

Proper returning means returning baby´s equipment in the same condition which it took
over from the tenant, clean and undamaged, while at the agreed place.

Early return means the return of baby´s equipment by the agreed deadline.

If the baby´s equipment will not be properly and timely returned, the deposit will be
reduced by cleaning fee, repair, or other damages or penalty. The amount of the fee
determined by the lessor according to the extent of pollution, or damage


Duration and termination of lease

The lease relationship is arranged by agreement for a fixed period, from ... ... ... ... ... ...., ...
... ... hours, until ... ... ... ... ... ,.. ... ... ... ... .. hours.

The lessor is obliged to return leased equipment back last day of the lease
relationship in the lessor´s workplace (Horoušany), unless otherwise agreed

The lessor can resign from this contract with immediate effect if it finds that the tenant
uses the baby´s equipment in contravention of applicable law or make substantial
changes to children's facilities without prior consent of the lessor. This does not affect
the right of the owner for damages.

Obligations of tenant

The tenant is obliged to use baby´s equipment in accordance with applicable laws and is
not authorized to give baby´s equipment to sublease to other parties without the prior
written permission from the owner.

Tenant confirms that he was familiar with the way how to use equipment, as well as
technical regulations and tenant is committed to use baby´s equipment only in the
prescribed manner. Tenant agrees not in any way interfere with the technical state of
baby´s equipment or baby´s equipment in any way modify, amend or modify, and will
only be used in such a way as to prevent formation damage.

Tenant acknowledges that baby´s equipment is not insured against damage or theft. In
case of damage is therefore obliged to replace the lessor any damage caused to the
baby´s equipment that you caused. In case of theft of baby´s equipment, the lessee
agrees without undue delay to replace the value of baby´s equipment lessor in full.


Contractual penalties

In case that tenant does not return baby´s equipment properly, the lessor may be
charged a penalty in an amount corresponding to the deposit amount listed under
"Article II. Payment Terms ". If the tenant does not return children's equipment in time,
the lessor may rent out price for each additional day according to the current price list
charge a penalty of up to 20% of that price. The tenant is obliged to pay the penalty
charged. Payment of a contractual penalty does not affect the right of the owner to
compensation for damages.

If the tenant fails to fulfill any of the obligations specified in this contract, or within 10
days after the error was on the lessor in writing or by telephone or via e-mail notified
the lessor is entitled to publicly disclose personal tenant information along with the
notification of the reason this notification and this to such tenant gives the lessor notice
explicit consent.

Other agreements

Any changes or additions to this contract may be made only additions in writing with the
consent of both parties. Parties to this Agreement duly read and claim to have been
written by their serious and free will, which is a sign of his consent confirm by their

This document is drawn up in 2 copies, each participant will receive one contract.

All personal data will be stored and protected from misuse in accordance with the
provisions of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. Privacy.

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