Mission Covenant Methodist Habitat is grateful for the time_ energy by dandanhuanghuang


									Mission Covenant
Methodist Habitat is grateful for the time, energy, love, support, and skills you will contribute to
the development of God’s people by partnering with us.

We dedicate our energy and resources to helping your mission thrive. We will, to the best
of our ability…
�� Ensure that you have the tools, supplies, and other resources you need to carry out your
�� Offer you opportunities to experience many aspects of Bahamian life, beauty, recreation,
and culture.
�� Provide you with a local guide.
�� Help you plan activities that will nurture your relationships with the people of the
Bahamas, each other, and God.
�� Assist you in creating a fun and fulfilling mission experience so you will return next year!

In the spirit of mission work, we ask you to…
�� Show you care by asking questions about the project, local customs, and community.
�� Refrain from use of alcohol or recreational drugs.
�� Be flexible and patient. Our plans are not always God’s plans and we may be called to
alter ours when unexpected needs or obstacles arise.
�� Stay with your buddy or team and listen to your local guide when in the community.
�� Approach your project with the awareness that you are part of something bigger than your
team. Remember you are picking up where another team left off, and someone will come
behind you to continue the work. Know that you have achieved something worthwhile
even if you don’t see concrete results.
�� Open your mind and heart to the feelings, values, needs, and insights of others to enhance
communication. Allow the gifts of others to impact you.
�� Listen to and use feedback from others. Consider new ways of doing things. Remember,
mission work isn’t just about accomplishing tasks. It is forming relationships, learning
from each other, and coming together as partners in service.
�� Engage in the local community with goodwill, humility, sincerity, and sensitivity. Be
willing to apologize should you accidentally offend someone.
�� Let go of expectations and judgments. Prepare yourself for conditions that do not include
all the comforts of home. Respectfully interact with people who are different from you.
�� Take time to reflect on your mission experience and share it with each other, Methodist
Habitat staff, and people at home.

Construction teams:
�� Follow approved Bahamian building codes and safety procedures.
�� Return tools to centre and stock neatly.
�� Wear appropriate clothing for safety.

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