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					                                PRIST UNIVERSITY

       PRIST University has established a separate Centre for Research and Development in the
year 2008 which provides the launching pad for tomorrow’s scientific beacons with the state-of-
the-art techniques. The Centre is now under the stewardship of Dr. G. Kuppuswamy, a renowned
Bio-energy expert and crop scientist. The centre with fourteen devoted scientists from various
fields of basic and applied sciences with specializations like Crystallography, Spectroscopy,
Material science, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Modeling, Plant, Marine and Animal
Biotechnology, Clinical and Medical Microbiology, Microbial Nanotechnology, Clinical and
Molecular Biochemistry, Cryptography, Renewable energy, Farming System management,
Metallurgy etc. is marching on to attain on par excellence in academic and research activities.
The centre has 341 Ph.D scholars enrolled and 367 Research Supervisors registered for Ph.D

Focal theme

    Knowledge and technology transfer

    Economic development activities that benefit society.

    Develop inter-disciplinary approaches to increasingly complex problems dealing with the
     physical, chemical, medical and biological sciences

Thrust areas

   •   Crystal Growth and Material Science
   •   Structure determination of bioactive compounds
   •   Characterization of bioactive compounds from plant and marine source
   •   Ex situ conservation of endangered plants
   •   Molecular marker development
   •   Identification of novel drugs from marine source
   •   Structure determination of bioactive compounds
   •   Molecular modeling-Drug Designing
   •   Renewable energy
   •   Farming system management
   •   Ecology of Tsunami affected areas
   •   Solid waste and waste water management
EXECUTIVE FACULTY                                      Area of Specialization

Dr. G. Kuppuswamy                         : Bio-energy, Cropping and
                                           Farming system, Agro-climatology
Addl. Director
Dr. V. Manivannan                         : Crystallography, Spectroscopy,
                                           Material science

Senior Scientist
Dr. M. Ramalingam                         : Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Modeling,

Scientist / Associate Professor
Dr. P.L.K. Priyadarshini                  : Theoretical Computer Science
Dr.R.Mariappan                            : Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Dr. N.Prabhu                              : Medical Microbiology and Microbial
Scientist cum Assistant Professor
Dr. S. Ramesh                             : Marine Biotechnology
Dr. J. Karthikeyan                        : Plant Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Dr. R. Elango Mathavan                    : Plant Biotechnology
Dr. S. Patharajan                         : Plant Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology
Dr. J. Ramajothi                          : Non-linear Optical Materials & Thin Film Devices
Dr. B.Kaleeswaran                         : Fish Immunology and Biodiversity
Mr. S.Ilavenil                            : Clinical and Molecular Biochemistry
Dr. D.Tamilvendhan                        : Synthetic Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry

Members of the Research Committee

Dr.G.Kuppusamy, Director, CRD                           Chairman and Convener
Dr.V.Manivannan, Additional Director, CRD               Member
Dr.P.Thangavelu, Dean ,Humanities                          “
Dr. Vincent H. Wilson, Dean, Engg. and Tech.               “
Dr. Appavu G. Arulnathan, Dean, Science                    “
Dr.S.Ravikumar, Dean, Biotechnology                        “
Dr. P.Rajasekar, Dean, Education                           “
Dr.K.Gokulakrishnan, H.O.D., Chemistry                     “
Dr. Padur A. Subramanian, H.O.D. Sanskrit and Astro
 Vedic Studies
A glimpse of Ph.D Programme (as on 20.08.2011)
   •   Ph.D Degrees Awarded                                                          3
   •   Total number of candidates registered for Ph.D in various disciplines       341
   •   Number of Faculty doing Ph.D. under Faculty Improvement Programme            40
       of Management
   •   Full time Research Scholars sanctioned with Research Fellowship               6
   •   Qualified faculty to guide Research in various disciplines                  367
Research Publications
   • International Journal & National Journals -                               :   242
       SCOPUS indexed papers                                                   :   126
Research Papers presented in Conferences /Seminars
   • International                                                             :    25
   • National                                                                  :    41

International /National conferences /Seminars attended by straff &             :   142
 Research Scholars

University Research Journal
   • Vol. 1. No: 1 (Published - June, 2008)
International Research Journal on Humanities, Science and Technology
    • Vol. I. No. I (Published – Feb. 2010) ISSN:0975-9611
    • Vol. I. No. II (Published – Feb. 2011) ISSN:0975-9611

University Newsletter
   • Vol. No. 1 Issue No. I (Published – Feb. 2010)
   • Vol. No. I Issue No. II (Published – March 2011)

National / International Conferences/Workshops Organized by CRD
   • National conference on Advanced Material held on 15 & 16th Feb. 2008
   • International Conference on Photonics, Nanotechnology and Computer Applications
       (ICOPNAC-09) held on 25 – 28th Feb. 2009
   • International conference on Biotechnology, Food and Bioengineering – Emerging trends
       and future prospects held on 25 & 26th Feb. 2010
   •   National Workshop on Advances in Molecular Science (WAMS – 2010) on 16.07.2010
       & 17.07.2010
   •   Interactive workshop on Research Methodology on 26.02.2011


        MoA was signed with Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT), Ministry
of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, on 28th August 2009 to facilitate, long-term and
short-term exchanges of faculty, students and staff for purposes of teaching and research

MOU with the Central Government Institute
         The PRIST University has signed MOU with Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI),
PORTBLAIR in respect of mutual development of research, teaching, extension and quality assurance

In-House research projects currently under progress
    Real-time detection and identification of selected pathogenic bacteria using DNA marker strategy
     with an outlay of Rs. 40,000/- (P.I Dr. Elangomathavan)
    Potential of botanicals on growth of mycotoxigenic fungi and their mycotoxins with an outlay of
     Rs. 45,000/-/-(P.I Dr.S.Patharajan)
    “Designing of Efficient Organic and Semiorganic Nonlinear Optical Materials for Short
     Wave Laser Generation” with an outlay of Rs.75, 000/- (Dr.J.Ramajothi, Scientist cum
     Assistant Professor-PI)
    “Molecular study on the bioprospecting of novel polyherbal formulation against
     metabolic disorder” with an outlay of Rs. 75,000/- (P.I. - Dr. J. Karthikeyan, Scientist
     cum Assistant Professor, CRD)

   •   Bio-fertilizer production and use in farming
   •   Vermi-compost production and use in farming
Extension activities
   •   Creating awareness among the school students and publics about the need for conservation of
       natural resources, medicinal plants and their significance

   •   Popularizing vermi-composting and use of Bio-fertilizers for sustainable crop production among
       the farmers of Thanjavur

   •   Biogas production from press mud (sugarcane filter cake), a byproduct of Sugar Industries
   •   Health care awareness in the rural areas
   •   Popularization of tree planting in waste lands and uncultivable lands
   •   Pollution control; Establishment of herbal gardens in farmers’ holdings and school and college
   •   Scientific crop production and cropping system management
   •   Crop seed treatment with Phyto-hormones and plant extracts

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