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									                                                          Whitewater Voyages
                                                 FORKS OF THE KERN

TRIP MEETING TIME:                                                           LOCAL WEATHER AT RIVER:
All Forks Trips                                              7:00 am
                                                                                               Zip Code 93238
                                                                             WATER FLOWS:
Whitewater Voyages’ (inside Frandy Park)
11252 Kernville Road                                               
Kernville, CA 93238
Whitewater Voyages’ Kern Office:                     (760) 376-8806          RESERVATIONS OFFICE:              (not a meeting site for trips)
                                                                             5225 San Pablo Dam Rd.
Please Note…                                                                 El Sobrante, CA 94803
Frandy Park charges a fee of $8.00 per car/per day for parking (fees for
RV’s and buses are higher).                                                  Phone:                               (800) 400-7238
                                                                             Fax:                                 (510) 758-7238
Whitewater Voyages does not own or operate Frandy Park and has no            Email:          
control over parking fees. For further parking information you may contact   Website:        
Frandy Park at (760) 376-6483.

                                                   DIRECTIONS TO MEETING SITE

               We recommend that you NOT GPS directions…most customers that do so end up in the wrong place!

A.      Bakersfield, on Hwy 99, is where you’ll connect onto Hwy 178 East toward Lake Isabella

           From South of Bakersfield:
           From Interstate 5 connect onto Hwy 99
           Exit eastbound onto Hwy 178 / Rosedale Hwy

           From North of Bakersfield:
           From Hwy 99 exit onto Golden State Avenue
           Golden State Avenue becomes a surface street for a few blocks through downtown—stay in your right-hand
           lanes and watch for the Hwy 178 onramp on the right hand side

B.      After connecting onto Hwy 178 East follow directions below…

1. On Hwy 178 East go approximately 50 miles (a significant portion of 178 is a curvy, two-lane canyon road—drive carefully!)
2. Exit Hwy 155 / Kernville
3. Turn left off exit and go approximately 10 miles—you will pass through Wofford Heights about halfway to Kernville
4. In Wofford Heights Hwy 155 cuts off to the left—do not follow 155 at that point—instead stay right towards Kernville.
5. You are near Kernville when you pass the golf course on the right.
6. Shortly after the golf course the road will curve right—you will start to see small businesses and cross over the river
7. Immediately at the end of the “bridge” that crosses the river turn right into Frandy Park
8. When entering Frandy Park, after paying parking fees, follow signs directing you to Whitewater Voyages

                            Note: In the event that Highway 178 from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella is closed,
                              you may take Highway 58 to Highway 14 to Highway 178 at Lake Isabella
                                                        Whitewater Voyages - 2012
                                                     FORKS OF THE KERN
                                                                    TRIP AGENDA
     Arrive and check in at meeting site/time specified above
     Turn in your signed, completed Release Form at trip check-in
     Transported in Whitewater Voyages’ vehicle (2-hour drive) to hike-in location
     3-mile hike down to river (please bring a snack and water bottle for hike)
     Life vests, helmets and paddles provided at river
     Safety talk given by Whitewater Voyages’ lead guide
     Class V Warm-Up Test (to verify satisfactory physical condition necessary for Class V trips)
     Rafts launch onto river; each raft has own professional guide
     Lunch along river
     Raft to take-out
     Dinner, camping, and breakfast
     Raft second (or third) day
     Transported back to meeting site
     View photos

                                                        CAMPING & PERSONAL GEAR
                         At trip check-in your gear is transferred to Whitewater Voyages’ staff for pack-in by mule.
         We recommend packing light with only the essentials…appropriate water apparel and footwear, minimal camping gear,
                 warm clothing for evening, travel-size hygiene products, etc. You may bring compact fishing gear.
                       Sleeping bags and tents are available for rent. Please see separate chart for rental information.
                           Rentals should be arranged in advance through the reservations office at 800-400-7238.

      A granola-type snack is provided on the raft. A gallon water jug is provided on each raft...please bring a personal water bottle.
                                            We recommend you bring a snack for the hike down to the river on the first day.

         Two-Day Trips: Day 1:           Lunch, snacks after rafting, delicious campfire dinner
                        Day 2:           Cookout breakfast, sandwich lunch, and take-out beverage

         Three-Day Trips: Day 1:         Lunch, snack after rafting, delicious campfire dinner
                          Day 2:         Cookout breakfast, sandwich lunch, snacks after rafting, campfire BBQ dinner
                          Day 3:         Cookout breakfast, lunch, and take-out beverage

              Vegetarians usually find sufficient accommodation however special needs requests are accepted through our main reservations office.

                                                            ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
                  Please understand that alcohol is strictly prohibited while rafting or engaged in any activity on the river.

      You must wear shoes that securely stay on your feet—such as tennis shoes, sturdy water shoes, water sandals that strap on completely, etc.

(Reasonably priced slip-on water shoes are available for sale at our meeting-site store. Also, for your convenience sunscreen, water cameras, sunglass
                           straps, sunglasses, hats, t-shirts and cold drinks are available for purchase at trip check-in site.)
                                                   Whitewater Voyages - 2012
                                                FORKS OF THE KERN

                                                                WET SUITS
                                Wet suits are provided for use as needed on a complimentary basis.
    Wet suits are typically required through May. Occasionally, cool weather occurs after May in which case a wet suit may be needed.
                                        Wet suit size requirements are determined at trip check-in.
     Wet suits provided are 3mm neoprene “Farmer John” style
     Nylon paddle jackets provided with wet suits—however booties are not—please wear sturdy, secure-fitting shoes and wool socks
     Wet suits should be worn over bathing suit, lightweight non-cotton shorts or polypropylene long underwear
     We recommend wearing shorts over your wet suit to help prevent slipping on the raft

LOCAL CAMPING                                                             LOCAL MOTELS
Advance Reservations:                                                        River View Lodge         877) 885-6333, or, (760)376-6019
   National Recreation Reservation Service             (877) 444-6777
                                                                             McCambridge Lodge                           (760) 376-2288
                                                                             Kernville Inn                               (760) 376-2206
Forest Service Campground Details:
   Kernville Ranger District                           (760) 376-3781        Kern Lodge Motel                            (760) 376-2224
                                                                             Sequoia Motor Lodge                         (760) 376-2535
           Note: Some campgrounds do not require reservations
           and campgrounds usually have toilets and water; some              Pine Cone Inn                               (760) 376-6669
           have trailer pads and hot showers…we like “Camp 3.”

Frandy Park:                                           (888) 372-6399     BED & BREAKFAST INNS                                (760) 376-6483       Kern River Inn                              (800) 986-4382

                       IMPORTANT NOTE                                       Whispering Pines Lodge                       (760) 376-3733

Camping is available in Frandy Park. Frandy Park requires
reservations and charges for camping. Frandy Park has a restroom,            Note: On weekends many of the above facilities require a
showers, and RV parking but NO hookups.                                         two-night minimum stay and have strict cancellation
                                                                                 policies… if this is a problem you might consider a
Whitewater Voyages does not own, operate, or manage Frandy Park and has
                                                                            Bakersfield motel. If planning a motel stay, early booking is
no control over camping fees.
                                                                            recommended! You might want to consider a motel/hotel
      Additional camping information and links are available on             in Bakersfield where weekend two-night minimum policies
            our website at                         are not common and prices are slightly more competitive.

Kernville Chamber of Commerce                     (760) 376-2629

                                       You may leave your car keys in our Kern office at check-in.
                                   Whitewater Voyages cannot be responsible for items left in your car.

            Thank you for rafting with Whitewater Voyages…we hope you have a great time!
                                              Forks of the Kern
       A whitewater paradise! In this breathtaking canyon of solid granite deep within Sequoia National
Forest, the Kern River pirouettes through what is probably the finest stretch of raftable whitewater in North
America. Eighteen miles ling and dropping at the astonishing rate of 60 feet per mile, the river tumbles through a
supremely delightful, nearly continuous series of class IV and V rapids and waterfalls. Avewome drops,
mammoth holes and towering waves crowd in one afer the next in quick-fire, presto tempo seeningly without end.
The Forks of the Kern has such an abundance of superlative rapids that even if these cataracts were spread out
over a 50-mile-long run, the result would be one of the most relentless and ecstatic pieces of whitewater
anywhere. Yet here on the Forks, this cannonball water is packed slapdash together, like a screaming dancing
cyclone, like an orchestra in ever-building crescendo, like an ongoing earthquake rumbling higher and higher on
the Richter scale. The miracle is that the run is thoroughly raftable.
       The launch point, at the confluence of the Little Kern River with the main Kern, is accessible only by trail
a 3-mile-long, Forest Service rocky trail which inclines steeply down into the majestic canyon. All food and river
gear is transported in by pack animals and each member carries his or her own gear (we suggest a 30-lb. limit) in
special waterproof bags with padded shoulder straps which we provide. Packing in heightens the isolation, the
wilderness adventure and the awareness that this canyon is profoundly special.
                                                                                                                                                                       Little Kern River
                                                                                                                                                        Upper Freeman
                                                                                                                                                        Creek Falls IV+
                                                                                                                               Downhill IV+           Wrapid IV+
                                                                                                                          Slalom IV+                                 Lower Freeman
                        Legend                                                                                                                                        Creek Falls V
                                                                                                                                              Needlerock Falls IV+

                 Not to Scale
                                                                                                                                Durrwood Wall IV

                                                                                           Big Bean V              Coyote Hole IV
                                                                                                        Little Bean IV
                                                                                Vortex V

                                                                                      The Guantlet V

                                                                                 The Maze IV
                                                                       Four Mile Rapid IV+
                                                  Basalt IV+
                                 Westwall V    Metamorphosis IV+ Rincon IV+
                                                          Rincon Aisle
                          Respect IV+
      Carson Falls V-VI

         Johnsondale Bridge

                                                  Whitewater Voyages
                              Release Form Notice

Following is a copy of the Release of Liability form that all persons must
complete and sign before embarking on a rafting trip.

When a reservation is made and confirmed the reservations office will send, to
the person whose name the reservation is under, an email with a partially
completed Release form with the reservation number, rafting date, river
selection, and length of trip specified.

The emailed Release form should be distributed to each member of the rafting
party. Each rafter will need to finish completing the form by filling in their
personal information (name, address, etc.).

The Release form is sent as a fill-in Adobe PDF document. You may distribute
the form by email, or print and copy it for another method of distribution.

Release forms should be submitted to Whitewater Voyages’ staff at trip check
in. We recommend arriving at trip check in with your form already filled out.
                                                                                                                            PLEASE BRING THIS FORM, SIGNED, TO
                                                                                                                              YOUR TRIP CHECK IN. THANK YOU.
     This is a release. Read it carefully before signing. This release essentially states that I know I am going on a whitewater rafting trip in a wilderness/outdoor environment ‐‐ 
not on an amusement park ride or to an air‐conditioned shopping mall. As a result of the inherent risks in this activity, I know I may die, get hurt, or damage my belongings. If 
any of these occur, I understand that I cannot make a claim, sue, or expect WHITEWATER VOYAGES, its owners, officers, agents, employees, associates, the State of California, 
its Department of Parks and Recreation, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Placer County Water Agency, and Sacramento Municipal Utility 
District (hereinafter referred to collectively as WHITEWATER VOYAGES) to be legally responsible or pay for any damages. 
     ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF RISKS:   I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to go on this 
whitewater rafting trip with WHITEWATER VOYAGES. Certain risks are inherent in any recreational activity and cannot be eliminated, altered, or controlled, 
and these risks that contribute to the unique character of the activity can also be the cause of injury, illness, death, and damages. I know and fully 
understand that a whitewater rafting trip, whether on a raft, oar boat, kayak, or any other type of vessel, is an outdoor adventure activity in wilderness 
environment with inherent risks and hazards where serious accidents can occur, participants can die, sustain injuries and property damage. Also, I 
understand that Class IV and V represent the most difficult and dangerous levels of whitewater and recognize that the risks associated with whitewater 
rafting are greatly increased. 
   • I acknowledge and willingly assume all risks and hazards in whitewater rafting and river‐related camping from the pre‐embarkation rendezvous until the conclusion of the 
trip, including, but not limited to, (1) loss of control of the raft, falls in, out, or about the raft, collision with other participants, equipment, other rafts, rocks, trees, and any 
portion of the interior of the raft, and any other man‐made or natural obstacles, whether obvious or not; (2) judgment, decision‐making and conduct of the guides; (3) 
submersion in water, drowning; (4) encounters with animals, wildlife and insects; (5) exposure to wilderness environment, extreme temperatures, and inclement weather, 
remote areas, wilderness terrain, including travel by foot or vehicle in any way related to this activity, whether at camp or elsewhere; (6) assistance in lifting and/or carrying 
rafting equipment; (7) rescue‐related injuries; and (8) unavailability of immediate and appropriate medical attention in case of injury. 
   • I further understand and acknowledge that WHITEWATER VOYAGES provides foot cups in some of its boats to assist participants in stabilizing themselves. The use of foot 
cups may present an increased risk of knee, ankle, or other injuries because of their restrictive nature. Use of foot cups is totally voluntary. 
   • I understand and acknowledge that the above list is not complete or exhaustive, and that other risks, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, may also exist and 
result in injury, illness, disease, death or damage. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary and I elect to do so at my own risk. 
   RELEASE:   In consideration for WHITEWATER VOYAGES allowing me to participate on this trip, I voluntarily agree to release, discharge, and hold 
harmless WHITEWATER VOYAGES and for any and all claims of liability arising out of their negligence, fault, recklessness, or any other act or omission which 
causes the undersigned illness, injury, disease, death, and damages of any nature in any way connected with my participation in this rafting activity. I also 
expressly agree to release and discharge WHITEWATER VOYAGES from any act or omission of negligence in rendering or failing to render any type of rescue, 
emergency or medical services. In signing this document, I fully recognize and understand that if I (or any minor on whose behalf I am signing this release) 
am hurt, die, or my property is damaged, I am giving up my right to make a claim or file a lawsuit against WHITE WATER VOYAGES, even if they 
negligently or by some other act or omission cause the injury or damage. 
   • I further agree, to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify WHITEWATER VOYAGES from all defense costs, including attorney's fees incurred in connection with claims for 
bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage, sustained by any minor under 18 years of age on whose behalf I am signing, or which I may have caused to spectators or 
other third parties, whether negligent or not, in the course of my participation in this activity. 
   • As parent or legal guardian of a participant under 18 years of age, I have read and voluntarily agree that said minor may participate in this whitewater rafting trip, and I sign 
this release on their behalf and on the behalf of the minor's parents and/or legal guardians. In addition, I give W HITEWATER VOYAGES permission to treat said minor in case of 
illness, injury, emergency, or accident. Should emergency medical services become necessary, for the undersigned participant or minor, the expenses are the sole responsibility 
of the participant and not that of WHITEWATER VOYAGES. Personal medical and travel insurance is strongly advised for all participants. 
   • WHITEWATER VOYAGES reserves the right to accept or deny service to any person. I hereby agree to follow all rules, regulations, and instructions of WHITEWATER 
VOYAGES while on this trip. I also certify that I and any minor on whose behalf I am signing, are physically and mentally capable of participating in these activities. I hereby 
represent that I have informed WHITEWATER VOYAGES of any pertinent medical conditions that may affect my or the minor's participation in these rafting activities. I hereby 
agree that WHITEWATER VOYAGES may use film or photographic records of this rafting trip for its promotional and/or commercial purposes. 
       The Venue of any dispute that may arise out of this agreement or otherwise between the parties to which WHITEWATER VOYAGES or its agents is a party shall be either the 
town of El Sobrante, California, Justice Court or the County or State Supreme Court in Contra Costa County. 
       Guide school/skills workshop participants: I understand that Whitewater Voyages is not certifying my guiding proficiency or readiness to go to another outfitter and guide 
right away after this training. I understand I will need additional extended training and practice to acquire proficiency in the skills being taught. 
    Present this form at the river at trip check‐in. Please print clearly. 
 Name (please print)                                                                                                   Home Phone                      Cell Phone 
 Address                                                                              City                                                   State              Zip 

 E‐mail Address: In the future we will be communicating mainly by e‐mail and through our website.                                                      Date of Birth 

 Rafting Date(s)                                            River(s)                                                         Trip Length  

 Are you over 18?              YES                  NO  ‐‐   If No, then  accompanying adult must sign & date here: 

 Signature (If under 18 parent or legal guardian must sign here also*)                                      Date Signed                        Reservation No. 

    *Minors not accompanied by their parent must bring this form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Adult accompanying the minor must also sign this release as a 
    verification of the parent/guardian signature.                                                                                                                                2011 
                                      WHAT TO BRING FOR RAFTING


       Clothing appropriate to season and weather
            See guidelines below for summer and spring/fall trips
       Sunscreen
            Plan to use plenty of sun protection cream with a high SPF# on exposed skin;
            Don’t put sunscreen on your forehead…splashes of water will wash it down into your eyes!
       Secure head strap for eyeglasses or sunglasses & secure chin strap for hat or visor
            Sold at meeting site for Kern and American River trips.
       Personal water bottle
            Gallon water jugs are on rafts from which your bottle may be replenished.
       Magnetic hide-a-key for car keys…do not take your keys on the river with you!
            If you wish you may leave your keys in the care of our staff while you are on the river.

       Waterproof or disposable camera

                                               CLOTHING GUIDELINES

       Change of clothes for the drive home
       Swim suit or shorts
       Protective footwear
            Tennis shoes that lace tightly, wet suit booties, or rugged, protective sandals that securely strap on. Bare feet, flip flops
            and thongs are not safe or permissible.
       Sun hat or visor
            With chin strap to prevent hat loss.

   Spring & Fall
       Warm clothing
            Plenty of warm clothes made of synchilla, polarplus, wool, fleece, capilene and similar materials which insulate well even
            when damp. Please avoid wearing cotton which when wet does not provide insulation and in cool or cold weather make
            you colder!
       Waterproof paddle jacket, windbreaker or rain suit.
       Hat
            Wool or an alternate insulating material such as Synchilla, Polarplus, etc.
            In cold weather, warm wool socks should be worn with your protective footwear.
       Protective footwear
            Tennis shoes that lace tightly, wet suit booties, or rugged, protective sandals that securely strap on. Bare feet, flip flops
            and thongs are not safe or permissible. In cold weather, warm wool socks should be worn.
       Wet suit
            Provided by Whitewater Voyages, whenever needed, on a complimentary basis. Wet suits do not include booties or
            footwear. Clients must provide own footwear.

                                          MEDICAL CONDITION ALERT
                                              Bring your own medication…
Our staff is prepared to provide basic first aid, but we are prohibited by law from providing, and we are not
trained, to administer medications or advanced medical care. So, all clients with medical conditions such
   as susceptibility to anaphylactic shock from bee stings, allergies, etc., should bring, keep handy, and
                        inform their guide(s) about their medication/anaphylactic kit.
                         WHAT TO BRING FOR OVERNIGHT TRIPS

                                              ESSENTIAL GEAR
       Flashlight
       Personal toiletries & toothbrush (biodegradable soaps/shampoos if possible)
       Insect Repellant
       Towel
       Clothes for camping and sleeping (keep in mind cool evening air)
       Shoes & socks appropriate for hiking or loafing around
       Tent (or tarp to lay on ground if you don’t bring tent)
       Sleeping bag and pad

           Logistics for certain rivers make it possible for you to bring any desired gear,
              while logistics on other rivers require that gear be kept to a minimum…

       Please locate your river in the following sections for gear limitations that apply.

GEAR NOT LIMITED: Lower Kern, Kings, South Fork American
  Your camping gear is either transported to camp by a Whitewater Voyages’ vehicle, or you park in reasonable
 proximity to your campsite allowing you to carry whatever gear you wish to your campsite… therefore you may
                                 bring optional items such as those listed below.

       Folding camp chairs
       Personal ice chest
                 We supply meals and beverages with your trip, however, if you would like to ensure that any
                 personal tastes or needs you have are met you are welcome to bring along any food or beverage
                 items you wish.
       Fishing gear
                 Light fly or spinning gear which disassembles into a compact protective case is best.
                 Fishing licenses are required.
       Playing cards, small games or a guitar

GEAR LIMITED:          Middle Fork American, Tuolumne

       Your camping gear is transported to camp by boat thus it is important to keep gear to a comfortable
        minimum and closely tied to the outlined essential gear list.

ESSENTIAL GEAR ONLY: Forks of the Kern
       You backpack in three miles while your gear is transported by mule pack train…it is important to keep gear
        to essentials.

        Note: Compact fishing gear is ok.
                                            Whitewater Voyages

                                                RENTAL CAMPING ITEMS

                                                                         1 Night        2 Nights       3 Nights     4 Nights

    REGULAR PRICES (reservations of fewer than 12 persons)

             Sleeping Bag with ½” thick foam pad                           10.00           15.00          20.00       25.00

             Cot * (good quality)                                          25.00           30.00          35.00       40.00

             Tent (2-person size)                                          15.00           20.00          25.00       30.00

             Tent (4-person size)                                          30.00           40.00          50.00       60.00

    GROUP PRICES (reservations of more than 12 persons)                  1 Night        2 Nights       3 Nights     4 Nights

             Sleeping Bag with ½” thick foam pad                           8.00            12.00          16.00       20.00

             Tent (2-person size)                                          12.00           16.00          20.00       24.00

             Tent (4-person size)                                          24.00           32.00          40.00       48.00

      Camping gear rentals should be requested at least 24 hours in advance through reservations office at (800) 400-7238.

      Tents are set up by 5:00 p.m. in the campsite assigned to you. If you also rent sleeping bags, they will be inside the tent
       (rolled up).

      If you rent only sleeping bags, they will be waiting in front of the camp store at the trip check-in area.

      *Cots are limited in supply and are reserved on a “first come” basis.

                                                            (800) 400-7238


RVE 2012
                                            Whitewater Voyages

                                                          WET SUITS

                                   Wet suits are provided for use on a complimentary basis

                                                       Provide Sizes          Size
                                                                                               Required In
                                                       In Advance to           At                              Required At
                           River                                                              Spring & Cool
                                                        Reservations          Trip                              All Times
                                                           Office           Check-In

           American (South, Middle & North)                                                        √

           Kaweah                                                               √                  √
           Kern (Lower, Upper)                                                  √                  √

           Kern (Forks, Thunder Run) (Class V)                                  √                  √                √

           Kings                                                                √                  √

           Merced                                             √                                    √

           Tuolumne                                           √                                    √

           Yuba (Lower North Class III-IV)                    √                                    √

           Yuba (Upper North) (Class V)                       √                                    √                √

                                                      WET SUIT SIZING

                            Height Range                                Weight Range                            Size
                    5’1”                   5’3”                   100                  115                     Small
                    5’4”                   5’7”                   115                  140                    Medium
                    5’8”                   6’0”                   140                  180                     Large
                    6’1”                   6’2”                   180                  220                    X-Large
                    6’3”                   6’4”                   220                  240                    XX-Large

              Wet suits are 3mm-thick Farmer John neoprene with nylon paddle jacket.
              Wet suits should be worn over bathing suit, lightweight non-cotton shorts or polypropylene long underwear.
              Baggy shorts should be worn over wet suit to reduce slipping on raft.
              Wet suits do not include booties. Tennis shoes with thick wool or polypropylene socks are recommended.
              Please note that wearing any cotton with your wet suit will make you colder.
              A hat is recommended during cool weather—either wool or an alternate insulating material.

RVE 2012
Dear Patrons,

For those of you who have rafted with us in past years we extend a huge, warm “Thank
To those rafting with us for the first time we say “Welcome!” We greatly appreciate the
opportunity to serve you and hope that your trip is a wonderful and memorable
We want to highlight a policy change that occurred in the 2010 season and that has been
carried forward. Some clients will applaud the policy while some will not…but for
reasons pertaining to liability, client safety and employee welfare, Whitewater Voyages no
longer provides alcoholic beverages at happy hour or dinner.
We do not prohibit alcohol—clients may furnish their own alcohol for personal
consumption. We ask that alcohol consumption be limited to off-the-water time at the
conclusion of the rafting day. As has always been our policy, alcohol is strictly forbidden
while rafting or engaged in any river activity. While permitting clients to bring beverages
that suit their personal preference, we do ask that a sense of moderation prevail—
especially in the presence of minors.
It is our goal to provide a fun, uplifting atmosphere for all—with safety our highest
concern. We hope you understand and appreciate this policy…if you wish to discuss this
policy please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-400-7238.

Whitewater Voyages’ Staff
                                        CANCELLATION POLICY

  Please understand that when a reservation is made and confirmed with a deposit it becomes an assured/guaranteed
reservation…Whitewater Voyages is committing to hold space for you and remove that space from the market. If you
                      decide to cancel, it can be difficult for us to rebook the space—especially
                         in the case of cancellations that occur close to the reserved trip date.
                           With this is mind, we must firmly adhere to the following policy:

      No-Shows/Late Arrivals
        No refunds or trip credits will be given for "no-show" or late-arriving guests that miss the trip departure--in
       such cases all monies paid to Whitewater Voyages are forfeited.

      According to the time frame in which you cancel, a cancellation fee will be assessed and the remaining
       balance of monies paid toward the cancelled space will be issued either as a refund or trip credit (trip credits are
       good towards a future Whitewater Voyages trip):

                          Cancellation occurs 10 or fewer days prior to trip date
                          50% Cancellation Fee, 50% Trip Credit

                          Cancellation occurs 11 to 30 days prior to trip date
                          20% Cancellation Fee, 80% Trip Credit

                          Cancellation occurs 31 or more days prior to trip date
                          20% Cancellation Fee, 80% Refund

      Cancellation fees, trip credits, and refunds are calculated only on actual money amounts paid to
       Whitewater Voyages toward the cancelled trip space. Expenses incurred in association with your planned
       trip, or monies paid to other vendors/facilities in connection with your cancelled trip, are not the responsibility
       or liability of Whitewater Voyages. Any refunds issued are done so in the same method that the client payment
       was originally submitted to Whitewater Voyages.

      Persons may be substituted within a reservation without penalty.

      In lieu of cancellation, a change in trip dates, or river choice, will be accommodated (pending space
       availability on your alternate trip chice) without penalty if:

                1)   The change occurs 14 or more days prior to the originally booked trip date.
                     If the change occurs less than 14 days prior to the original trip date booked, there may be a
                     processing fee of $15 per person, up to a maximum total charge of $60 per reservation.

                2)   The change does not result in cancellation of the originally booked trip for other clients due to
                     the trip falling below the minimum number of persons required to run a trip. A change that
                     causes cancellation of the original trip for other clients is treated as a cancellation and the above
                     cancellation fees apply.

      We regret that exceptions cannot be made for personal emergencies or illness. For this reason we
       urge our guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is available through
       Travel Insured International, Inc., 800-243-3174.

            Whitewater Voyages ♦ 800-400-7238 ♦ 5225 San Pablo Dam Rd., El Sobrante, CA 94803
    Whitewater Voyages’ Recreation Guide To

    Sequoia National Forest & The Kern River Valley

    A key gateway to the southern Sierra, the Sequoia National Forest and the Kern River Valley are a recreational
 wonderland! Fabulous attractions include not only 60 miles of exhilarating world class whitewater on the Kern River,
but also an amazing abundance of other delightful, learning-filled, enriching activities: wind-surfing, fishing, mountain
 biking, hiking, birding, golfing, kite-boarding, jet skiing, lake kayaking, gold mining, horseback riding, rock climbing,
antiquing, shopping, B&B-ing, fine dining, naturalist tours, historical exploration, spelunking, hot spring basking and so
much more! Whitewater Voyages hopes this guide will help you find and enjoy some of the many attractions of the area.
                   Remember, this is only a place to start. There is plenty here to discover on your own!
  As a meeting place of five bio-regions, Sequoia National Forest and the Kern Valley wilderness provides the perfect
  setting for adventure and wonder. Whether enjoying the cascading waterfalls, the giant sequoias, or basking in the
                          desert sun of Joshua Tree, this recreational paradise is sure to present
                                        the perfect backdrop for your adventures!

                                                                                    In addition to the wilderness
                                                                                   and wildlife preserves, another
         Forest’s treasures include                                             showpiece for the Kern River Valley
                                                                                            is Lake Isabella.
     Trail of 100 Giants                                                   Located just miles from your whitewater raft-
                                                                           ing adventure and easily accessible when en-
     Giant Sequoia National Monument
                                                                                    tering or exiting the Sequoia
     South Fork Wildlife Area                                                   National Forest, Lake Isabella is the
     Kern River Preserve                                                         largest freshwater lake in Southern
                                                                             California. Well stocked with trout, bass,
     Golden Trout Wilderness                                                   crappie, bluegill and catfish, the great
     Dome Land Wilderness                                                      fishing draws people. Others come to
                                                                                     boat, sail, water ski or jet ski.

 These vast regions of natural wonderland offer thousands of acres of beauty and intrigue. Hiking, fishing and camping
         are just a handful of activities to be enjoyed. To make the most of your Kern River Valley experience,
                                   we recommend planning your adventure in advance.

                  To obtain information about Sequoia National Forest
               recreation, permits, camping, maps, brochures, etc., contact...

    Kernville Chamber of Commerce                                                          Kern River Valley
                                                  Kern River Ranger District
              P. O. Box 397                                                              Chamber of Commerce
                                                         P. O. Box 9
         11447 Kernville Road                      Kernville, CA 93238                        P. O. Box 567
        Kernville, CA 93238                            760- 376-3781                    Lake Isabella, CA 93240
            760- 376-2629                                866- KRV-4FUN                                                

               Whitewater Voyages — 800-400-RAFT — —
                        Things to Do & See
                        Annual Events
                   In addition to the great whitewater rafting, the Valley is home to many annual events which are
              certain to add to your unforgettable vacation! These are just a few events which usually take place during
                     the rafting season, but to check out a complete list of events, visit
                                          and view the Kern Valley Annual Events Calendar.
Kern Valley Festival
“A Celebration of the Bio-regions" - Getting bigger every year, this event celebrates the Valley's ecological diversity. Five of
California's six bioregions meet here, making it unique in the world. The Valley also hosts 315 species of birds and scores of other wild-
life species. There are field trips with experts, workshops, live animals and outdoor games for the kids. Info: 760-376-2629.
Spring Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
Enjoy an array of arts and crafts created by local artists and craftsmen: fine leather accessories, hand-crafted jewelry and beautiful one-of-
a-kind paintings of all varieties. Festival Admission is free. 760-376-1403 or 760-379-6162.
Kern River Valley Historical Society History Days
Learn about the intriguing history of Kernville through exhibits, films, and much more provided by the Kernville Museum. In
addition to exhibits and outdoor recreation, the museum provides tours which allow you to explore luxurious natural hot springs, gold
mines, and historical buildings and homes that make the area so quaintly unique. Admission is free. 760-376-6683.
Annual Whitewater Wednesday
Sponsored by the Kernville Chamber of Commerce, this event introduces newcomers to the sport of whitewater rafting. All of the local
rafting companies donate rafts and guides to the cause. Riverside Park is the place. Come get wet with us!
Info: 760-376-2629.
Kids Fishing Derby
Kids Fish Free! This fishing event is tons of fun for children ages 5-16, as they race to catch Lake Isabella’s largest fish for trophies and
fun fishing prizes. After the contest weigh-in, everyone can enjoy complimentary hotdogs, snacks and sodas, a friendly face-painting and
a visit with Smokey the Bear! There are lots of other fun activities for everyone! Admission is free. 760-376-2804.

                        Hikes & Favorite Places

Cannell Meadow Trail
North of Kernville on Sierra Way just before the SCE Powerhouse on the right, the trail ascends through a variety of landscapes
to the Kern Plateau. Great in the spring when the wildflowers bloom, it's also a nice biking trail.
Needles Lookout Trail
A short drive south of Quaking Aspen is the Needles Lookout Road, follow the trail for about an hour to the top of the Needles. Enjoy
the fantastic series of granite domes and the awesome views of the Kern River, Lloyd Meadows and the
Golden Trout Wilderness. Visiting hours are 9-6 when occupied. Limit 4 in the lookout at one time.
Dry Meadow Creek & Peppermint Creek
Both these creeks are accessible from Lloyd Meadow Road and feature water worn granite tubs and falls,
cool water and great views! Our favorite high country day spots!
River Trail ~ Park at the Johnsondale Bridge, walk back over and down the stairs on the south side. The trail
follows the North Fork of the Kern for 5 miles. An easy hike for a great picnic by the river.

                       Find out how to enjoy more of the breathtaking Valley and Giant Sequoias by visiting
      or by calling the Kern River Ranger District office at 760-376-3781.

                  Whitewater Voyages — 800-400-RAFT — —
                 Whitewater Voyages’ Kernville Outdoor Center Welcomes All!
    We warmly invite you to visit our Kern Outdoor Center in Kernville, located inside Frandy Park Campground.
                                  Aside from being our meeting area for all Kern trips,
                        K.O.C. is also a great place to get your Whitewater Voyages souvenirs!
                             You can purchase cool t-shirts, hats, sundries and much more...
               there’s even a place to check out pictures of you and your friends and family on the river!
We may be able to take short-notice or walk-in reservations for the Kern at our river office (760-376-8806). However,
 because of our busy season, we recommend that you reserve your trip well in advance by calling our main office, open
                    weekdays year-round and on weekends during the season, at 800-400-7238.

 Haven’t Booked Yet?                                                                                   Get Involved...
                                                   the beautiful scenery of

       Whitewater Voyages offers
                                                       Kern River Valley!                                Whitewater Voyages
           a variety of trips                                                                     would like your rafting adventure
        throughout California.                                                                    and visit to the Kern River Valley
                                                                                                    to be a spectacular experience.
             Kern River trips                           And please help                          In fact, we hope you enjoy the river
          range anywhere from                                                                          and beauty of the Valley
         1/2 day express trips to                     preserve the beauty                        so much that we see you every year!
           3-day expeditions,
       the most popular being the                  of our National Forest                          We are continuously searching
            1-day Upper Kern                                                                         for ways to provide the best
         and 2-day Lower Kern.                      by treading lightly and                      experience for our patrons, and the
                                                                                                   annual events and creativity of
          From our well-trained,                                                                        the Kern River Valley
            fun-loving guides
                                                   leaving no trash behind.                           residents add to the warm
         to our sumptuous meals,                                                                    welcome and adventure that
          Whitewater Voyages                                                                             the area has to offer.
               is dedicated
      to making your trip enjoyable!                                                                The Valley community works
                                                                                                       diligently to preserve
        For advance reservations                                                                   the natural beauty of the river
                call us at                                                                                and the Valley.
            800-400-7238.                                                                               As part of this effort,
     Even on short notice, we may be                                                               Whitewater Voyages schedules
       able to accommodate you.                                                                   annual Kern River clean up trips .

      If you would like more information on how contribute to clean-up efforts and conservation of the Valley
                               contact us or the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

       Whitewater Voyages is an equal opportunity outfitter operating under a Special Use Permit from the Sequoia National Forest.
                              Visitor Guide published compliments of Whitewater Voyages. (KVG Rev 01/07)
               Whitewater Voyages — 800-400-RAFT — —
                                              Lodging & Campgrounds
Motels/Inns in Kern Valley
Lodging in the Valley offers the perfect small town charm you may be looking for to jump start or complete your rustic river
adventure. Many require a two-night minimum stay on weekends and holidays so be sure to check in advance for availability/rates.
               Whispering Pines Lodge, 760-376-3733                       Kern River Inn B&B, 800-986-4382
               River View Lodge, 877-885-6333                             Kernville Inn, 760-376-2206
               Kern Lodge Motel, 760-376-2223                             Pine Cone Inn, 760-376-6669

Motels/Inns in Bakersfield
Bakersfield, approximately 50 miles from Kernville, is the last “big city” before you head up the mountain to Kernville.
You may want to consider staying in Bakersfield if you’re looking for a reasonable one-night stopover during your travels.
Below is a list of several motels/inns that are located in Bakersfield near Highway 178 (toward Lake Isabella/Kernville).
                La Quinta Inn, 661-325-7400                               Best Western Crystal Palace, 661-327-9651
                Double Tree Hotel, 661-323-7111                           Days Inn, Bakersfield, 661-324-5555
                Ramada Limited Suites, 661-831-1922

Campgrounds and RV Parks
Frandy Park ~ (800) 372-6399 ~
Tent camping, RVs, river parking.
All of Whitewater Voyages’ Kern River trips meet at Frandy Park*, which offers campsites on a first-come,
first-serve basis for a fee paid upon entrance. Restrooms and pay showers are on site. For more information
regarding accommodations and rates, or to inquire about advance reservations, contact Frandy Park*. Please note...Frandy Park is not
owned or operated by Whitewater Voyages. All fees are charged at the discretion of the owners of Frandy Park and are not controlled
by Whitewater Voyages. Frandy Park charges a parking fee to Whitewater Voyages’ clients.

Forest Service Campgrounds
The Forest Service hosts a wide array of campgrounds at affordable rates, both along the rive and Lake Isabella. Some of
The more popular sites are listed below. For information about campground specifics and amenities it is best to contact the local Forest
Service (Kern River Ranger District ~ 760-376-3781).
                Hobo                          Camp 3                      Limestone                   Goldledge
                Sandy Flat                    Camp 9                      Pioneer Point
For detailed information about Sequoia National Forest camping, recreation, permits, maps, brochures, etc.,
visit the U.S. Forest Service website at

Some Forest Service campgrounds may be reserved through the National Recreation Reservation Service at
877-444-6777, or, through
You can also visit the Chamber of Commerce website at

Boating & Fishing
Lake boating and fishing permits may be obtained at these locations:
                French Gulch Marina ~ 760-379-8774               Dean’s North Fork Marina ~ 760-376-1812
                Red’s Kern Valley Marina ~ 760-379-1007          Crossroads Market ~ 760-379-8170
                Isabella Market ~ 760-379-8222                   James Sierra Gateway Market ~ 760-376-2424
                Primos ~ 760-376-2555                            Riverside One Stop ~ 760-376-1688
Information can be obtained by contacting the Kern River Ranger District ~ 760-376-3781.

                                   Please confirm any/all travel directions with a California map.
                 Whitewater Voyages — 800-400-RAFT — —

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