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                           Aerial and lakeside views of the Pines Resort in Florida

     Information Package for the Rusty Dragons “MOTLEY CREW” team at

                    “The Pines” Florida Camp
            Sunday April 15 to Saturday April 22, 2012

                            Taking place at the Pines Resort
                           In Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.
                      This is the practice site for some world championship
                     dragon boat teams, as well as a winter practice site for
                      some Olympic athletes in rowing, canoeing, kayaking.

The camp is organized by veteran paddler and national coach Jim Farintosh and his organization.

If you want to KICK-START your season and hit the water RUNNING when you return,
then we want you to join our group of like-minded competitive paddlers/athletes.
You will have guaranteed FUN as well as enjoy the camaraderie with other paddlers.

This document was prepared by us (Rusty Dragons) and not Jim Farintosh. If you do see something
that could be added or clarified, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately.

The MOTLEY CREW name is used by the Rusty Dragons for teams of experienced paddlers who belong
      to other teams/clubs, but join us for events above and beyond their regular programs.
           ANYONE with paddling experience is welcome to join our crew of 20 paddlers.

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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                          www.RustyDragons.ca


Our Goal…
We want to provide paddlers with a well-planned opportunity to participate in this very unique training camp. The
coaches and fitness staff are tops in the country. The camp itself is run by Jim Farintosh, one of the most
successful dragon boat coaches both in Canada and Internationally. Where else can you forget about rush hour
traffic and paddle on the Banana River with dolphins at your side. Our main objective is to create unique
opportunities for paddlers that they can pick and choose from independently of their regular teams.

The Benefits of joining us…
Rather than sign up as an individual, we are organizing a group so we can realize savings in many areas as well as
make your trip even better. We have been planning events for several years and will use that experience to make
your stay even better. This document outlines all of the details for the camp including registration details and
costs, as well as many other group activities we have planned to make your stay better. We’ll help coordinate your
flights and/or car-pooling, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, team dinners, use of shared
van for groceries and sight-seeing, etc. You will likely save about $400 doing this with us versus doing this on
your own as an individual.

The Cost of the Program…
The total cost of the program is made up of several components which we will summarize here and provide fine
detail in a subsequent section. The bottom line is that we want you to register with us in order to SAVE MONEY
and be part of our team of like-minded athletes from Toronto and surrounding area. The cost to register for Jim’s
program as an individual is $375 (Canadian dollars). However, we will register for the team in order to receive the
group discounted rate of $345 per person.

As part of the services that we will provide to members of this team, we are offering a registration fee of $355
that will cover all of the following items and services (we are non-profit)…
    • Registration to The Pines camp to save money via group discount.
    • Coordination of group flights and/or car-pooling/shuttle to save money and make it easy for you.
    • Coordination of shared accommodations at the Pines to save money and make it easy for you.
    • Arrangement of special events at the camp (including team dinners, and a trip to Cocoa Beach).

Costs which are not included in the above registration fee are air flights, accommodations, food for the week,
ground transportaiton costs, collection for gift to our assigned coach, etc. All of these costs can be reduced by
joining our group and capitalizing on the group savings. To see examples of what we believe your total costs will
be for the trip, see the “Estimated Overall Budget…” section near the last page.

Online Registration:


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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                            www.RustyDragons.ca


The following details of the camp have been provided to us by camp director Jim Farintosh. We’ve added our own
comments and details, as well, based on our own experience at the camp.

Camp Director – Jim Farintosh

                                  Jim has been going to the Pines as an athlete and coach for over 20 years.
                                  He values the special community of multi-discipline sports, friendships and the
                                  world-class training culture which exists there.

                                  Jim has been putting together a top-notch camp through his knowledge of
                                  paddle sports, his creativity and organizational skills, and supported through his
                                  extensive network of top-notch national coaches and trainers.

                                  There are other camps out there, but there are NONE like this one!

A Typical Day at the Camp

The schedule below is tentative and not specific to any particular team in Florida. The coach for each team will
tailor the actual schedule to meet their goals and the goals of their team.

6:45 -7:15am > stretch/Yoga session         The frequency and intensity of training sessions will vary for each crew
7:45 – 9:15am > training session #1         and may include running, outdoor circuit training, field games,
9:30 – 11:00am > training session #2        swimming, weights, OC training, individual help, tempo paddle
11:30 – 12:00pm > stretch session           sessions, interval paddle sessions and competition workouts including
1:00 – 2:00pm > video/talks                 time trial sessions. It is anticipated that each crew will use three
3:00 – 4:30pm > training session #3         training session slots per day according to their needs and day plans.
4:45 – 6:315pm > training session #4
Evenings: Social time or free time

There may also be OC-2 sessions organized for interested individuals. Outrigger canoes are being used in more
dragon boat training programs every year and are great for getting a better feel for the water as you try different
techniques. They are also great for fitness testing as they are light and it all boils down to your strength and
technique to make the boat move over a typical 100m or 200m test interval.

Camp coaches have not yet been confirmed. Coaches in the past have included the best from across North
America such as Albert McDonald, Don Irvine, Kevin Kwan, Tim Schaus and of course Jim himself. I’m sure we
won’t be disappointed this coming year and we eagerly await the announcement of the roster for 2012.

                 We will be providing more detail on the camp and schedule
                                  as they become available.

                                                 Stay Tuned!!

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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                         www.RustyDragons.ca

The Pines offers the unique experience of paddling on world renowned training water set amongst a rustic natural
environment of canals, palm trees, herons, turtles, manatees and of course dolphins. The Pines are 2-story units
set on 33 acres of landscaped space. The pictures on page 1 are of the Pines. Our dragon boats will be at docks
near the units (far-right of picture below) and this waterway takes us practically from our doorstep to the nearby
Banana River for the practices (2 minute paddle away). The Atlantic Ocean is also only 1 mile away!

The Pines Resort website:   http://www.floridapinesresort.com

           This is a view of a couple of Pines
              units from across the canal.                            This is a typical room with simple
                                                                            layout and furnishings.

Room Types
The table below shows the three unit types at the Pines and their associated total rental cost for the duration of
the camp. The column on the far right shows what it would cost per person if the unit was shared by the indicated
maximum number allowed for the given unit type. The two bedroom unit has two bathrooms, while the others
have one. Each unit has a large living room area with a TV and cable. Costs in table below are for 2011.

Pines                                      Weekly Rental Fee             # People in unit         Cost per Person
Unit Types                                 (taxes are 11%)                 (maximum)             (including taxes)
Junior efficiency w/microwave               $435 USD + tax                     1                      $479 USD
One bedroom w/ full kitchen                  $685 USD + tax                    2                      $377 USD
Two bedroom w/full kitchen                   $735 USD + tax                    4                      $202 USD

Note that there are NO PHONES in the units themselves. If you need to make a call, you will need to use a cell
phone or a nearby pay phone (which is just a 5 minute walk from the camp). We will be distributing emergency
phone numbers should your family/friends need to contact you and you don’t have a cell or for some reason they
can’t reach you on your cell. One option is to use phone cards at the payphone to save money.

Jim and the Pines are working on providing internet access in the card room for the 2012 camp. Details will follow.

Laundry Services
There is a laundry building on the grounds where you can wash and dry your clothes via coin-operated machines.
We suggest groups of paddlers share the purchase of laundry detergent rather than bringing your own. The
machines are large and clean and we have had no issues with them in the past.

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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                           www.RustyDragons.ca

Master Itinerary …** Tentative at this time we will work with our coach to set schedule**

An example (based on our past experience at the Pines Camp) of the complete trip itinerary (for which there are
options) is as follows. This example assumes you want to join in all shared opportunities with the rest of the team.
We will add more details as we get them.

Saturday April 14th– Packing!
   See the “Packing and Planning…” section on the next page for some help with this.

Sunday April 15th “Flight to Camp, Check-in and Orientation”
   Check in at The Pines office for room keys. Note that roommates should check-in together and the Pines will
    charge you only your share of the room cost.

Monday April 16th“First day of training”
   Note: Our assigned coach will provide us with detailed schedule and plans for week on the first day.
   6:45-7:15am – Stretch/Yoga
   7:45-9:15am – Paddle session #1
   9:30-11:00am – Paddle session #2
   11:30-12:000pm – Stretch session
   1:00-2:00pm – Video/talk sessions
   3:00-4:30pm – Paddle session #3
   5:00-6:30pm – Paddle session #4

Tuesday April 17th
   See Monday’s general schedule.

Wednesday April 18th
   See Monday’s general schedule.

Thursday April 19th “Train and Play Day”
   See Monday’s general schedule.
   *Potential* afternoon side trip to Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon’s, etc. If so, there will be morning training only.

Friday April 20th
   See Monday’s general schedule.
   Team dinner with coach.

Saturday April 21st “Last Day of training, and Races”
   Practice and race with other teams. Details to be determined.
   Afternoon Camp BBQ

Sunday April 22nd “Check-out, possible Orlando shopping, and return flight day”
   10:00am – Check out of The Pines.

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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                              www.RustyDragons.ca

Packing and Planning…
Keep in mind flight restrictions for checked and carry-on luggage, as well as airline security restrictions. It is the
sole responsibility of each paddler to ensure they have checked all rules and regulations for their flight.

Some notes on things that you might consider bringing…

 Paddle gear - If possible, bring your own paddle and PFD. A butt pad is a good idea as we will have many
    long paddles sessions on the water. Paddles will not be available at the camp. We are looking into the cost of
    sending our paddles down via HTML courier as we have a contact Jackie that can get us a discount. You could
    also buy a PFD in Florida at the Wal Mart close by for $6.97 and then give it away afterwards or donate to the
    camp. Note that you do not need to wear your PFD, but must have it in the boat.

 Sun Protection – You will need sunscreen (keep in mind liquid/compressed gas restrictions). We suggest
    that you might want to buy your sunscreen in Florida due to travel restrictions.

 Clothing - Paddle gear is obvious, but note it could be very cool in the mornings. There will also be stretch
    classes, and opportunity to go to the ocean any day (either beach 1 mile away, or Cocoa Beach one day which
    is 40 miles away) so pack a swimsuit. Note that practices are rain or shine so you will want to bring a light
    water-proof jacket/shell. Practices are never cancelled except for safety reasons (waves, wind, lightning, or
    sharks – just kidding). A baseball cap light weight and not a dark colour is a good idea, and of course
    sunglasses. For the stretch classes you may want to bring a large towel as we will be taking these classes
    outside on an old tennis court. Paddle gloves are good because you will be paddling every day and blisters do
    form quickly.

   Clothes line and clothes pegs are a good idea to hang dry your paddling gear in the sun after they have been
    cleaned. Most times gear left out will dry within 24 hours.

 Travel Insurance – available at many banks or Blue Cross.
 Passport – Your number one most important item. It must be valid at least 6 months past your arrival date.
 US Dollars – Needed for some spending, and as we will need some small change for tips, etc.
 Camera – There will be plenty of opportunities for photos of the practices, the scenery and wildlife, etc. We
    will bring our digital photo and video cameras to take pictures to share with everyone online with FlickR.

 Cell Phone - If you are bringing one, check conditions with your service provider, there are plans available for
    short trips to US. You can also use phone cards. Note there are no phones in the rooms at the Pines Resort.
    There is a pay phone about a 5 minute walk from the Resort.

 Credit Cards - Inform your credit/debit card companies that you will be in Florida for the week.
 Food – You can bring a few things such as sugar, tea bags, protein bars, or other favourites you can’t do
    without. We will be shopping for groceries using a shared cost van rental. We have in the passed shared
    cooking meals between rooms and we can discuss this as we get closer to the trip.

 Medications - Don’t forget your medications (in sufficient quantity) including deep heat rub! You may need
    it. If you have any allergies or conditions the coach should be aware of please ensure they are listed when
    you get the opportunity to complete camp-specific registration forms or waivers.

 Water - We suggest you bring a re-usable water bottle to minimize waste at the camp. Imagine hundreds of
    paddlers drinking several water bottles a day!

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Car Rental at the Pines…

Based on the location of local amenities such as grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, etc, it might
be of interest to share the cost of a car rental while at the Pines. This will be arranged separately with those
interested. Our online registration form will have a section for registrants to indicate their interest in sharing costs
for a rental car. The cost below is based on last years rental, this may change.

Estimated Overall Budget…
Based on our experience going to this Florida Camp, we have listed the estimated overall cost of the trip in the
table below for your reference. The total is estimated to be $1,188 - $1,488 (less if you drive, more if you aren’t
part of the group savings). Three scenarios are shown below for comparison. Also see the Notes section below
for more info.

 Description                          Scenario #1:                    Scenario #2:             Scenario #3:
                                      Shared Group option             Drive with Shared        Non-group with flight
                                      (flight & accommodations)       Accommodations           (no rental car)
 Return Flight - see note below                 $350-$650                      $0                       $650
 Orlando Shuttle (return)                   10 people $30 each                 $0                       $100
 Drive (with two passengers)                        $0                        $201                        $0
 Camp Registration includes tax                    $345                       $345                      $375
 Vehicle(1) rental for week                        $28                         $0                     $40 taxies
 Pines                                             $205                       $205                      $485
 Food (we share some meals                         $210                       $210                      $300
 with group)
 coach & dinner gift                             $20                           $20                        $0
 TOTALS (each option)                       $1,188- $1,488                    $981                      $1,950


 FLIGHT: booking group flights allow for delayed payments, in some cases name changes, gets us all on the
    same flight so we can arrange our group ground transportation from the airport to the Pines saving the shuttle
    fee of $50 person each way. Flight cost listed is subject to change and once there is an idea of who is
    interested in a group flight this will be further refined as we look to book flights. I have priced flights from
    Buffalo ( we can car pool) and Toronto. We do need to make decisions about group flights rather quickly.

 DRIVING: It is 2,100km one-way from Toronto to the camp. Adding 150km of local travel during the week,
    this is a total of 4,350km driven. Using rough and rounded numbers to keep it simple, the math for the total
    cost is as follows: at 55L/500km, this is 9 tanks of gas. Total cost is 55L x $1.22/L x 9 tanks = $603.90. If
    this is shared equally between the driver and two passengers this results in a cost of $201 each for gas alone.

 Scenario #1 assumes paddler participates fully with the group; this includes flights, vehicle rental for week,
    and camp registration as part of group, etc.

 Scenario #2 assumes paddler does the same as Option #1 for everything except that they drive to Florida.
    It is assumed they have one passenger and equally share all gas costs and toll fees (if any).

 Scenario #3 is for comparison to a person who goes as an individual and is not part of a Rusty Dragon. It is
    assumed that they would register for an efficiency unit (the cheapest single person unit). They would not have
    a rental car (as that is not absolutely necessary), and as a result eat out more often. We marked a minimal
    $40 under “Van Rental” row to cover a trip or two via taxi/transit. This is meant to show group savings.

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2012 Rusty Dragons MOTLEY CREW at Florida Camp                                         www.RustyDragons.ca

Payment Schedule…
There are 4 main components to your cost for this camp; camp registration, transportation, accommodations, and
general living expenses at the camp (which aren't mentioned below as the occur during the week of camp).

 Camp Registration: $355 CAD - This is due IMMEDIATELY after registration. We are turning around and
    registering and paying for the entire group within hours of regular camp registration opening in order to
    reserve the limited space available at the camp. Registration is only valid with payment.
   Transportation Costs: will be determined when we see what interest there is in group flights.
   Accommodation Costs: $205 USD is an example if you are in a shared two-bedroom unit with four people.
    You will need to provide a credit card number to the Pines (over phone) to reserve your room. Note that
    nothing will be charged against the card until your arrival. I will co-ordinate the room reservations.

Refund Policy…
While we hope it doesn’t happen, we know that unforeseen circumstances can arise that may result in a paddler
pulling out of the camp months, weeks, or days in advance of the start of the camp. The difficulty this causes
would be solely with the group arrangements we have made. We will do our best to help the remaining paddlers
not incur any additional expenses, but we may not be able to eliminate all extra costs. There are three main
impacts from someone dropping out (with less impact if we have more notice).

 Rusty Dragons registration fee. The $355 registration cost is composed of two parts: Jim Farintosh’s camp
    portion is $345 and rest is $10 that we collect to pay out on your behalf as part of the group.
        o Jim’s camp fee refund policy is as follows: There is a $125 non-refundable fee and NO refund if you
             drop out after March 1, 2012.

 Pines Registration fee. Note that you do NOT have to pay for your accommodations until you arrive. In
    order to reserve your unit however, you will have to supply a credit card number. You must give the Pines 72
    hours notice in order to cancel your reservation without incurring any charges on your credit card.
        o If you cancel, we will attempt to find someone to replace you so the roommates affected do not have
            to cover the loss of your shared room fee.

 Air Flight Tickets. Please contact your carrier to determine your flight refund or credit options. Group flight
    purchasers we will determine the cancellation options when we book.

The Olympic Connection…
When we went to the Jim’s camp in April 2008,
Olympic athletes Adam van Koeverden (K1
paddler from Oakville) and Thomas Hall (C1
paddler) were there practicing for the 2008
Beijing Summer Olympics that summer. They
went on to win silver and bronze medals
respectively at those Olympics. Both athletes
spoke to the paddlers and it was inspiring to
meet them where they practice, and to be in the
same place training for our own sport. This                    Olympic Athlete Adam van Koeverden
spring is an Olympic year! Athletes from around
the Globe will be at the Pines.

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The Last Word…

If you have any comments or suggestions for this Information
Guide or the Rusty Dragons, or any other questions, please do
not hesitate to contact me as follows…

Caroline Goodwin - Cell: 647-261-2464

I will also be posting information on our website for this event.
Please check out the site for other unique opportunities!

Website:   www.RustyDragons.ca

We use Rusty@RustyDragons.ca as our common
e-mail address for sending out information or as our published
e-mail address for the organization.

This document will be maintained and posted on the website.
Please check the website regularly for the latest version of this
document. It will be updated regularly prior to the start of the
camp. See the “Version Number” at the bottom left of every
page and compare that to the version on the website.

THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy our programs. Please feel free to forward our website link or any
of our documentation or contact information to anyone you think might be interested.

I wish everyone a fabulous season participating in this great sport wherever you might be.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Goodwin

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