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Small business loans for women entrepreneurs

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In recent times, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased manifold. And these businesses are just
as successful as businesses run by men, if not more.

In fact, with women taking up the cudgels of running businesses in almost all sectors of industry, and being
remarkably successful at that, the traditional male bastions have fallen.

Recognizing this growing trend, many funding organizations are providing small business loans to women
to help them set up and expand their businesses.

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Women often have the perception that acquiring <b>small business loans</b> is a painful, complicated and
lengthy process. However, the truth is quite the contrary. A businesswoman will have to spend more or less
the same time and efforts as a businessman to get a loan.

Loans are available for women entrepreneurs in a variety of fields such as catering, consulting, beauty care,
bed & breakfasts, photo studios, pet supplies, greeting cards, etc.

<b>Things to Keep In Mind While Applying for a Business Loan</b>

Loans applications mainly focus on your character, credit, experience and reliability rather than assets.

Following are a few necessary details you should take care of before putting in a loan application:

<b>Clean credit card score-</b> A clean credit card score would definitely get you low interest rates on
loan. The best thing is to pay off your credit card debt. If you have accumulated debt, your credit worthiness
takes a beating.

<b>Business plan-</b> Keep your business plan handy, you can also hire a professional writer to write or
proofread your plan. Without this, no bank would consider you for even a <b>small business loans</b>.
You must clearly outline the organizational structure, asset base and targets you have for your business and
all of this should be included in your business plan.

<b>Loan proposal-</b> It should include all details about you as the entrepreneur, your experience, your
business aspirations, the amount of money you require, how you intend to utilize the funds, how you plan to
pay back your loan, etc.

After you have prepared as above you can opt for any of the following besides banks:
•Borrowing from your 401K
•Venture capital
•Enlisting a financial partner
•Cash advances

<b>Borrowing from your 401K</b> is probably the smartest move of all the options because, here you will
be paying "yourself" back with interest. Plus the fact that you can borrow against your own money without
"withdrawal penalties".

<b>Venture capital</b> is where an investor or a group of investors will loan you money for your business
or business idea. Venture capitalists usually want a hefty price for letting go of their money: you might not
have to pay the money back in a sense of making payments but rather you have to give up some of the
decision making as they will want you to run your business their way.

<b>Getting a financial partner</b> can be a good move if you get a contract up front explaining in detail
how the partner is to be paid, whether monthly through payments and maybe a small percentage of profit
etc. Whatever, you agree upon, be sure to get it in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

<b>Cash advance</b> is not really a loan to start a business; it is rather for working capital requirements.
Organizations offering this cash advance get their money from the credit card sales that the business does in
a specific period, there by reducing the burden of paying back the loan. The terms and conditions to qualify
for such cash advance are also relatively simple.

So far as pure loans are concerned, all the information and tips have been discussed in my other articles.
You will be benefited greatly by following them.

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