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       The Official Publication of the Alaska Association
       for Family and Community Education

       October 2009, Issue 2 (09-2)


     From the President                                        25% of the national association’s
                                                               members are over 80.  How to at-
     PPPPP, Prior Planning Prevents                            tract new members also generated
     Poor Performance, doesn’t take                            discussion.     There were many
     into consideration “writers                               ideas, but it came down to “Mer-
     block”.    Experts say “Just jump                         chandizing, Merchandizing, Mer-
     right in and start writing!”   So                         chandizing”
     here goes..........
                                                               Please continue to collect your
     There have been two highlights                            volunteer information, it is used,
     since I took office, the first was                        not only as part of our “Merchan-
     working with Juella at the CES                            dizing”,   but also as part of the
     Communications Office on the de-                          CES reports generated each year.
     velopment of our Web Site.     The
     second was the 73rd FCE National                          A round of applause to Liz Rettke,
     Conference held in Portland, Ore-                         2008 president; Alaska was one of
     gon. The theme was “Gathering the                         the   eight states that turned in
     Roses of Life”.                                           an annual report.

     The opportunity to meet and share                         September 11, 2001, where were
     with the other state presidents                           you? At our 17-Mile work party we
     was an eye opener.     The support                        were remembering. Many of us were
     we receive from our CES, is a                             at the 2001 state conference at
     thing of wonder to many of them. A                        the Catholic retreat house in An-
     member from Massachusetts told us                         chorage, enjoying our retreat from
     that in two years there will be no                        the world around us, no TV or ra-
     more 4-H support from their CES                           dios and then the phones started
     and that the majority of their re-                        ringing.     This lead to discus-
     search for agriculture comes from                         sions about    Pearl Harbor, Ken-
     Maine.    If there isn’t one al-                          nedy, and Challenger.
     ready,   we   need to start a CES
     Appreciation Day.                                         Memories! “Gathering the Roses of
                                                               Life”, 73rd national annual FCE
     As in the past years, the major                           conference! “Weaving the Fabric of
     topics at the Business Meeting                            Our Lives”, the 60th Annual Alaska
     were DUES and DECLINING    MEMBER-                        FCE conference! “Aprons...tie one
     SHIP.   After a lot of discussion,                        on!”   Kenai Peninsula FCE’s fall
     a $3.00 dues increase was approved                        meeting theme!
     for 2011.

FaCEs October 2009                                         1
     Our 2009 state conference was an-        events that are going on locally
     other memory maker. The Anchorage        now.
     district did a great job of put-
     ting together a variety of oppor-        I belong to several organizations
     tunities for us to enjoy and ex-         with national connections and ask
     pand our life experiences.               myself that same question some-
                                              times.   I’ve been a member of the
     Those of us from the northern dis-       American Library Association (ALA)
     trict came right back and taught         for 45 years, paid dues, even
     our club how to make the origami         though I am no longer working, be-
     purses, encouraged the expansion         cause I am still interested in
     of our brain synapses, finally un-       what’s going on in the library
     derstand why we feel so good after       world and ALA is on the cutting
     a morning at the workshop laughing       edge.
     and, wondering how we are going to
     have a 2010 conference you will          I have that same feeling about Na-
     all remember.                            tional FCE, especially after at-
                                              tending a national conference. It
     Volunteer hours - what a discus-         seems our world is changing so
     sion that invoked.    Each of your       quickly and we need     a “cutting
     club presidents should have a copy       edge” to keep us informed. Na-
     of the Volunteer Report.   Any ac-       tional does this with FCE Today
     tivity you participate in or pre-        and the Hearth Fire Series which
     pare for    pertaining to FCE, on        address current trends and pro-
     any level, is a legitimate volun-        vides opportunities to listen and
     teer hour along with the many            learn from women all around the
     other hours our members spend to         country. [My neighbor feels the
     benefit their communities.               same way about her national ap-
                                              plique society. - RW, Editor]
     We’ll see you all in 2010 to cele-
     brate 80 years of Homemakers/Home        When this letter was read at the
     Demonstration Units/FCE in Alaska.       Homer FCE meeting, Anita Harry
                                              told us that the local schools are
     Pat                                      being more careful about liability
     Patricia A. Thurman                      insurance.    As an example, she
     President 2009-2010                      mentioned a recent large funeral
                                              that was held in the high school
                                              theater; liability insurance for
     Why Belong to National FCE?              the several hours-long event cost
     Pat Thurman, President                   the family/church between $400 and
     from a letter to club presidents         $500.

     October and Membership Month have
     rolled around much too quickly for       Continuing Call for Alaska
     me. The perpetual question of “Do        Stories
     we join National FCE or drop out         Rosie Burgess, Vice President
     and no longer be a member of the
     State organization?” has ris-            The    writing project celebrating
     en once again.                           Alaska's 50th Birthday continues
                                              to be successful.     Some stories
     I received a call from a club fac-       will be [were] shared on Wednesday
     ing this dilemma and the first           during the first general session
     reason I gave her for staying in         at the annual conference. The book
     National FCE was for the liability       with the stories I have collected
     insurance.   This has to do with         so far   will be available to look

FaCEs October 2009                        2
     at in the dining room where the          challenge of being the next secre-
     other history books are available.       tary for Alaska FCE.
     The Kenai Peninsula has set a goal
     to have 100% participation in this
     writing project, and challenge the       Treasurer Reports on Statewide
     other Districts to do the same. I        Raffle
     will continue to accept stories          Nancy Heckart, Treasurer
     until the 2010 Spring Board meet-
     ing.                                     I would like to thank the dis-
                                              tricts for the great raffle prizes
     My goal is to publish a book with        they    provided for this year’s
     these stories and the others you         Alaska FCE Raffle    - Celebrating
     will still write. We may even in-        Alaska’s 50 Years of Statehood.
     clude the Alaska Highway stories,        The pictures provided made it easy
     Earthquake stories and other writ-       to make a photo poster which
     ing projects we've done in the           helped with the sales.     I would
     past. This could be a money maker        also like to thank our members
     for the State coffers.                   throughout the state that helped
                                              sell the tickets. We sold a total
     I will be looking for volunteers         of     879 tickets which added
     to type some of the stories. If          $1401.64 (after expenses) to our
     you know of sources for printing,        State Scholarship Fund to send
     please let me know.                      Alaska FCE members to state FCE
                                              meetings, and the National Dele-
                                              gate Fund to send the Alaska FCE
     Keep on using the Hearth Fire Se-        president to National FCE meetings
     ries from National. They are a           (Bylaws Sec. 11. B 2 and 3).
     good source for quick lessons at
     your meetings.                           The drawing was held September 17,
                                              2009,    at the Alaska FCE Annual
     Note: send stories to:                   Conference Banquet, Northstar Bi-
     Rosie Burgess, P.O. Box      2605,       ble Camp, Willow, AK. The winning
     Homer, AK 99603                          names and their prizes are:     #1
     or reburges@xyz.net                      Alaska Wall Hanging - Lynette
                                              Berg, #2 Velvet Crazy Quilt - Mary
     Note: Rosie submitted summaries of       Hensel, #3 Doll and Cradle -
     the state conference evaluations         Carole Henry,    #4 Dolls - Tammy
     in a timely manner.    Due to lack       Fletcher, #5 Tote Bag - Cara
     of space in this issue, they will        Lilly.
     be published as required after the
     next state board meeting. - Ed.
                                              Historian Needs Names
                                              Mary Hensel, Historian
     Secretary To End Long Term               Thanks to all who sent or brought
     Jackie Jones                             articles for the history and memo-
                                              rial books.       The most recent
     I have been fortunate to have            books were on display at the con-
     worked with 2 presidents who were/       ference.    Unfortunately some of
     are organized and independent mak-       the people in the pictures are not
     ing the job of secretary easier.         identified because I do not know
     Five years has been a venture in         who they are.   If anyone can help
     learning, and I’m grateful to            me put names to faces please come
     Nancy Whiting whose compassionate        forward.
     heart has led her to accept the

FaCEs October 2009                        3
     Anyone who loves scrapbooking            Kenai Peninsula
     would love being historian. It is         Homer                    8
     a great way to get to know each           Marathon                11
     other better and to know some of          Redoubt                 12
     our members who have left us.             Total                   31

     Membership Alaska FCE,                    Golddusters              3
     September 1, 2009                         Lazy River              16
     Barbara Thomas, Membership                She-Mon-Sun             16
                                               Talkeetna                8
     State                                     Wasilla                 25
      Individual        159                    Total                   68
      Senior             35
      Family              4 = 8 members       Northern
      Total             202                    17-Mile                 26
                                               Tok-a-Tan               19
     By district                               Total                   45
       Individual        31                   Greater Alaska           12
       Senior            15
       Family             0
       Total             46                   In-House Fund Raiser Success
                                              Helen Kolbeck
      Kenai Peninsula                         Ways & Means Coordinator
       Individual        24
       Senior             5                   A big thank you to all who made
       Family             1 = 2 members       the In-House Raffle a big success.
       Total             31                   The donations were great, and the
                                              tickets sales went well. We had a
      Mat-Su                                  profit of $646.00 including the
       Individual        53                   sale of pins.
       Senior             9
       Family             3 = 6 members
       Total             68                   Web Site Under Construction
                                              Pat Thurman, President
       Individual        39                   In the discussion about the devel-
       Senior             6                   opment of a web site for Alaska
       Family             0                   FCE, I believe I heard someone
       Total             45                   say, “Oh, that should be easy to
                                              do.”    What a lot of lessons have
      Greater Alaska                          been learned.   If all you are do-
       Individual        12                   ing is providing   information and
       Senior             0                   pictures, it’s easy.
       Family             0
       Total             12                   Thanks to Juella Sparks, Communi-
                                              cations Manager, CES Communica-
     Club Membership by District              tions, and Nicole Carvajal it’s
     Anchorage                                been easy. They are doing all the
      Elauret                 11              “hard” parts.
      Flattop Forget-Me-Not   20
      Mountain Beavers        10              The Alaska FCE Banner is up at our
      Nika Pilila              5              web site
      Total                   46              <http://www.uaf.edu/ces/hhfd/fce/>

FaCEs October 2009                        4
     Keep checking to see what new has          ALASKA STORIES was a fun way to
     been added.                                get to know each other’s history a
                                                little more in depth. I encourage
                                                you all to share your Alaskan ex-
     This is your web site, so    if you
                                                perience if you haven't as yet;
     have suggestions, please     let us
                                                ask for help if you need someone
     know. Contact either Rieta    Walker
                                                to get it on paper for you; be a
     (rietaw@hotmail.com) or      myself
                                                part of FCE's legacy letter.

                                                I also learned a lot from the in-
                                                dividual classes that I chose.
                                                LET’S TALK ABOUT PLASTICS moved me
                                                to come home and recycle a big
                                                sack of plastic containers that
                                                I'd been using to refrigerate
                                                leftover food in.   Think twice if
                                                you are using any plastic contain-
     Members Report on 2009 State               ers that have scars. I lucked out
                                                as that week Costco had a $6.00
                                                coupon for a 19-piece set of glass
                                                storage containers which became my
     From Elaine Link - My wish is that         replacements.
     everyone could have been a part of
     this informative conference.    It
     was great fun and is among the             The MEDITERRANEAN DIET        3:00
     highlights of my year.    I always         o'clock class provided enough nu-
     think of it as a five-night slum-          tritious healthy food for the
     ber party with my friends - a              whole day, but, of course, I
     great prescription for many of our         couldn't disappoint the camp cooks
     ailments as we grow into our               by not eating what they were serv-
     golden years.                              ing at 5:00 o'clock!!   We learned
                                                why and how we should avoid using
     General sessions were excellent;           processed foods in our diet.   And
     LEGACY LETTERS was my favorite and         Leslie made many dishes with natu-
     confirmed my commitment to leave           ral fresh ingredients.
     hands-on remembrances and
     gifts for my family.     The elec-         CONTAINER GARDENING caught my at-
     tronics age is not helping as the          tention as I realize a day is com-
     younger generation is not writing          ing when I may require less lift-
     down anything on paper.   A couple         ing and bending to continue my
     of principles from this class              gardening fetish.   Being a pretty
     were: "The joy that isn't shared           avid gardener with enough success
     isn't born, so it dies,"                   to satisfy me I'm looking for new
     and "Scraps of our lives become            ways so I always can have that
     gold for those left behind."               fresh resource as long as
                                                possible.   I found Julie's class
     The HEALTHY BODY and HEALTHY BRAIN         very interesting and a lot of my
     session answered questions we all          techniques will still apply, but
     have and also provided useful in-          learned a few new tips such as re-
     formation regarding Alzheimer’s            cycling coffee filters (or using
     and where/what is in the community         new ones) by placing them over the
     to help us if we or a loved one is         drain holes in your planters to
     affected.                                  eliminate the dirt mess on the
                                                deck as the water drains out.

FaCEs October 2009                          5
     There were other highlights of the       Healthy Body-Healthy Brain - dis-
     conference, too numerous to men-         cussed normal aging vs dementia or
     tion, and the only negative, I           Alzheimer.   Lots of brain teasers
     came home sleep deprived because I       to work our brains. Keep learning
     couldn't miss the evening fun.           and doing new things or doing them
     This was my 9th conference and           in a different manner.
     each one gets better - I encourage
     everyone to attend state confer-         Stuff by Linda Tannehill - what to
     ence - its a real treat and a            do with stuff and what is really
     gift.                                    important to us to keep.     If we
                                              had to evacuate what would we
     From Mary Olson - The conference         take?
     was well done and informative and
     fun.     Pretty camp and great           Humor and Laughter - Leslie Shall-
     weather. Good meals were enjoyed.        cross One of my favorite classes.
                                              She got us up and laughing and
     Legacy letters - class reminded us       showed us how laughter is good for
     to write letters, stories, poems,        us and a great way to start your
     thoughts, beliefs, observations,         day.    Viewed a lot of laughter
     and love to our family and               clubs around the world and laugh-
     friends. Everyone has a story and        ter scenes from movies.    We'd do
     we need to share them.    A lot of       several different laughing se-
     GREAT letters, poems and sayings         quences each day. So much fun!!
     were read to us.   To encourage us
     to get started a table of note pa-       Banquet night-installation of of-
     per, cards and envelopes were made       ficers. Liz Rettke - new Vice
     available to take.                       President and Colleen Strunk - new
                                              Historian.    Table decorations by
     Painting with flowers - fun and          Homer and Redoubt clubs looked
     who thought you could paint with         really nice.    Drawings were held
     flower petals.                           for the state raffle drawings.

     Mediterranean in Alaska - Leslie
                                              From Liz Rettke - As I was driving
     Shallcross's prep time and the
                                              home from our Conference, I had a
     class were excellent.    This kind
                                              warm feeling about the time I had
     of cooking is becoming popular and
                                              just experienced.      A wonderful
     has less meat and more veggies,
                                              feeling of true sisterhood day in
     fish and nuts and spices and is
                                              and day out! Even without attend-
     better for you.   I even got to do
                                              ing all the classes, I was able to
     hands on cooking.   Great sampling
                                              learn about them because there was
     of the dishes.
                                              so much sharing about the differ-
                                              ent classes others attended.
     Plastics - good handout and dis-
     cussion on good and bad plastics
                                              Things I know more about because I
     in your life. The triangle on the
                                              attended our 2009 state confer-
     bottom of plastics is your clue to
     if they are recyclable. Ones with
                                              1. We have a membership that is a
     a 1, 2, 4, or 5 are the best for
                                              strong sisterhood!
     food use.     3 and 6 are not good
                                              2. Just start writing! Don’t let
     for you.         1 and 2 are
                                              past walls stop you from writing a
     recyclable.       web    site    -
                                              letter, article, or your own per-
     healthobservatory.org    Click on
                                              sonal story.
     smart plastics and that will help
                                              3. Laughter will change the way
     you learn more about the plastics
                                              you feel about just about any-
     in our lives.
                                              thing:   problems, not wanting to

FaCEs October 2009                        6
     be where you are, starting a big          most as Liz had us dump our pieces
     project.                                  on the floor and close our eyes to
     4. Get to know how to use the com-        choose each time we wanted a fab-
     puter Google.    Understand what to       ric scrap.   This was too much for
     use and why.                              me; I put my scraps in a bag.
     5. People [You] have STUFF that           There were some wonderful bags
     can hold them [you] down.    LET IT       taking shape, but there wasn’t
     GO!!                                      enough time in one class period to
     6. Our members have written some          finish the project. Even though I
     really great and interesting sto-         didn’t come away with a finished
     ries.   Now I want to read or hear        bag, I do have the knowledge to do
     more of them. I loved hearing the         it and am looking forward to com-
     stories from the persons who wrote        pleting my bag this winter. Great
     them.                                     class and fun teacher.
     7. Getting old is a fact of life,
     but it does help to know what you         Mediterranean in Alaska by Leslie
     can do about Alzheimer’s and de-          Shallcross was terrific! The food
     mentia.   Now I have to try to not        was magnificent.    I did learn a
     do some things the same way all           great deal about the health bene-
     the time.                                 fits.   There were excellent hand-
     8. A spa time out is more fun with        outs.    It was the best class of
     such happy friends.                       the conference for me as far as
     9. Attending well organized board         what I took away in information
     meetings is informative and well          and inspiration.
     worth the time. Thanks, Pat!
     10. Ways and Means was such a fun         Wednesday was very interesting. I
     time.   I won the cloth basket (we        learned from Kristy Long about Ly-
     have the place mats to match the          dia Fohn-Hansen, a name I’d never
     basket), and I sure love the box          heard until this conference.   The
     of spa products!                          general session that day included
                                               reading of the Alaska stories
     The highlight of the conference           gathered by Rosie Burgess and
     was the enjoyment of being with           Nancy Heckart. In the afternoon I
     our members and our CES advisors.         participated in Linda Tannehill’s
     Second would be where the confer-         class Getting to Know Your Neigh-
     ence was held.   I found the camp         bor.
     to be just right, and we sure wer-
     en’t wishing for anything more to         There were many enjoyable aspects
     eat.                                      of the state conference, but the
                                               best parts were meeting FCE mem-
     I would like to send to everyone          bers from around the state for the
     attending this year’s state con-          first time, playing Farkel, learn-
     ference a really big thank you and        ing Mexican Train Dominos, the
     a big bear hug for making this            overall camaraderie and bonding,
     such an enjoyable conference for          and coming away with a renewed in-
     me.                                       spiration for the organization and
                                               a new office, Alaska FCE secre-
     From Nancy Whiting - Attending my         tary.
     first state conference was a
                                               OR In Six Words
     I attended the class that showed
     how to make a designer grocery bag        Super, Educational, Fun, Friendly,
     from any shape or size of fabric          Good accommodations
     scraps taught by Liz Rettke.    It        - Sue Carpenter
     was out of the comfort zone of
FaCEs October 2009                         7
     The Extension Agents    all   did   a       day, but it was in a small room so
     good job! - Bea Combs                       a lot of us couldn’t attend.

     Loons laughing                              I, also, took another class that I
     Listening                                   enjoyed very much. It was “Are
     Learning                                    your papers in order?”. The speak-
     Legacy letters                              ers told of personal experiences
     Lattes                                      when a family member dies and
     - Charlotte Jensen                          doesn't have everything in order.
                                                 I hope to give a class on this to
     A wesome                                    my club sometime this fall.
     A mple
     F riendly                                   I enjoyed the conference very much
     C ompatuble                                 and meeting new people and seeing
     E ducational                                old friends.
     #6 Memorable
                                                 From Nancy Whiting
     Busy schedule                               Redoubt FCE
     Involved activity
     Flavorful food                              The annual national conference in
     Friendly friends                            Portland, Oregon, was fun, excit-
     Autumn colors                               ing, informative,inspiring and
     Memorable events                            amazing!   I came away completely
     - Jackie Jones                              bedazzled by the wealth of infor-
                                                 mation offered in the sessions and
     Informative Alaska ladies’ slumber          classes, inspired to the max about
     party! - Elaine Link                        FCE, the national programs and the
                                                 opportunities for our state, dis-
     Fantastic: Scenery, Food,     Clas-         tricts and local clubs.   I was so
     ses,People - Vi Markson                     impressed with the entire thing I
                                                 started saving for next year’s
     Wise wonderful women weaving wel-           conference the day I got home.
     coming worlds - Nina Menghini
                                                 The first day was the best day. I
                                                 started with FCL (Family Community
     National FCE Conference in                  Leadership)Day. There were 4 sec-
     Portland:                                   tions each one incredibly informa-
                                                 tive.   They included:  Point Made
     From Arlene Cavanaugh
                                                 (getting a message across in 30
     17-Mile Homemakers - FCE
                                                 seconds when meeting a complaint
                                                 or request); What Is Public Pol-
     I went to the Conference and had a
                                                 icy?; Ready or Not, Understanding
     good time and actually learned
                                                 Robert’s Riles of Order (a primary
     something that was very pertinent
                                                 foundation for civilization).
     in my life at this time. We had a
     speaker named Kari Berit. She
                                                 Take Charge of Your Brain was one
     talked about being an unexpected
                                                 of the best topics of the confer-
     caregiver to a family member who
                                                 ence, and I was very excited to
     is having mental problems or start
                                                 learn ways to keep my brain young.
     of memory loss. She told of ways
     to help your family member or
                                                 Some of the other classes I took
     friend. I could have listened for
                                                 were Dealing with Transitions;
     the rest of the morning - but
                                                 making creme brulee; Leadership,
     there was another speaker. Kari
                                                 Key to Organizational Development;
     had a short session later on that
                                                 Cyberbullying and Associated
                                                 Risks; Women Born to Lead.
FaCEs October 2009                           8
     I helped set up tables for the           her.   Evie began her Homemaker’s
     State Spirit Luncheon; as usual,         membership in WI and belonged to
     Alaska had one of the better ta-         the Skagua club and Mountain Bea-
     bles.                                    vers club before Flattops. Count-
                                              less Alaskans have been students
     I also enjoyed the various activi-       in her craft classes in the school
     ties including the annual meeting        district and campuses in Anchorage
     and the FCL benefit dinner with          and Fairbanks during Homemaker’s
     entertainment by Cree storyteller        “University Days”.     The Hotline
     and dancer Gerry Raining Bird.           commented, “Evie was a role model
                                              for homemakers - hard working,
     The best part of the conference          helpful and generous with her
     was meeting all those wonderful          time, her talents, and her cook-
     ladies from all over the country.        ies.”
     We had a lot of laughs and good
     times and worked together and            Alice S. Snodgrass (11-19-1913 to
     brainstormed in the workshops.   I       10-12-2008) 94 years. Born in Se-
     went to the conference not knowing       attle, Alice moved with her family
     anyone at all, and I came away           to Seward in 1915 and then to An-
     with a nation full of friends.           chorage in 1917. After graduating
                                              from Anchorage High School and ob-
                                              taining a bachelor’s degree in
                                              business from UAF in 1935, (Not
                                              many women obtained degrees in
                                              those days), she married Roland
     Memorial Service 2009                    Snodgrass and moved to Palmer
     Mary Hensel, Historian                   working for Alaska Rural Rehabili-
                                              tation Corporation, USDA Experi-
     Our pianist, Alisa who has been          mental Station and Matanuska Elec-
     volunteering at the camp played          tric Association.    She was active
     Nearer My God to Thee.                   in Golddusters FCE, served on the
                                              board of the Matanuska Telephone
     We gather at this time to commemo-       Association and committees for the
     rate the passing of those in the         credit union, community college,
     last year who were once with us          Palmer Senior Citizens, and en-
     but live here no more. We keep in        joyed playing cards.
     our minds and hearts those memo-
     ries and that love we knew because       Dorothea M. Forrest (4-16-1928 to
     they shared their lives with us.         12-17-2008) 80 years    Dorothea’s
                                              father was mayor of Juneau when
     Evelyn B. Foster (7-7-1911 to 10-        she was born, a second generation
     16-2008) 97 years.   Evie moved to       Alaskan. He later became a terri-
     the Red Devil Mine on the Kusko-         torial legislator and governor.
     kwim from New Richmond, WI, in           Dorothea graduated from Juneau
     1956 and then to Anchorage in            High School in 1946 as had her fa-
     1958. Her membership in Extension        ther before her.      In 1964 she
     Homemakers - later FCE - spanned         moved her family which included 7
     79 years.    Her hobbies included        children to Anchorage.     Her in-
     sewing, knitting, crocheting,            volvement with Boy Scouts, Camp
     cooking, gardening, and spending         Fire Girls, pottery, Homemakers,
     time with family. Evie was an in-        bridge, and art clubs kept her
     active member of our club (Flattop       busy all while working outside the
     Forget-Me-Not) when I joined but I       home.     [According to her son
     did meet her at luncheons and the        Craig she belonged to a Homemakers
     council Christmas party when her         club in Juneau. - Ed.]   As a for-
     daughter Lois Smith could bring          mer executive secretary at Hope
FaCEs October 2009                        9
     Cottage she was instrumental in           collection of dolls and donating
     coordinating the first several            them to charity auctions.      Her
     “Walk for Hope” events.       Her         memberships included Butte Home-
     greatest legacy was to instill in         makers, St. Michael’s Catholic
     her descendants a sense of social         Church, and board member of
     responsibility.                           Bishop’s Attic #2.     She enjoyed
                                               worldwide travel and spending many
     Maxine D. DeVilbiss (2-15-1924 to         winter months in AZ. A friend de-
     2-7-2009) 84 years Maxine arrived         scribed her as a woman of beauty,
     in Palmer from Foreston, MN, with         grace,and grit.
     her husband Ralph and 3 children
     to work at Victory Bible Camp and         Phyllis A. Lentz (11-15-1923 to 3-
     then at Lazy Mountain Children’s          20-2009) 85 years.    Phyllis came
     Home finally settling on their            to Alaska in 1956 from Ontario,
     Wolverine Creek homestead in 1956.        CA. She worked as a bookkeeper at
     Besides mothering her own 3 chil-         McKinley Park Hotel in 1973-74,
     dren she fostered about 40 Native         Mat-Su Supply in Palmer 1977-81
     children before adopting 2 boys           and Valley Wrecking.    The Palmer
     from Korea.    She was a founding         Lutheran Church, United Methodist
     member of Lazy Mountain Bible             Church, Lazy River FCE club, Moose
     Church, managed a prayer chain and        Lodge, Mat-Su Women’s Connection
     answered a crisis center hotline.         and Sweet Adelines at one time
     Her books include Billy’s Story (a        claimed her as a member. Her fam-
     35 year journey with autism) and          ily said she showed her love by
     Homesteading in Alaska. She was a         singing them songs.   She attended
     Lazy River, formerly Lazy Mountain        our 2008 conference here in Willow
     FCE club member since 1975.               and was still active as a commit-
                                               tee chairman for our organization.
     Colleen M. Franklin (7-19-1923 to
     5-8-2009) 85 years Coming from Du-        Johanna G. Schropp (12-14-1931 to
     luth, MN, area Colleen became an          4-14-2009) 77 years Johanna en-
     Alaska resident in 1944 in Curry          listed in the Air Force in Bronx,
     before residing in Anchorage. She         NY, in 1950 and, after basic
     worked at the Alaska Railroad and         training, was assigned to McChord
     National Bank of Alaska before re-        AFB, WA, in support of the Korean
     tiring in 1979 as Government Hill         War effort.    While there she was
     branch manager.     Her clubs in-         on the WAF championship swimming
     cluded Alaska Homemakers, Anchor-         and basketball teams.    Upon dis-
     age Bridge Club, Pioneers of              charge she moved to Alaska in
     Alaska, Anchorage Senior Center,          1952.   After employment at Alaska
     and Alaska Yukon Pioneers.                Cold Storage, she became the first
                                               office manager of Carrs Grocery.
                                               After 10 years, she moved on to
     Lucille M. King (2-26-1926 to 7-          Brinks Mercedes dealership.   From
     28-2009) 83 years      Lucille was        there she followed her husband
     born in Oregon, graduated form            around the world during his Air
     Billings (MT) High School, and at-        Force career and raised 3 sons.
     tended nursing school in Portland,        She was a charter member of Sun-
     OR. Four days after her marriage,         dogs FCE.    She enjoyed soapstone
     she and John boarded a steamship          carving, needlework, hiking, ski-
     for Alaska where she lived for the        ing, and bowling.
     next 64 years. They owned and op-
     erated Mamma’s Wood Yard.      She        Katherine E. Love (8-7-1913 to 4-
     later nursed at the Palmer Pioneer        4-2009) 95 years     Katherine was
     Home.    She was an accomplished          born with a twin sister in Port-
     seamstress, sewing clothes for her        land, OR.    After graduation from
FaCEs October 2009                        10
     high school and the Burnley School         could be recycled. She would say,
     of Art in Seattle, she married and         “Be cheerful. Strive to be happy”
     had 2 children.    After a divorce         with a smile. Her own heart might
     she and the children moved to An-          be breaking, but she would smile.
     chorage where she was employed by
     what is now the FAA.      When her         Clara Evanson-Hoose (6-27-1922 to
     children finished high school, Kay         7-23-2009) 87 years    A native of
     attended the Art Students League           ND and graduate of a state teach-
     of NY for a year. This led to her          ers college, Clara taught in a
     drawing and designing for the US           one-room schoolhouse until Novem-
     Public Health Service until 1976           ber 1943 when she traveled by
     when she retired to a life of vol-         train, ship, and mail plane to
     unteer service.   Her great inter-         Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, in
     est was in preserving history.             the Territory of Alaska to marry
     Kay was active in the FCE Raise-a-         David.    She worked as a weather
     Reader program and in 2004 Mama            observer and radio dispatcher
     Bear the Reader which she wrote            prior to motherhood.     She was a
     and illustrated was published. At          member of Hannah’s Circle Bible
     age 95 she saw her second book,            Study, Anchorage Ski Club, the 99s
     Mama Bear the Reader and the Pur-          (women pilots organization), Home-
     ple Honey Bee, published. Kay re-          makers, and Square Dancers Club.
     ceived many awards of recognition          For many years she attended “Fri-
     and appreciation the last of which         days 10 ‘til 2” at UAA.      At her
     was a 2007 Governor’s Outstanding          last doctor’s visit, she said,
     Volunteer of the Year award.               “Well, I am an 87 year old lady
                                                who has had a wonderful life, and
     Julie Cesarini (1-23-1939 to 10-           I can’t expect to live forever. I
     16-2008) 69 years      As the Homer        am ready to go home.”      Two days
     Tribune cited Homer “lost a be-            later she gracefully passed away.
     loved character in Julie, a woman          Clara lived a rich, joyful, faith-
     who helped define the town and             filled life with zest, a positive
     surrounding area as a haven for            outlook, and a grateful heart.
     people wanting to live in nature
     and give back to the earth through         Wanda Williams - It was brought to
     not wasting its resources”. After          my attention I missed an FCE mem-
     attending college in MI where she          ber who passed away early in 2008.
     was born and raised, she moved to          Gail Cavyell wrote an article en-
     Valdez in 1967.    Later she saw an        titled “My Buddy Wanda Williams”
     ad for Yule Kilcher’s “Kachemak            which I received at the last con-
     School of Living” inviting people          ference.   No date of death and no
     to come to Homer to see how to             obituary were written.   A summary
     live off the land.     After a year        of the letter/article follows:
     of traveling in a van as far as            Wanda was born on February 17 in
     Key West, FL, in 1981, she and her         the ‘30s in Independence, MO, and
     2 children returned to Homer to            lived on a farm where the family
     build a house 1/8 mile from Fire-          raised pigs and chickens.      She
     weed Lane.    It had minimal elec-         came to Alaska as a senior citizen
     tricity and a wood stove.    In the        and with lots of encouragement
     late ‘80s Julie studied hemp prod-         from friends eventually joined the
     ucts and established Rainbow Hemp          17 Mile FCE club. She volunteered
     Farmstead.      More recently she          at the library and Senior Center
     greeted tourists and sold hemp             and was willing to do any task
     products, flags, blankets, and             that needed doing.      She loved
     clothing from a purple bus parked          country music, playing Bingo, and
     in town.     It upset her to see           laughing. Her favorite expression
     waste as she thought everything            was “Off to the Races”.
FaCEs October 2009                         11
     Eternal God, let your presence            We are keeping busy and learning
     rest upon us as we give thanks for        how to strengthen our lives with
     these Homemakers’ lives. We thank         knowledge.
     you for the days of life that you
     gave them.     May their memories
     live long among us and be a source        Kenai Peninsula
     of strength for us.                       Rosie Burgess, President

                                               The Kenai Peninsula has 3 clubs:
     District and Club News                    Redoubt FCE in Nikiski, Marathon
                                               FCE in Seward, Homer FCE, and 3
     Anchorage                                 Greater Alaska members. We have
     Liz Rettke, President                     about 34 members. Although we are
                                               few in numbers, we are great in
     Lynne Wince received a James Mat-         the benefit we provide our commu-
     thews scholarship to attend the           nities.
     FCE National Conference.    Lynne
     found the conference to be worth          KP FCE officially holds two busi-
     attending but was disappointed by         ness meetings a year. The spring
     the attendance.                           council meeting was hosted by Re-
                                               doubt FCE in Nikiski, April 25.
     Our Raise-a-Reader project re-            They planned their meeting around
     ceived a donation from Target in          the theme “Then and Now” with many
     the sum of $1,000.00!!!      Nancy        interesting household antiques on
     Heckart applied for this grant "on        display including a wonderful ex-
     line". Talk about keeping up with         hibit of valentines circa WWII.
     the times!   Our thank you to Tar-        They served a delicious luncheon
     get was also done on line accord-         featuring depression era favor-
     ing to their directions.    We are        ites.
     living in a computer world and
     this just shows us how important          Important business included a re-
     it is to understand how to work           vision of our bylaws and standing
     computers.                                rules. This had not been done
                                               since 2000. We also discussed the
     Putting together this conference          use of the raffle permit we have
     has just given us another way to          access to with our membership in
     bond and we sure did a lot of             “Bridges”. Redoubt club used this
     bonding.                                  permit for their raffle this sum-
                                               mer. We set a few goals for KP
     All year long we have to be aware         FCE. One is to increase each club
     of our Rondy project so we have           membership by at least one member
     been on step with this project.           this year and to have every member
                                               write a “Living in Alaska” story
     Our clubs have been having some           for Alaska’s 50th Anniversary writ-
     very interesting club programs,           ing project.
     and I will list some of them:
     eco-system, stretch and balance           The fall council meeting will be
     exercise along with healthy foods,        hosted by Homer FCE Oct 3. The
     information about Alaska bird             theme will be “Aprons…tie one on”.
     watching, why should we know about        Each member is invited to bring an
     macular degeneration or glaucoma,         apron and share an “apron story”.
     snuggle blankets for Anchorage            A program highlighting the history
     Care for Kids, Anchorage AWAIC            and social significance of the
     (service in Anchorage for women in        apron will be presented. Other ac-
     need) needs.                              tivities will be an apron fashion

FaCEs October 2009                        12
     show, an  apron  game, aprons for         Of course, we all enjoyed the spe-
     favors and table décor. We invite         cial annual luncheons, potlucks,
     everyone to join us in the fun.           birthday parties and picnics we
     Nancy Whiting, who attended her           are so famous for.
     first National conference, will
     recap highlights from the Confer-         KP FCE, in conjunction with CES,
     ence.                                     set up a membership recruitment
                                               booth at the Ninilchik State Fair.
     We also hold a mid-winter retreat         A tri-fold poster with photos of
     each year. Plans are still in the         local activities was on display.
     works for that. Last year several         We finally completed the long
     members from Willow joined us.            awaited KP FCE brochure. It made
     They were a fun addition to our           its debut at the fair and will be
     group and we really got to know           available at the CES office in
     them better.   We  hope they will         Soldotna and for each club to hand
     come again and invite each of you         out at their local events. We hope
     to come join us, too.                     this will be a valuable marketing
                                               tool. [The district council voted
     During the summer months, our             $200 to print the brochure.]
     clubs have been active. Activities
     include: Roadside clean-up,     60        Scholarships have been awarded for
     Raise-a-Reader packets given to           attending the national conference
     South Peninsula Hospital, a spring        and the state conference.
     bazaar was held, a table at the
     Family Fun in the Midnight Sun            Much time has been devoted to
     community event, a garage sale for        hosting the banquet at the annual
     fund raising, items were donated          conference. Clubs shared in pro-
     to a local man’s fund raiser to           viding table decorations, favors,
     help with his medical treatment           centerpieces and the program book-
     expense, a quilt raffle was held,         let. We hope you all enjoy “Weav-
     a class on making jams and jellies        ing the Fabric of our Lives” dur-
     was taught at a local church, and         ing the banquet as well as the en-
     one member successfully completed         tire conference.
     the Master Gardener program.
     Classes were held on painting silk        And from the October 3 district
     hankies, knitting hats, making po-        meeting minutes:         Lorraine
     lar fleece hats, and making               McCauley opened a discussion about
     starched fabric boxes. Newspaper          the difficulties Marathon members
     subscriptions were given to the           have in attending the annual re-
     Seward Senior Center, and items           treat held in Soldotna in February
     were made to support the Senior           and suggested a change to
     Center raffle.    We enjoyed cele-        mid-March.    In addition, it was
     brating Alaska's 50th Anniversary         suggested the district meetings no
     with a history lesson and discus-         longer be rotated between clubs,
     sion and also commemorated Bar-           but be held in Soldotna at a res-
     bie's 50th Birthday by discussing         taurant; host club would bring
     the positive effect the doll had          door prizes and possibly hold a
     on women's roles in society. She          raffle.    Soon the idea was pre-
     was not just a fashion doll, she          sented to include the spring dis-
     helped pave the way for our coun-         trict meeting during Retreat some-
     try to accept women in the work           time in mid-March.   These changes
     force, including women doctors,           were accepted.
     military, the space program,the
     Olympics, multi-racial accep-
     tance,the disabled, divorce and
FaCEs October 2009                        13
     Mat-Su                                     breaking ceremony was held Septem-
     Barbara Thomas, President                  ber 11 and the plan is to be in
                                                the first regional Recovery Park
     Summer comes to an end with the            in Alaska by next summer.   Mat-Su
     completion of our major fund               FCE is donating $1000 to VCRS to
     raiser and family and community            help with not only the building
     education project: the Alaska              construction but also to help with
     State Fair Demonstrations.      We         the transition to the new facility
     presented 45 hours of demonstra-           and on-going operating costs.   We
     tions in 11 days.     Our talented         will be one of 1000 donors and
     volunteers presented a good vari-          volunteers honored with our name
     ety of arts & crafts and food dem-         on a permanent plaque displayed in
     onstrations to record crowds of            the building.
                                                Our other programs such as Raise-
     Although some of our clubs don’t           a-Reader, Newspapers in Education,
     meet over the summer, our many             and Dictionaries for Third Graders
     programs and projects found us             continue, and we are planning a
     busier than ever.     We were very         reprint of Mama Bear the Reader
     busy with several events and pro-          and the Purple Honeybee next
     jects for the Recycling Center.            spring.
     In July we participated in a Ga-
     rage Sale and Bake Sale fund rais-         And finally, we participated in
     ing event.     Mat-Su FCE was in           the Celebration of Life for Kay
     charge of the bake sale portion.           Love.   We had a table and display
     Members provided baked goods for           of all the project, programs, and
     sale, visited local bakeries and           events Kay had contributed so much
     restaurants asking for donations           of her time and talent to.     The
     of baked goods, and manned the             feature of the display was, of
     bake sale tables. In the process,          course, the two Mama Bear the
     we learned all about the food              Reader books and our Raise-a-
     safety rules and recommendations           Reader program.    The Celebration
     for putting on a bake sale that is         of Life was a silent auction of
     open to the public.    For example,        Kay’s art and collectables.    The
     you must register your bake sale           proceeds from the silent auction
     with your district office of the           were to benefit the organizations
     Alaska Department of Environmental         that Kay was a member of and that
     Conservation, giving date, time            were very important to her.     In
     and place and types of food to be          addition to $200 worth of sales
     sold.   You must also keep a list          and auction of Kay’s books at our
     of who donated what food items.            table, Mat-Su will be receiving
                                                $700 from the Katherine Riddell
     We also did our usual volunteering         Love Estate.
     at the Recycling Center and the
     State Fair.    Members helped with
     recycling at the Fair and in the           Northern District
     Recycling Education Booth.      We         Lucille Reese,President
     also provided lunch for the volun-
     teers on one of our regular Satur-         I’m hoping everyone read the
     days at the Recycling Center.              spring newsletter, as our report
                                                included almost everything we do.
     Valley Community for Recycling So-
     lutions (VCRS) has obtained all            17-Mile Homemakers - FCE doesn’t
     their grant monies and raised              meet in the summer months, but we
     enough funds to begin construction         do keep on volunteering.  We just
     for the new facility.     A ground         don’t have work “parties” at
FaCEs October 2009                         14
     Mike’s Folly Workshop (Pat Thur-           of us are Seniors. We are gather-
     man’s home). We have 4 sewing ma-          ing books for our 2nd Annual Books
     chines, a cutting table and all            and More Sale, which was a good
     our supplies in their large room           money raiser for us last year.
     above their 3 car garage.     Mike
     was gracious enough to allow us to         I know Tok has an active club and
     move in and take over that part of         I’m hoping some of them will be
     the home.                                  attending conference as it is so
                                                nice to meet then and hear what is
     We keep busy in the summer at the          being done in other communities.
     North Pole Library.    Each week a         You all keep up the good work.
     member helps out at the Library’s
     Summer Reading program. It is a
     wonderful way to keep in touch             Tok-A-Tan
     with the Readers of Tomorrow. The          Nancy Kelley, President
     Parents and Two’s and Pre-School
     Reading programs keep us busy cut-         The Tok-a-Tan FCE club is very in-
     ting out craft projects and name           volved in community activities
     tags.    This year we renewed our          every year.   Some ongoing activi-
     coloring skills by decorating gin-         ties are: two $1000 high school
     gerbread men. Several of our mem-          senior scholarships; an annual
     bers will be helping with a new            Christmas bazaar; and a community
     program for families by    teaching        calendar listing birthdays, activ-
     simple knitting.                           ity meeting days and times, and
                                                advertising.   We also make dona-
     Veterans Stand Down is one of the          tions, both monetary and support
     highlights of our summer. Stand            to various functions.    This year
     Down   is a yearly event which is          we donated $100 to the Health
     held to honor our Veterans. Spe-           Fair, did food preparation for the
     cial attention is given to the             Search and Rescue Dog Training or-
     homeless veterans and those expe-          ganization and made crock-pot din-
     riencing post traumatic stresses.          ners for a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
     They are provided breakfast,               Seminar.   We also picked up trash
     lunch, cold weather clothing,              twice - spring and fall - on our
     sleeping bag, phone calls home,            club sponsored highway mile,
     health, dental and vision checks,          handed out Raise-a-Reader Book
     glasses, door prizes, entertain-           Bags, made by Cheryl Hosken, to
     ment.   This year they were given          new parents (5 this year) and
     Happy Lights, which are to help            helped with the annual Food Bank
     with the lack of sunshine and are          sponsored Cranberry Festival.
     very soothing. Many other organi-
     zations give other items.      2009        A number of certificates were
     was a record breaking year with            handed out for years of service
     the registration of 612 vets. The          and framed certificates were given
     homeless vets are always so appre-         to our last 2 club Homemakers of
     ciative of what is given them and          the Year:     Sally Young and Jan
     give back a smile and thank you.           Conrad. Jan was also honored at a
                                                meeting as being last year’s state
     Fall is here and that means we             Homemaker of the Year.        This
     have to hurry finishing the                year’s club president, Nancy Kel-
     Christmas stockings to get them            ley, was named the 2009 club Home-
     sent to the Children’s Hospital in         maker of the Year.
                                                Our programs have been both infor-
     We help at Santa’s Senior Center           mative and creative.       Heather
     when our help is needed, as most           Johnson from the Fish and Wildlife

FaCEs October 2009                         15
     Service told us about Alaska song-            the amount; the new deal on dues;
     birds with a slide show and hand-             and much else.
     outs; Fish and Wildlife represen-
                                                   In the current FCE Today, there
     tatives Michelle Stout and Connie
                                                   are photos of Joy Carew, Alaska
     Friend told us about the Friends
                                                   Heart of FCE awardee, and Oarlene
     of Alaska Program; and club member
                                                   Wingate, former FCE national
     Sally Young had a presentation
                                                   president who attended an Alaska
     about tracking down your geneal-
                                                   FCE annual conference; and “Advice
     ogy.    At other meetings we made
                                                   from Kay Love”.    There are also a
     cup and saucer bird feeders with
                                                   “First Timers Report” and other
     Pam Kron, made candy with Jill
                                                   items of interest.
     Kranenburg, Christmas card wreaths
     with Bonnie Girard, ‘plarn’   bags
     (made from plastic bags) with Mi-
     chelle Stout; we made dishcloth                
     rabbits, pine cone tree toppers,
     and played Quizzler a fun word
     card game.                                    A Prayer for the World
                                                   submitted by Shirley Mariman
     In all we have had an active, fun-
     filled, productive year.                      Let the rain come and wash away
                                                   the ancient grudges, the bitter
                                                   hatreds held and nurtured over
                                                   generations.     Let the rain wash
                                                   away the memory of the hurt, the
                                                   neglect.    Then let the sun come
     from the Editor                               out and fill the sky with rain-
     Rieta Walker                                  bows.   Let the warmth of the sun
                                                   heal us wherever we are broken.
     I was sorry to miss the annual confer-        Let it burn away the fog so that
     ence, but my husband and I had the            we can see each other clearly. So
     once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go          that we can see beyond labels, be-
     to a wedding in a castle in the Czech
                                                   yond accents, gender or skin
     Republic. Lena, the high school stu-
     dent from Russia who stayed with us 12        color. Let the warmth and bright-
     years, ago got married.                       ness of the sun melt our selfish-
                                                   ness.    So that we can share the
     Thanks to all of you who sent me re-          joys and feel the sorrows of our
     ports including 6 word ones.                  neighbors.    And let the light of
                                                   the sun be so strong that we will
     I am so proud of the Marathon FCE mem-        see all people as our neighbors.
     bers who came up with a change to the         Let the earth, nourished by rain,
     Kenai Peninsula district schedule to          bring forth flowers to surround us
     make it easier for their members (and         with beauty.     And let the moun-
     the rest of us) to participate in dis-
                                                   tains teach our hearts to reach
     trict activities.     How much better
     than saying , “We can’t do it anymore”        toward heaven. Amen.
     or just giving up without a word.             - Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

     Read the Minutes and FCE Today
     Rieta Walker, Editor
     Be sure to read the minutes to
     find out who the new vice presi-
     dent and historian will be; who
     got first timer scholarships and

FaCEs October 2009                            16

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