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Discover Mozzila FireFox Browser -and How to Install Extensions

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Learn about Mozilla Firefox browser. How to install firefox extensions and the power they hold.

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Discover Mozilla FireFox Extra Features – Extensions and How To Install Them

If you are still not using any other web browser then FireFox (no matter what OS you are using) you are
endangering the security of your computer and missing out on a much richer surfing experience.

One of Mozilla FireFox browser most powerful feature is the possibility to install extensions.
Since Firefox browser is a product of the open code community, this results in an active programming
distribution of firefox extensions. The extensions are plugins that just like skins will add functionality to the
firefox browser.
The number of extensions is countless and any day more of them are being released. They go from telling
the weather or controlling you favorite mp3 player from the browser to adding practical functionality to your
special surfing needs, like better managing your downloads or designing web pages.

To Enjoy all that you'll have to know how to install them. As an example I'll take a very useful extension
named "slime extension list". After installation of the extension, your extension list will be much slimmer
and if you are going to install a lot of extensions, it will be much easier to handle.
Slim Extension, could be found at . Click on "Install v0.3" link. If your security
settings are at default (I recommend to not change them) then at the top of firefox browsing window, a
yellow message will appear. Click on the allow button, and a new dialog will appear with the message that
firefox has blocked the unknown site from installing a software. Add the site to the list of your trusted sites
and click the "Install v0.3" again. This will pop up a window that will follow you throw the easy and fast
After finishing restart your mozilla firefox browser and check in tools? extensions.
Doesn't it look much better ?

To get the most out of your firefox, search the internet for "firefox extension" + the keyword of your area of
interest. You'll be surprised to find out how many extensions are out there that can make your life much

Stop using any other browser. Firefox was developed to work with the world agreed HTML standards. It is
faster and safer. The spywares, adawares, keyloggers, Trojans, and all the rests were designed to attack the
known security flews of the popular browsers.

So do your self a favor and switch to firefox, it's free and powerful. Download at

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