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A Desk on Top

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Solve window clutter and access desktop easily. To launch a shortcut from your desktop simply click
DESKonTOP icon near the system clock, and access a small copy of your desktop with all shortcuts.

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How many application windows do you have open during your typical computer work? If it's just one, you
may stop reading at this point. If, however, you do have a clutter of windows on your computer desktop - go
no further, you've just found the solution!

Windows offers a convenient way to access applications and documents you use often by placing shortcuts
to your computer desktop. These shortcuts are fast to click, but what if you have a window or two on top of
your desktop? Minimizing or moving around an active window to access your desktop may seem a good
solution for a while, but what if you work with more than just one or two applications? Those shortcut icons
are covered well enough to make you spend a while to minimize or move away every window that blocks
desktop access.

OK, maybe desktop shortcuts are not that great an idea after all. Let's open that same shortcut from the
Windows Start menu! Click Start, select All Programs, and locate the application you were looking for.
Slow, isn't it? I told you.

Wait, here's the Show Desktop button! Let's click it! Great, you can see the desktop and start your shortcut.
Fast? Yeah! But hey, where are your windows? Those multiple applications you were using for work?
They're minimized. Let's try the Desktop button once again... nope. It minimized the window you've just
opened. It only worked until you actually started the shortcut. To restore your other windows, see the
beginning of this article - minimize, minimize, minimize, and restore, restore, restore. Slow and boring.

DESKonTOP by http://www.shuric.com/deskontop.shtml finally solves the puzzle. To launch a shortcut
from your desktop simply click DESKonTOP icon near the system clock, and you'll see a small copy of
your desktop with all shortcuts and icons. You can easily launch a shortcut from there, and that's it! No need
to minimize or move windows around. No need for Start menu exploration. No playing hide-and-seek with
your windows. All it takes is one click on DESKonTOP icon, and one more click to launch a shortcut!

Once the mouse cursor is over an icon, DESKonTOP will enlarge it to show you the full-size version of the
icon and its text label, allowing you to clearly see and click the shortcut without training your sniper skills.

Still find it difficult to use the small icons on the reduced copy of your desktop? No problem! DESKonTOP
is readily customizable, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance of the mini-desktop the way you like it.
Larger icons or text labels? Distinctive background? Small copy of your real desktop? All that and much
more is possible with DESKonTOP. If you don't like a mini-desktop, consider switching to menu mode, and
DESKonTOP will display all your desktop shortcuts as menu items.

Save time and remove window clutter with DESKonTOP. Download your free evaluation copy now:

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