WLMA Exec Board Minutes by jennyyingdi


									WLMA Executive Board Minutes 9/11/2010
Meeting called to order at 9:10.

   1. Welcome/Introductions
   Mary Hovespian provided our food for the day with no charge. She also left a card
   thanking the board for our service to Washington students.
   In Attendance:
   Linda King, Jeanne Staley, Steve Coker, Carolyn Logue, Roz Thompson, Betty
   Marcoux, Benita Brown, Dave Sonnen, Alice McNeer, Sharyn Merrigan, Leigh
   Lohrasbi, Gary Simundson, Molly Berger, Craig Seaholes, Chrisite Kaaland,
   Rosemary Saul, Kate Burton, Kate Pankiewicz., Pat Robertson, Paula, ?

   2. Minutes/Agenda- Kay needs to be Kate Pankiewicz.
    Betty moved to accept with correction. Leigh seconded. Passed
    Dave moved to accept the agenda. Leigh seconded. Passed.

   3. Reports
      A. Presidents Report – See attached.
              o Nancy Sikora emailed Linda last night as being interested as serving as
                 Exhibiting Partner. Gary has worked with her. Karen Paulson’s job
                 assignment has changed so she is no longer working with school
              o Jan Walsh Plaque – Jeanne S. working with WALE to honor Jan at the
                 WLMA conference. Margy will work with WALE to create a plaque.
              o WLMA Lawyer/Insurance – Different locations are asking for
                 insurance. Further discussion in new business.
              o Highly-Qualified Teacher-Librarian Certificates – Need volunteer to
                 organize. Sarah Applegate cannot continue this task. Jeanne Staley,
                 Betty Marcoux, Sharyn Merrigan, & Craig Seaholes will discuss and
                 bring a report to the November meeting.
              Craig Seaholes wants to create a map of certified librarians. Roz
              suggested this idea. Should WLMA continue certificates, or use stickers
              each year of service? Dave Sonnen suggested the Colorado Website –
              Power Libraries as a guideline. How do we verify certification/highly
              o Medium New computer – Discussed in new business.
              o E-News –
                 An issue will be published before conference.
              o Will Stavinky – Needs help with state advisory committee.
                 Representative retired. Member has been appointed by WLMA. Need
                 one or more teacher-librarian. Geographical balance. Benita Brown
                 volunteered as an eastside elementary. Craig Seaholes, Kristi Bonds,
Dave Sonnen:
    Elections: Positions start at the end of conference.
    Newly elected people are:
         Craig Seaholes, President Elect
         Gary Simundson, Vice President
         Kate Pankiewicz, Treasurer
         Jeanne Staley, Secretary
         Small schools, co chairs
         Venta Silins, Public Relations, This position needs be discussed and
         redefined in relation to include or not include advocacy and PR.
         Steve wants this to be a priority for Nov. meeting.
         Ann Bingham – HS Level Chair, University Prep, Seattle
         Kelly McSheehy – MS Level Chair, Frontier Middle School, Vancouver
         Amy Cook – Elementary Level Chair, Kennewick

Gary – VP report
Several regions have new leadership.
Gary mentioned to region chairs that it is his last year and there is opportunity for
Region chairs and treasurers will be posted on WLMA website.
Invitation to full board will come from Linda King, President. This needs to be done
by Monday. Linda needs the new names. After Linda’s invitation, Gary will follow
up. A brief report will be expected to recognize and see what other regions are doing.
Regions must meet before conference.
Regions can use their funds as incentive for members to attend.
Silent auction donations will come from regions.

Kate – Treasurer Report
Mistake in category detail report. $144 paid twice for PO Box.
$44,154.80 Total income includes conference monies.
Linda asked how well we have handled the tough times. The expenses did exceed the
income but not by a huge amount. Good job Kate!
Budget is not approved until Jan. board meeting. Kate has to have books reviewed by
an accountant before that.

Pat – Membership
836 members. Membership is a little low because Pat is trying to separate 2009 and
2010 registrations.
7 people have paid for 2010-11.
Difficult to keep track of who pays membership online. No printout of who pays
Every region has made a gain of one member in the last year.
When the conference is on the eastside, people do not join WLMA for that year.
Betty suggested 3 mini conferences in different areas of the state and one big
Another suggestion was to offer a discount for a two year membership.
Online charges: $2.50 per transaction for each registration item. eCheck or credit
card charges are eating away at profit also. eCheck is cheaper but most use a credit
card when registering. Steve and Carina will reevaluate in November the WLMA
presence online.

Christie Kaaland – Advocacy Christie had a national focus and Sarah Applegate was
the local focus. Neither will continue next year.
      Doing a session at conference on “Legislator in Your Library Day”.
      School librarians should invite Patty Murray and/or Dino Rossi in your
         library. Do not ignore the person running against the incumbent.
      Election year is a good time to get legislators in the libraries.
      Act 4 SL: national advocacy efforts ESEA. Five people are involved
         including Christie. They are gathering stories, ideas. They have a Wiki and a
         trifold pamphlet with info. These pamphlets will be distributed at conference
         with WA state information on them. WLMA is paying for them.
      This group has obtained a grant to train superintendents and principals to learn
         what TL do and what a school librarian can be. It is being offered on
         Antioch’s Ohio campus. The grant amount is $75,000.
Roz Thompson: Sean Fullerton and Roz went to a meeting on Common Core
Standards. These are the new national standards and assessments that are being
reviewed for implementation in WA state. Combination of GLEs, EARLS, WASL.
Good appendix to provide resources of books students should read and libraries
should provide.
Carolyn Logue: Legislators in the library are really important. Show what libraries
can do. There will still be a budget crisis this year.
Lots of library supporters may not get reelected. We may need to reeducate all over
again. We need to work both parties. Legislative Committee turnover will effect
advocacy and school libraries.
QEC –Quality Education Committee. WLMA should focus on those members to
educate about school libraries.
It is really important to contact legislators after the elections after the committees are
formed or are forming to gain library support.
Dave asked for suggested questions of legislators as they are campaigning.
Use LIT document to show legislators what they should see in a school library..
Show them what you are doing and what you want to or need to do.
The LIT document should be included in the conference packet.
Should we have an Advocacy Day during the legislative session? Roz will work with
WLA to coordinate.

Betty Marcoux – Higher Ed
Betty attended a conference where Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, spoke and
said the new emphasis is Math and English/LA. The department is not only looking
at content but process.
Betty suggested we need to figure out how we are involved with Common Core
Standards, that includes math and the merging of language arts, history, science, etc.
Website – Carina/Steve
Steve and Carin will reevaluate in November all aspects of the WLMA website
including useage and financial.
Linda feels we have made tons of progress over the past year.
Where is there a list of past awards? It is not on the website. WLMA awards are
archived in Spokane.

Aligning LIT/Ed Tech Standards
Linda King, Steve Coker, and Molly Berger met with Dennis Small for a day in July.
They looked at ed tech standards, Big 6, LIT, and Information Literacy. They created
a draft. They will present the draft at the WLMA conference in a 1.5 hr. session
Need someone to review before conference. Edit, get ready in draft for conference.
Molly will edit and prepare this document for the presentation at WLMA conference.

Betty – Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award
Carol Mackey and Thomas Garrard are the recipients this year.

Pat McKinley – Emeritus Report
Pat nominated Marie-Ann Harkness for a Emeritus Award. Gary seconded.

Kate Burton – Advocacy Visual Contest and Survey
Sample of 155 responses to a survey of school libraries and teacher librarians. Kate
presented the results in graph and pie chart formats. These results are available on the
WLMA website.
Workers per Library
    1 person -55, 2 people – 96, 3 people – 4
Yearly Circulation per Student
    Elem. 40/per student
    Middle 18/per student
    High School 7/student
    All schools 24/student
Average Yearly Classes by Grade Level
Average Elementary Library Classes Taught per School per Year
Funding by Setting
Funding per Student
Percentage of Funding by Collection Age
Average Age of Fiction Books – 1991-1995 37%
Age of 610 Section of Books – 1996-2000 29%
Library Collection Age – 1991-1995 39%

There are two advocacy contests, artistic and video. Details are available on the
WLMA website.

AASL Report – Dave Sonnen
Lori Monprode Regional 8 Director has resigned.
Linda Collins has been asked to stay on. She agreed.
Dave and Linda went to ALA this summer.
    Need to share the best practices of our profession was the message suggested by
Arne Duncan.
    Nov. 5 & 6 in Portland there is an AASL forum Craig, Steve, and Dave might

Old Business
By-Laws – Gary Simundson
Section 4 changed. President-elect is 3 year commitment: president elect, president,
past president.
VP is a two year commitment.
President elect will be responsible for and serve on the annual conference committee

Dues will officially include $7.50 to regions.

Must be presented to membership one month before conference to be voted on at
business lunch at WLMA conference.

Motion: Treasurer and secretary should become two year positions. Seconded by
Steve Coker.
Discussion: Cost involved for treasurer position.
Secretary position will provide continual support.

Withdraw motion

Dave: To send to the membership the changes of the bylaws and recommend it be
approved by the membership.
Bonita seconded.

Tech Peer Coaching: Linda King
Grant was not approved.
The grant has been reviewed for strengths and weaknesses.
There will be a session at WLMA to recruit TechPeer coaches.
Funding: possibility tech and library budget in buildings.
   There is interest so they are looking for funding.
   YSD – funding 7 tech peer coaches.
   ESD105 – dropped the cost for training.

ListServ Policy Clarification
     Linda asking for board to allow Linda and Craig to rewrite last meetings notes of
listserv policy.
     Unsolicited vs solicited commercial postings needs to be addressed.
     Where does this policy get posted? Web committee will discuss this policy and
New Business
2014 Joint Conference – Steve Coker
Steve motion: In order for both NCCE and WLMA to position themselves in the
future for future growth and stronger membership benefits. I move that the WLMA
Board of Directors and the NCCE Board of Directors create a leadership committee
to examine the advantages, feasibility and structure of how the two organizations can
Pat seconded.
Discussion: The purpose is to explore the organizations working together and
exploring the possibility of having one conference or any other possibilities which the
two organizations could collaborate.
It is not a merger of the organizations.

Lobbyist Contract
This contract is renewed or reconsidered in November. Carolyn has done PR work
for us, too.
This item needs to be on the agenda in November.

Insurance Coverage
Liability insurance is needed to use facilities for conference and meetings.
The cost is not much more than insurance for conference. $1million in cover is good,
$2 million in coverage isbetter.
Motion: The executive committee authorize Kate P. to investigate and pursue the
Seconded by Steve Coker. Passed.
It will be considered for the budget in January 2011.

Dream/Reality Budget
The future is unknown. But think of ideas.

Medium – Alice McNeer
Laptop – died needs to be replaced. Alice willing to give up stipend to buy a laptop.
The laptop will become Alice’s computer.
Kate and Alice will workout the details.

Move to adjourn by Gary Simundson. Seconded by Roz Thompson. 12:53 adjourn.

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