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									                            Conference Agenda – Edmonton, AB
                        Greenwood Inn Hotel & Suites, 4485 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB

                Tuesday April 24, 2012                                   Wednesday April 25, 2012

7:45 AM                                                  7:45 AM
Registration & Sign In                                   Sign in
Complimentary continental breakfast                      Complimentary continental breakfast

8:00 AM Sharp                                            8:00 AM Sharp
WSIB & Roadside Benefits
Mr. Scott Boyle
Edge Marketing Group

9:00 AM                                                  9:00 AM
Helios Contract To Protect Your Clients' Retirement      TOPIC TBA
Mr. Kern Watts                                           Mr. Chris Cowling
Desjardins Financial Security (Savings & Investments)    Desjardins Financial Security (Group Retirement)

10:00 AM                                                 10:00 AM
The MI Profit Builder
Dr. Raymond Rupert
Rupert Case Management Inc.

11:00 AM                                                 11:00 AM
                                                         Analyzing Your Clients’ Financial & Estate Planning Needs –
                                                         Do They Need Diversification?
                                                         Mr. Peter Zipper
                                                         Caye International Bank

12:00 Buffet Lunch                                       12:00 Buffet Lunch
Sponsored By the Presenters                              Sponsored By the Presenters

1:00 PM                                                  1:00 PM
                                                         Easy to Implement Living Benefit Sales Ideas
                                                         Ms. Vanessa Scott Mr. Reid Chessel
                                                         Manulife Financial

2:00 PM                                                  2:00 PM
Income Tax Savings for your Clients: Understanding the
Mr. Bruce Allen
MissionLife Financial Inc.

3:00 PM                                                  3:00 PM
Generating Attractive Net After-Tax Annual PROFITS for   Succession Planning
Your Client                                              Ms. Ceclie Wendlandt / Mr. Derek Nicoll /
Mr. Ron Olsthoorn                                        Mr. Greg Lysz
STRICTrade / Trafalgar Associates Limited                Freedom 55 Financial
4:00 PM                                                    Have you registered for the 13 annual Las Vegas, NV
2012 State of the Union Financial Advisors Address                 National Advisors Conference Yet?
Ms. Sylvia Boyetchko
Alberta Insurance Council                                                  September 10-12, 2012

5:00 PM - SCAN out & adjourn                             4:00 PM - Certificates & Receipts emailed - Adjourn

                    Presented by Pro-Seminars and the corporate sponsors above

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