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									                              South East London Housing Partnership
                                  Private Sector Housing Group

                                            MEETING MINUTES
                                                1 March 2007

                                                             Southwark Municipal Offices
      Host       Pat O’Reilly                         Location
                                                             9 Larcom Street
                 Dianne Blazer (Bexley), Sheryl Charles (Southwark), , Satnam Dhillon
                 (Greenwich), Steve Habgood (Bromley), Sharon Haydon (Greenwich), Pat
                 O’Reilly (Southwark), Martin Parsons (Bromley), Mark Pledger (Lewisham),
                 Melanie Poyser (Southwark), Kirilly Sully (SELHP)
                 Janice Chard (Greenwich), Ros Gill (Greenwich), Sam Davidson (Southwark),
                 Dave Shiress (SELHP)

 1.      Matters arising from minutes of meeting held on 8 February 2007:

            From item 2, part (b), bullet point two, change the word ‘all’ to ‘any’. The bullet point
             would therefore read:

            “Mark indicated that Lewisham will probably not use any of their £150K allocation
            before the end of the 2006/7period.”
 2.      Hardship fund:

           A question was raised by the group as to why EAGA weren’t using the hardship fund to
            top up their own program.
          A suggestion was put forward that the funding be used for small top ups.
          Agreed that a suggestion be made to EAGA on behalf of the SELHP that the hardship             Kirilly
            funding be used to provide top ups that are less than £200, irrespective of any other
            contributions made by council and that this be applied across all boroughs.
 3.      Equity release:

           A concern raised by the group was that by identifying only one type of loan fund
            scheme the issue was being prejudged.
          The group sanctioned the go ahead for the procurement of the feasibility study by
          Agreed that Ros be provided with a list of potential consultant’s names to take forward       All
            with the study.
         Dianne Blazer (Bexley), Sharon Haydon (Greenwich) and Melanie
         Poyser (Southwark) joined the meeting.
 4.      Reporting on the handyperson programme:

            Pat advised that at meeting he attended for the Mayors Housing Forum - Private Sector
             Subgroup, Chris Smith gave no indication that any of the current funded programmes
             would be funded again for 2008/10.
            Sheryl advised that the figures provided to her by each of the boroughs for the
             handypersons programme quarterly returns have been ambiguous. The question was
             raised as to whether all boroughs were reporting on the same identifies.
            The group agreed that whilst, the handypersons programme may not necessarily make
             homes decent through the removal of category one hazards, it does enable non decent
             homes to be identified.
            The group agreed that it is impractical to count and report on the number of category 1
    hazards that are removed. Rather, Boroughs should count and report on the number of
    Housing Health and Safety Rating (HHSR) hazards that are identified and removed via
    the handyperson programme.
   Agreed that the boroughs report on the number of properties in which HHSR hazards              All
    are removed (as opposed to the number of category 1 hazards removed) and also on
    the number of non decent homes referred on.
   Agreed that repeat visits to the same property are not to be recorded.                         All
   Agreed that the reporting criteria for the handyperson programme which is submitted to         Kirilly
    the GLA should be revised and changed to reflect the outcomes of the programme.
    Kirilly to prepare a draft list of reporting criteria to circulate to the group for comment.
   Agreed, that future reports to the GLA for the safer homes programme are to include            Kirilly
    annotations in respect to the criteria that has been reported on with details of how they
    reflect the outcomes of the programmes.
   The group agreed to endorse section 4 and 5 of the minutes from the handypersons
    group meeting held on the 23 February 2007, dealing with reporting on the
    handyperson scheme and the decent homes assessment, with the exception of bullet
    point 6 from section 5.

    “4. Reporting on handyperson scheme
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record each hazard that is addressed by
         handypersons regardless of what category the hazard falls into.
    o It was understood by the group that the handyperson program plays an important
         role in identifying non decent homes.
    o Agreed that a decent homes assessment is to be performed by the
         handyperson/builder at the time of performing the works under the handyperson
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record how many handyperson requests are due to
         referrals made for hospital discharges.

    5. Decent Homes Assessment
    o Agreed that each Borough is to provide Kirilly with a copy of the decent homes
        assessment forms that they currently use.
    o Agreed that Kirilly will collate the forms and produce a standardised decent homes
        assessment form that is to be used by each of the boroughs. It is understood that
        Bromley maybe the only exception to this, due to contractual arrangements
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record how many decent homes assessments are
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record how many properties are found to be non
        decent as a result of the decent homes assessment.
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record how many properties are ‘referred on’ as a
        result of the decent homes assessment and the property being categorised as a
        non decent home.
    o Agreed that the Boroughs will record how many further hazards are addressed
        under the handyperson scheme as a result of the decent homes assessment.
    o Agreed that Boroughs will record how many residents are not willing to receive
        further assistance as a result of the decent homes assessment and the property
        being categorised as a non decent home.”

   It was agreed that boroughs are unable to record the number of residents that are not
    willing to receive further assistance as a result of the decent homes assessment and
    the property being categorised as a non decent home.
   Agreed that boroughs are to report on the number of referrals made to their                    All
    handyperson programme from hospital discharges.
   The group agreed that once all reporting criteria have been sorted out and agreed upon
         by the group, that Chris Smith from the GLA would be invited to attend a future meeting.
5.   Handyperson programme target group:

      Kirilly clarified that only private sector housing is eligible for funding from the south east
       regional housing with respect to the handyperson programme.
6.   Handyperson study proposal

        Steve informed the group of a study performed by the ambulance service that looked
         into falls prevention as a result of the intervention by the handypersons programme. He
         further suggested that a similar study be performed to identify the accident prevention
         benefit obtained within the south east region as a result of the handypersons program.
      The group agreed that research in this area would be good.
      The question was raised as to the presence of other studies that have been performed
         in this area and whether there was a need to redo the study.
      Agreed that anyone that has information on a similar research to forward the                     All
         information to Steve.
      Agreed that Steve prepare an outline of the study proposal and that the group forward            Steve /
         to study proposal to potential candidates for their response and interest.                     All
7.   Invited guest : Victim support

       Pat Green provided a general run down of the programme:
             o Largely a voluntary organisation with one paid staff member.
             o The worse the state of a property the more likely the potential for burglary.
             o An example of distraction burglary is when a rogue trader knocks on the door
                  offering tradesman services and then uses the access they have gained to
                  your property as a means to rob you.
             o Studies have found that victims of distraction burglary are more likely to get
                  sick and end up in hospital.
      Currently operating in Southwark and are having discussions with Bromley to operate
        programme there.
      A suggestion was put forward that the victim support programme be linked in with the
        handyperson programme and that funding be supplied by SELHP to enable the
        programme to operate across the south east sub region.
      The group agreed that it would welcome a cost estimate from the victim support group
        for the delivery of the programme across the SE sub region.
      Agreed that the matter would be considered upon the receipt of the cost estimate at the          All
        next meeting.
8.   Progress reports on programmes:

     (a) handypersons
      It was agreed that the borough progress report minutes from the handyperson group
         meeting dated 23 February 2007 be received and accepted.
      Agreed that Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Southwark have equal access to the                    Dianne /
         remaining £50k (i.e. £12.5k each) in the safer homes pot for their handypersons                Steve /
         programme once a report has been submitted to Kirilly indicating that the previous             Sharon /
         2006/7 funding has been spent and confined to vulnerable households in the private             Melanie
         sector. The report will need to address and include as much information as possible
         from each reporting criteria agreed upon by the group.
      Suggestion was made by the group to use the interest accrued from the 2006/7 funding
         to be used for: (1) the proposed research study on the benefits of the handypersons
         programme, and (2) for the proposal to support the delivery of the victim support
         programme across the SE regional boroughs.

     (b) loan fund
         The briefing note/proposal for SELHP private sector group (provided by Dave in his
          absence from the meeting) was discussed.
         Objections were raised in respect to the suggested allocation for the £1million funding
          from the regional loan fund.
         Dianne was concerned about the proposed allocation of £150k to Bexley on the basis
          that Bexley has spent £57k already and has an overall commitment of £260k.
         Martin advised that the only money available to Bromley for the operation of their loan
          fund programme is via the funding from the sub regional pot. Dianne advised that this
          is the same for Bexley.
         Agreed that the proposed funding allocation for the boroughs from the loan fund be        Dave

      (c) thermal efficiency

         Second calling period for the thermal efficiency contract ends tomorrow (2 March 2007).
         Agreed that Sheryl to notify the boroughs once the contract has been awarded to the       Sheryl
          successful party.
       Agreed that group does a final proof read of the contract and provides responses and        All
          comments to Sheryl.
9.    Private sector housing projects coordinator work plan

       Agreed that Kirilly circulate her work plan to the group for suggestions and comments.      Kirilly
10.   Landlords Day

       Agreed that Mark seek feedback from Emma Barfield regarding review of last years            Mark
        Landlords Day.
       It was agreed that the invitations are to be sent out via each borough. Discussion was
        had regarding monitoring of the attendance numbers due to the large number of
        persons who attended last year’s event.
11.   AOB

         Agreed, that the boroughs be advised when payments are made to them from                  Sam
          Southwark, on behalf of the SELHP.

         Next meeting: Thursday 29 March 2007 @ Bexley

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