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Google Play Gets a Place in the Navigation Bar


									               ‘Google Play’ Gets a Place in the
                                  Navigation Bar

On Monday afternoon, Google enabled a peculiarly new button on the navigation bar at the top
                       .                                      re-branded
and named it the Play. Google Play, as already known is the re branded Android Market which
gives users with everything they need. Right from applications, games to movies, Google Play
will be seen to be featuring. It seems like Google is making Google Play, the ultimate place for
every digital thing that one loves to own.

The button started showing up in the navigation bar of almost all the Google Search users right from
Monday and the button Play seems to be sporing a text named “New” nearby. As known to most out
there, whatever gets featured in the navigation bar from Google certainly seems to get a boost. Earlier
Google placed the Google+ button at the left most section of the navigation bar and now, Google+ is a
widely popular social networking sites. Google+ is now linked to most of the Google products (like
Google Search’s marriage with Google+) out there and Google is trying the best to make Google+ virally

If everything turns out to be good, Google Play would certainly prove to be a really good product
to Google. Google Play is an one stop place for all the products that one loves to own. If you
ever wanted to play the latest released Angry Birds Space on your Android device, you can
easily get the free version at Google Play. It is also reported that movies can be seen and bought
via Google+

So, why is Google playing a lot aggressively? Though Android is getting really popular each
day, there is no denying that Apple’s App Store is the top in the niche for the best applications
and games. Google Play seems to be ranking the second even now. So is it that Google is playing
catch up with this new addition to the navigation bar?

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