2 New Additions in Pinterest Gmail Invite and Follow Suggestions

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					2 New Additions in Pinterest: Gmail Invite &
            Follow Sugge

As we all know, Pinterest has been working awesome since the past few days and it owes a thanks to
Facebook for the Timeline integration. Pinterest, as known to all, is a social photo sharing site like Flickr
from Yahoo. If you want to share a photo with your online friend, instead of mailing it or adding it to
your Facebook profile, you can easily “Pin” it to Pinterest and there goes your other taking a peek at it.
And now, if you are a big fan of Pinterest, you might have already noticed these two new add  additions in
Pinterest. Pinterest is a really fast growing site that it is now considered as one of the top 10 social
networking sites that you can use for marketing your brand.

It was just a few days back when Pinterest revamped the look of the profile pages and now here
are two more additions. One, Pinterest has finally added the Gmail integration to the site. As you
might have understood, now you can easily invite your friends to Pinterest, asking them to
connect with you. And for the second addition, Pinterest will now show a couple of frfriends on
your Pinterest dashboard as suggestions, asking you to follow them.

Integration with Gmail

The first and foremost reason why Pinterest has been working pretty well is that integration with
Facebook and Twitter. When you add a picture to your Pinterest account, your friends on
Facebook and followers on Twitter will automatically get updated about your new “Pin” and
might love to check that out. Also, Pinterest is in invite-only option right now. If you ever wanted
to add more friends to Pinterest, you can easily invite them to join the site with these
social integration on.

And now, as told earlier, you can now invite friends from your Gmail account to Pinterest with a
brand new, shiny button in the Invite Friends section now. Once you hit the Gmail button, there
pops a box with the title Find Contacts From Gmail Once you hit that button, you will have to
give access to your Gmail account and Pinterest will take care of the rest. All your friends on
your Gmail account will get an invite asking them to join the site.
Follow suggestions

And now, I have noticed a brand new widget on the left side of my dashboard for a while. I
noticed that widget reading the title “Friends to follow”. I believe it shows a maximum of 3 at
any time and it doesn’t show the next set of 3 unless you refresh the page. The widget will show
you friends suggestions only when you integrate your Pinterest account with your social
networking accounts, Facebook and Twitter.

Once you give access to them, Pinterest will take care of the rest of the job. It will automatically
suggest friends, whom you can follow. You no longer need to head to the “Find Friends” section
to make new friends on Pinterest. All is in the dashboard. Pinterest is a great site to promote
your brand or have some fun and it’s better to get on it before it’s too late. If you want an invite
to join the site, do drop in your email id on Google+

What’s your thought on these two new additions to the Pinterest site? Do voice your thoughts
with our readers and let us see what they have to say about this.

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