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TiddlyWiki CheatSheet by 71J4I7e


									TiddlyWiki CheatSheet

Misc. Formatting
Superscript: 2^^3^^=8
Subscript: a~~ij~~ = -a~~ji~~
@@color(green):green colored@@
@@bgcolor(#ff0000):color(#ffffff):red colored@@

Header Samples
!Header 1
!!Header 2
!!!Header 3
!!!!Header 4
!!!!!Header 5

Unordered Lists:
* Lists are where it's at
* Just use an asterisk and you're set
** To nest lists just add more asterisks...
*** this
* You can also nest mixed list types
## Like this

Ordered Lists
## To nest, just add more octothorpes (pound signs)...
### Like this
* You can also
** Mix list types
*** like this
# Pretty neat don't you think?

|>| colspan |
| rowspan |left|
|~| right|
|bgcolor(#DC1A1A):colored| center |

Horizontal Rules
You can divide a tiddler into
sections by typing four dashes on a line by themselves.

This is how you do an extended, wrapped blockquote so you don't have to put
angle quotes on every line.
>level 1
>level 1
>>level 2
>>level 2
>>>level 3
>>>level 3
>>level 2
>level 1

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