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					                          Keyboarding Syllabus
                              Spring 2009
                         Mr. Clark, Business Education
                           West Aurora High School
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“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
             -Vince Lombardi
Keyboarding is the foundation skill required for effective computer usage.
Keyboarding skills are essential to survive not only in future high school and
college courses, but in today’s job market. As with the development of any
high-level skill, students must consistently use proper techniques and meaningful
practice to develop and master this skill.

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to master the skills of
keying and formatting documents using the “touch” method of keyboarding.
Students will obtain mastery of the keyboard by demonstrating correct fingering,
proper technique, accuracy and speed. Students will learn to format memos,
letters, academic reports, tables, and other vital documents using Microsoft

Attendance and Make-Up Work Policy:
Tests will be announced one week in advance. Students who are absent the
day before a test will be expected to take the test the day it is given. Students
who are absent on the day of a test, must make up the test within 2 days.
Students who do not make arrangements to take a missed test will receive a
zero on that test. In addition, all lessons are due on the date specified in class.
Students who do not turn in work will receive a zero on the assignment. Special
arrangements will be made if warranted.

Students will be evaluated on proper technique, listening skills, lesson
assignments, tests and timings. Timings are designed to evaluate a student’s
ability to type with speed and accuracy. Below is the grading distribution:

 Technique                                                       30%
 Daily Work                                                      30%
 Speed/Timings*                                                  25%
 Final Exam                                                      15%
      Your speed/timings grade will be based on your best 4 timings (one
      error/minute limit) according to the following scale.

                  40 gwam +              =   A
                  34 - 39 gwam           =   B
                  26 - 33 gwam           =   C
                  20 - 25 gwam           =   D

The grading scale for the entire course is as follows:

                 100   -   90%   =   A
                  89   -   80%   =   B
                  79   -   70%   =   C
                  69   -   60%   =   D

Final Exam:
A final exam is required and is worth 15% of a student’s final grade. A study
guide will be given to each student at least one week prior to the exam.
Students who complete the requirements of the course prior to the final exam
and have maintained good attendance habits should do well on the exam.

Proficiency at the keyboard is becoming a basic requirement for almost any job
today; in our plant, production workers, supervisors, quality inspectors, engineers,
and management at all levels are required to use the keyboard.
            -Diana Woodland, Human Resources Clerk
            Dana Corporation
              Classroom Rules and Procedures
1.  Take a positive, serious attitude about the class and your work.
2.  Take your assigned seat before the bell rings.
3.  Each student begins the class by getting to work immediately.
4.  Mr. Clark ends the class, not the bell.
5.  Do not talk or interrupt me or other students while addressing or speaking to
    the class.
6. Raise your hand to ask/answer a question or to participate in class

1.  Respect must be given to the Mr. Clark, students, and guests in our class.
2.  Appropriate language is to be used in this class by all students.
3.  Come to class prepared with materials. If a student forgets a textbook he
    or she will receive a loaner, and be required to stay after the bell for at
    least one minute. You need your book EVERY DAY…no exceptions.
4.  If a student causes a disruption during class Mr. Clark will determine the
    punishment based on the severity of the disruption.
5.  Any inappropriate comments regarding race, sex, or sexual orientation will
    result in an immediate referral, no questions asked. THIS WILL NOT BE
6.  Individual students or the entire class will be held after the bell for excessive
    inappropriate behavior or disruptions.

1.  1st – Warning
2.  2nd – Warning (Student/Teacher Conference)
3.  3rd – Administrative Detention issued by Student Services
4.  4th and beyond – Dean Intervention (see student handbook)

1. Students involved in cheating will receive NO CREDIT for the assignment,
   test, quiz, project, or presentation in question.
2. Parents and Student Services will be contacted and notified of the offense.
3. Dismissal from class will occur in the event of a reoccurrence. DO YOUR
   OWN WORK!!!

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