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					Multimedia Guide

Podcasting Resources

This sites offers a lot of ideas on how to use podcasting in certain
subject areas. It also explains what podcasting is all about. I love the
fact it has sample lesson on how students use podcasting in the

Beverly Podcasts

This site explains the fun ways of adding podcasting to your
classroom. This also has great sample podcasts.

Podcasting Plus

This site offers so much for a teacher that wants to learn about
podcasting and how to use it in his/her classroom. The site offers:
defines podcasting, teaching and learning ideas, great resources on
podcasting, sample podcasting done by children of all ages, how to
create and deliver podcasts and some podcast awards that were given

This site clarifies what podcasting is and the importance of using it in
the classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions About Geocaching

This site is answers everything you want to know about Geocaching
from what it actually is to even how to pronounce the word. This
explains how to successfully set up and complete a geocach.

Geocaching Kids

This site tells kids: What is geocaching?, Where kids can geocach?,
How kids can start geocaching? and Who can geocach?
The Official Global GPS Cach Hunt Site

This is a free sit to communicate to other geocachers from around the
world. Go to the Let’s Get Started which lists: resources, evets,
services and guides which all has something to do with geocaching.


Powerpoint Activities

This site offers teachers templates and activities to use on powerpoint.

Microsoft Powerpoint

This site has everything you can dream about using powerpoint from
lessons, activities and how to directions of using powerpoint.

Powerpoint in the Classroom

This is a kid friendly site showing how to use and work powerpoint. It
gives them step by step instructions from creating your first page to
saving the page and how to successfully use the tool bar.


iMovie Resources

This sites offers teachers some samples of how to use imovies
in your classroom.

Using iMovies

This sites offers teachers ideas on what your students can do on an
imovie. It offers a wide range of grades.

Getting the Picture

This sites offers teachers a wide variety of ideas, lessons, rubrics and
projects on imovies and digital cameras.


Teacher Files

This sites offers free clipart that teachers and students can use to jazz
up newletters or a class presentation.
Classroom Clipart

This site offers teachers and students free clipart and photos with a
wide range of topics such as anatomy, history, color space, maps and
so much more.

Technology links for the classroom

Technology sites

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