The Eruption of Mount St Helens by jennyyingdi


									     The Eruption of Mount St Helens

AIM: To explore the causes and effects of a volcanic
eruption and the responses of those affected by it.

TASK: Imagine you are working for the Tourist Information Office in Silver Lake, near
Mount St Helen. Your brief is to produce a source of information for tourists visiting the
region, informing them about the 1980 eruption. You have been given the freedom to
produce this information in whichever way you feel will be the most appropriate / eye-
catching / educational for the tourists. The information will be displayed at the Tourist
Information Office in the National Volcanic Monument Headquarters.

What could you produce?

Be inventive - the following are just some possible ideas - by all means come up with your

A Powerpoint presentation to be displayed on a plasma screen in the tourist office.

A design for an exhibit on the eruption to be displayed in the tourist office (you could sketch
out the design but concentrate on what captions you would include to tell the story of the eruption (causes
and effects))

An eye-catching information leaflet for tourists to take away (think about the shape / colour
/ presentation)

A story-board for a documentary about the eruption to be shown on a TV in the tourist
information office.

Remember, whatever you decide to do, as good geographers you must make sure
you include: facts and figures; labelled diagrams and photographs, and you must
write information in your own words.

Whatever you decide to do, think about including this information…

i.       maps to show the location of Mount St Helens

ii.   an explanation of the cause of the eruption (think about activity at plate
boundaries – a diagram may help)

iii.   the effects of the eruption on people and the environment (see if you can
consider both long and short term effects)

iv.      a glossary of key terms to help tourists understand what happened.

v.       Illustrations that help to capture tourists’ interest

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