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									COURSE CONTENTS                               OBJECTIVES                                                NPEEE

1. Earthquake Basics                          1. To introduce earthquake resistant           SHORT TERM COURSE
                                                 design philosophy to architects                             ON
2. Performance of Buildings in Past EQs       2. To equip the architects with                 EARHQUAKE RESISTANT BUILDING
                                                 earthquake resistant planning and
3. Earthquake Resistant Design Philosophy                                                          DESIGN, VULNERABILITY
                                                 design measures
                                              3. To introduce the architects for
                                                                                                  ANALYSIS & RETROFITTING
4. Building Configuration
                                                 vulnerability assessment and retrofitting
5. Masonry Structures                            the same
                                                                                             COURSE DATES
                                              4. To get an overview of recent status of      14th May to 18th May, 2007
6. Seismic Design & Detailing of RC & Steel
                                                 earthquake architecture

7. Design of Non-Structural Elements

8. Building Bye-Laws and Urban Planning

9. Vulnerability

10. Retrofitting

11. Studio based design

                                                                     Dr. Yogendra Singh
                                                  Department of Earthquake Engineering
                                                        Ph. 01332-285534 [O] 285042 [R]      Department of Architecture & Planning
                                              Dr. Mahua Mukherjee
                                              Department of Architecture & Planning          Department of Earthquake Engineering
Faculty Experts from Department of
Earthquake Engineering and                    Ph. 01332-285334 [O] 285036[R]
Department of Architecture & Planning,        Email:                   INDIAN INSTITUTTE OF TECHNOLOGY
IIT Roorkee                                                         ROORKEE – 247 667
ELIGIBILITY                                           REGISTRATION FEES                                   ABOUT IIT ROORKEE
The course is open to all faculty members in          No registration fee for teachers from COA /         The foundation of the great Institution was
Architecture/      Planning    Institutions,   and    AICTE    approved      Institutes/   Colleges   /   laid way back on 25th November 1847 as
practicing architects and planners working            Polytechnic. TA for 3rd AC would be paid of         the Roorkee College of Civil Engineering,

in Research Institutes / Organizations /              the shortest route.                                 later named as the Thomason College of

Industries.                                                                                               Engineering at Roorkee in 1984. On 25th

HOW TO APPLY                                          For Participants from R & D / Industries /          November 1949, it became the University of
Application in the attached form or in a                                                                  Roorkee. On 21st September 2001, it was
                                                      Other organizations Rs. 7,500/- (this includes
similar   format     duly     recommended        /                                                        upgraded as one of the seven IITs of India.
                                                      registration, reference materials, boarding
sponsored by the concerned authority with
                                                      & lodging) shall be paid through crossed
(i) DD amounting to Rs. 500/- (five hundred                                                               HOW TO REACH ROORKEE
                                                      DD in favour of ‘Prof. & Head, Continuing
                                                                                                          ROORKEE is well connected to other cities
only) in favour of “Prof. & Head, Continuing
                                                      Education Centre, IIT Roorkee’ payable at
                                                                                                          of India by Rail and Road. The NIH 58
Education Centre, IIT Roorkee”. This amount
                                                                                                          connects Roorkee to Delhi (175 Kms).
is refundable to candidates (a) who are
                                                                                                          Dehradun (72 Kms) and Saharanpur (50
not selected for the course, or (b) who are
                                                                                                          Kms) and NH 78 to Haridwar (31 Kms) and
participating      from       AICTE    approved
                                                      BOARDING AND LODGING                                Panchkula / Chandigarh.
teaching institutes as and when they join             All participants will be provided boarding
the course; and                                       and lodging facilities within IIT Roorkee.
                                                                                                          Direct trains are available to major cities in
(ii) a self addressed envelop,                        Campus. This is free for participants from
                                                                                                          India like New Delhi, Kolkotta, Mumbai,
should reach the Prof. & Head, Continuing             AICTE approved teaching Institutions and
                                                                                                          Amritsar,       Chandigarh,         Chennai,
Education Centre, IIT Roorkee on or before            for participants from R & D / Industries /
                                                                                                          Ahmedabad,       Indore,    Agra,   Benaras,
23rd April 2007. Participants are required to         Other organizations, included in registration
                                                                                                          Dhanbad, Vijaywada.
send advanced copies at earliest, as                  fees.
selection will be based on ‘first – come –            ABOUT ROORKEE
first – served’ basis. Maximum number of              Roorkee is located on banks of Upper
participants is limited to 30. Application            Ganga Canal. Roorkee is the gateway to
forms are also available on website on                pilgrim centres of Hardwar and Rishikesh,
NPEEE     (          and    IIT   and     tourist   attractions   of    Dehradun,
Roorkee (                              Mussourie, and Piran Kaliar.

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