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					9.     Probability of your   (a)   100%      (b)   90-100%      Objectives of the Course
       Attending the course,
       If admitted.                                             This course integrates and consolidates theories from
       Please tick (√) the   (c)   80-90%    (d)    70-80%      prerequisite social, behavioral, and biological sciences courses
       Appropriate box                                          focusing them on the interaction between people and large
                                                                systems (organizations, institutions and communities). Themes               AICTE SPONSORED
10. TA required                     Yes               No
    (Please tick (√) the
                                                                include providing basic knowledge about the structure and                  SHORT TERM COURSE
                                                                function of large systems and their impact on people. Attention is
    Appropriate box)
                                                                given to theories that aid in understanding social network,
       The participant will be paid TA up to 3rd A.C. by        neighborhood, community, institution and organization behavior
       shortest route subjected to production of travel
                                                                as they apply to comprehensive assessment of group and                Macro Human Culture & Social
                                                                environment dynamics. Special emphasis will be placed on
                                                                recognizing and learning the importance of functions and effects
                                                                of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity as they relate to macro

                                                                Course Contents                                                            Organizing Department
Date :                               Signature of applicant     This course is divided into two basic units.
                                                                Unit I: Community: This unit will explore the basic components       Department of Humanities and Social
                                                                of communities. Topics include:
Note :                                                                                                                                             Sciences
                                                                         Defining Communities in the Social Environment
                                                                         History of Generalist Practice in the Macro                   Indian Institute of Technology
1.     This application form should reach QIP Office
       latest by 21.05.2010.
                                                                          Environment                                                              Roorkee
                                                                         Theories and Concepts on Communities
                                                                         Human Behavior, Power and Empowerment in
2.     Please do not come to Roorkee to attend the                        Communities
       course unless you have received admission letter                  Diversity, populations-at-risk, and human behavior in            7.06.2010 to 11.06.2010
       or intimation from us for the same. No applicant will              the Macro Environment
       be admitted to the course on the spot.                            Sociolinguistics
                                                                         Culture Crisis, Recovery, and Sustainable Human
3.     Please note that in the course 100% attendance is                  Development
       compulsory.                                              Unit II: Organizations and Institution: This unit explores the
                                                                basic underlying components of organizations and institutions.
                                                                Topics include:
     The applicant will be permitted to participate in the               Knowledge and Theories about Organizations and
above programme, if selected.          Further, I have                    Institutions
personally talked to the applicant and he/she seemed to                  Human Behavior in Traditional Organizational
be sure to attend the course, in case the admission is
                                                                         Culture, Structure, Management and Bureaucracy
offered to him/her.
                                                                         Human Behavior and Empowerment in Organizations
                                                                         Ethics, Management and the Macro Environment
    This is to certify that this institute is recognized by
                                                                         Cross culture Communication
                                                                         Current Economic and Social Crises and concerns of
                                                                          Social Scientists
                                                                                                                                     QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME CENTRE
     Date :                                       Signature     Course Coordinator:                                                      INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
                                      Sponsoring Authority      Dr. (Ms.) Smita Jha           Dr. A. J. Mishra                             ROORKEE - 247 667 (Uttarakhand)
                                       (Principal / Director)   Asstt. Prof.                  Asstt. Prof.
                                                                                                                                        Phone: (01332) 285241 & 284341
                                                                Deptt. of Humanities and Social Sciences
                            SEAL                                                                                                        Fax      : 01332 - 273560
                                                                Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
                                                                                                                                        Email    :
                                                                Roorkee- 247667 (U.K), India
                                                                E mail:,
                                                                Tel.: 01332 – 285899, 285355, (O)
General Information                                                   List of Short Term Courses during 2010-2011                                                     Application Form for
                                                                                                                                                                   Short Term Course (STC)
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is organizing a          Name of Course       Department      Course Title               Duration                                            on
course on “Macro Human Culture & Social
Environment” from 7.06.2010 to 11.06.2010.The
                                                                                                                                                         “Macro Human Culture & Social
course is open to teachers from AICTE recognized                  Dr. D.K. Nauriyal    Humanities      Research                   May 31 –                        Environment”
engineering colleges approved by AICTE.                           Dr. S.P. Singh       & Social        Methodology and            June 04,               Duration: 7.06.2010 to 11.06.2010
                                                                                       Sciences        Quantitative               2010
Only limited seats are available in this course. Merit                                                 Techniques with
and availability of funds will be taken into consideration                                             Software Applications                      (You may get this form enlarged by Xeroxing on A4 Size paper or
                                                                  Dr. Smita Jha        Humanities      Macro Human Culture        June 7-11,        download Application Form from website : for
while selecting candidates. The application on the                Dr. A.J. Mishra      & Social        & Social Environment       2010                             submission of your application)
enclosed form duly signed by the sponsoring authority,                                 Sciences
should reach QIP Office latest by 21.05.2010. The                 Dr. B. K. Gandhi     Mech. & Ind.    Tools and Techniques       June 7-11,           After Completion, Please Mail to :
candidate will be informed of his selection in advance.           Dr. K. M. Singh      Engineering     of Computational           2010                 Dr. Vinod Kumar
                                                                                                       Fluid Dynamics                                  Coordinator                                         Affix
                                                                  Dr. Pradeep          Mechanical      Advanced Materials         June 14-18,          Q.I.P. Centre, I.I.T. Roorkee                   Passport Size
Candidates admitted will be provided free lodging and             Kumar                & Industrial    and Manufacturing          2010                 ROORKEE – 247667 (Uttarakhand)                   Photograph
boarding. The boarding and lodging arrangement for all            Dr. A. K. Sharma     Engineering                                                     Phone : (01332) 285241 & 284341
                                                                  Dr. Inderdeep
the participants is made in Trainee Officer’s Hostel / IIT        Singh
                                                                                                                                                       Fax     : (01332) 273560
Guest House on twin sharing basis. Those participants                                                                                                  Email :
                                                                  Dr. S. Dasgupta      Electronics     Design Issues for          June 14-18,
not availing this facility will not be entitled to any rebate.    Dr. A. Bulusu        & Computer      VLSI and Nanoscale         2010
                                                                  Dr. S. Manhas        Engineering     Circuits and Systems                      1.    Name : Ms./Mr./ Dr.
Family accommodation is not available on campus.
                                                                  Dr. Vinod Kumar      Electrical      Biosignal and Medical      June 21-25,          (In Block Letters)
However, one may make his/her own arrangement in                                       Engineering     Image Processing           2010
city hotels at his/her own expense.                                                                                                              2.    Designation :
                                                                  Dr. Nagendra         Humanities      Culture and                June 21-25,
                                                                  Kumar                & Social        Communication              2010           3.    Age (Years) :
While boarding and lodging is given free, admission is
also given to participants who will bear TA on their own                                                                                         4a. Residential address with pin code, telephone no., mobile
                                                                  Dr. Rajat Rastogi    Civil           Urban Transportation       June 28 –
or charge the same to their respective institutes. If so,                              Engineering     Systems Planning           July 02,
please mention the same in the application form.                                                       (UTSP)                     2010
                                                                  Dr. I.D. Mall        Chemical        Advances in                July 5-9,
                                                                                       Engineering     Petroleum Refining         2010
Applications on attached form with due sponsorship                                                                                                     Tel :                                      Mobile :
                                                                                                       and Petrochemical
should be sent at the address given below. In case,                                                    Industry                                  4b.    Complete official mailing address :
sponsorship is likely to take time, one can send an               Dr. Pramod           Electrical      Embedded Systems           July 5-9,
                                                                  Agarwal              Engineering     and its Applications to    2010                 (Including name of state and pin code number)
advance photocopy so as to reach before the due date
                                                                  Dr. Vishal Kumar                     Power electronics
by fax or speed post. However, no candidate will be               Dr. V.K. Tewari      Met. & Mat.     Corrosion &                July 12-16,
admitted without due sponsorship.                                 Dr. R.               Engineering     Protection                 2010
                                                                                                                                                       Email :
                                                                  Dr. B.K. Mishra      Mech. & Ind.    Design and Analysis        July 12-16,
                                                                  Dr. Indra Vir        Engineering     Using FEM, X-FEM           2010                 Phone (Off.)                    Fax :
About Roorkee                                                     Singh                                and Meshfree
                                                                                                       Methods                                   4c. Name of the Institute where employed :
Roorkee is located at the foothills of Himalayas in the           Dr. K.L. Yadav       Physics         The essentials of          Oct. / Dec.,
                                                                                                                                                 4d. Name of the Department :
Uttarakhand State. The Railway Station is on the main                                                  Nanophase and                2010
                                                                                                       Nanostructured            (Announced
line of Northern Railways having direct links to Delhi,                                                                                          5.    Academic Qualification (degree on wards):
                                                                                                       Materials                    Later)
Mumbai, Calcutta, Amritsar, Jodhpur and Ganganagar.               Dr. N. Sukavanam     Mathematics     Robotic Vision and         Oct. / Dec.,
The place is also within easy reach from Delhi, by road           Dr. R.                               Image Processing             2010
                                                                  Balasubramanian                                                (Announced
(180 km) and is located on Delhi - Haridwar and Delhi -                                                                                          6.    Specialization :
Dehradun bus routes. Roorkee is ideally located near
several tourist places like Dehradun (70 km), Mussoorie           Note: Please submit your application form for any of the course                7.    Teaching Experience in Years :
(100 km), Hardwar (32 km) and Rishikesh (52 km).                  listed above in the format as attached at least 30 days in advance
                                                                  from the date of starting of the course.
                                                                                                                                                 8.    No. of STCs Attended so far

                                                                                                                                                       At Roorkee .......... At other places ........ Total ..........

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