Dave Reilly show description by dandanhuanghuang


									                          Dave Reilly

        ”A 2 hour Stand-Up Comedy Adventure!”

                    As seen on MTV and Fox,
                  recently back from Las Vegas!
A little bit of Broadway, a touch of Vegas and a dash of improvisation. Not too dirty yet
not too clean. “Who the hell is Dave Reilly?”… Dave Reilly is the fastest rising star in
the comedy world and he has been compared to the comedic styling of Jerry Seinfeld,
Robin Williams, and Lenny Bruce by many of his comedy fans. Dave’s original
interpretation of some classic gender differences combined with his character acting has
audiences literally falling out of their chairs in laughter. His brand of humor targets
audiences from 21 to 60 and the biggest complaint after the show is, “My face hurts from
laughing!” This 2+ hour show is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Take a
look at what people are saying about the show at www.davereilly.com! We guarantee
that this is the funniest show you have ever seen.

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