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									Project Name             Respective Total investment
            Advanced stage                                   Construction period Project
                                      districts Advanced stage          Major equipment         Construction unit
 bulldozers, excavators, cranes, loaders, dump tru
Yunxi Luojia'aocun harmless landfill project (update) yuan. 2012 Weighbridge, Project is******
            Construction Preparation
                         Hunan       About 112.65 million 2011
                                                 Construction Preparation                        located in Yueyang Yunxi Daorenji Tow
              waste sanitary stage (Phase million yuan. 2011 2012 Weighbridge, Project is******
                         Jiangxi Province
Hukou solidFeasibility studylandfill 52.5037I) Is preparing a feasibility study                  located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Provinc
                                                                                      bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks, spr
 Project is******
                                                                                                 located in treatment Jiangsu Province
In dealing with 200,000Jiangsu waste million yuan.alkali utilization project extraction equipment, water Yangzhou, equipment, autom
                          tons of Province
                                     66 acid, Has            2011 2012
            Verification of project approval waste been filed (in EIA) Steel,
 The project
Zhuhai Green Health and project approval yuan. been filed 2012 Waste Utilization Project is located in Zhuhai City, Guangdong
                         of Environmental Protection         2011                               ******
            Verification Guangdong30 million Has Technology Co. Sedimentation tank, harmonic tank, laboratory equipment, sep
                                     Unknown. Environmental Impact Assessment Project is******
            Verification garbage disposal
                         of project approval
Kangding Guzan living Sichuan Province a project                                                 located in Union Township, trucks, spr
                                                             2011 2012 Weighbridge, bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dumpKangding C
 bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks, spr
                                                                                                 located in Haidian District Xibeiwang to
Haidian District LiulitunBeijing leachate million yuan. of2011record Weighbridge, Project is******
                          Landfill   95.06 treatment expansion project
            Verification of project approval     Approval the 2012
Qichun harmless waste plant project
            Construction Preparation
                         Hubei                   Construction Preparation
                                     About 40 million.       2011, March 2012         Project is******
                                                                                                 located in Hubei Huanggang Qichun C
                                                                        Sedimentation tank, harmonic tank, laboratory equipment, sep
Lijiang Old Town garbage leachateNot available, self-financing,2011 Weighbridge, Project is******
            Engineering  Yunnan                  Engineering 2011 bank loans and other.
                                      treatment plant project engineering                        located in Lijiang Old dump trucks, spr
                                                                                      bulldozers, excavators, cranes, Town, the new ga
Baodi rural Engineering removal system project yuan. 2012 October 2011
            life, garbageTianjin     133.44 million
                                                 Engineering                                     located in Baodi, building area of ​1 spr
 bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks,4,82
                                                                        Weighbridge, Project is******
                         of Protection (Suzhou)Approval of2011record
            Verification Jiangsu Province
                                     Project      Co., solid waste 2012                         ******
                                                              the disposal of Protection landfill Phase solid waste project of solid
Everbright Environmental project approval Name: Everbright Environmentalsolid waste (Suzhou) Co., II expansiondisposal(update) w
East County city life garbage treatment project                                    
 bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks, spr
                                                 Started in 2011 2012 Weighbridge, Project in East County Inokashira Weizhen Bazim
            In the build-up phase 66.2897 million yuan. the construction                        ******
Dawn Recycling Centerof project approval yuan.
            Verification Shanghai 1 billion
                           Project (updated)     Approval of2011record Landfill, weighbridge, is******
                                                              the 2012                           located in Pudong New Area, Shangha
                                                                                      Project bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump tru
           S         Time
Design units ummary table
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